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Julia Quinn

What Happens in London

For Gloria, Stan, Katie, Rafa, and Matt.

I don’t have in-laws. I only have family.

And also for Paul,

even though he has all the dominant genes.



By the age of twelve, Harry Valentine possessed two bits…

Chapter One

They say he killed his first wife”

Chapter Two

Olivia dropped to all fours, her heart pounding. He’d seen…

Chapter Three

Mozart, Mozart, Bach (the elder), more Mozart

Chapter Four

That had gone well

Chapter Five

There had to be a way to force the evening…

Chapter Six

Harry had been planning to head home. It was his…

Chapter Seven

It was worse

Chapter Eight

Neither option was particularly appealing. Ruination, for obvious reasons, and…

Chapter Nine

They couldn’t remain in the alcove all night, and so…

Chapter Ten

Lady Olivia!” Sebastian exclaimed. “I am so sorry. Please accept…

Chapter Eleven

All things considered, Harry was ready to call it a…

Chapter Twelve

Sir Harry?” Olivia called out, coming to her feet. She…

Chapter Thirteen

Vladimir!” the prince suddenly barked out, rendering Olivia’s accounting one…

Chapter Fourteen

Harry was in a bad mood. The day had started…

Chapter Fifteen

By the following morning Olivia was feeling not quite so…

Chapter Sixteen

He didn’t think about what he did. He couldn’t have…

Chapter Seventeen

Olivia’s second coiffure of the day took considerably more time…

Chapter Eighteen

Olivia barely had time to catch her breath before she…

Chapter Nineteen

That evening, promptly at six, Olivia opened her window, leaned…

Chapter Twenty

By the time Harry arrived at the ambassador’s residence, the…

Chapter Twenty-one

Olivia left first

Chapter Twenty-two

Where is she?”

Chapter Twenty-three

Harry sat in silence while Alexei downed his second shot…

Chapter Twenty-four

By the time they reached the ground floor, the feeling…


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y the age of twelve, Harry Valentine possessed two bits of knowledge that made him rather unlike other boys of his cla

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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