Seasons of War

Author: Derek Landy | Add a Review


Lord Boris Himself
Bloo I say blooooooo! Also the book was very good.
Honestly, best book series. Ever. Trumps Harry Potter by a bunch!!! The story line and the plots are so good, thank you for uploading this book on here booksvooks!
I really liked this book and thought it was very interesting and I hope that they keep publishing new books that are this good.
I really love this book series in general but, this book is really good. We follow a 26 year old girl called Valkyrie that goes into a different dimension with a group of other people. Their mission is to defeat Mevolent. For me, this book has a balance of genres, it has mostly adventure and fantasy with a hint of humor and mystery. This book is highly recommended. And Thanks to BooksVooks for uploading this wonderful book.

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