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p.” He dipped his head in a gesture of respect, and the starlight on the surface of the pool wavered.

The cat blinked at him. “Thank you, Tallstar. I’ve made mistakes, but I have always tried to do what I believed to be right.”

“StarClan asks no more from its warriors.” A lean, black tomcat began to pick his way over the moss-covered rocks. “If we could change your fate, we would.”

“But remember,” Bluestar warned, “not even StarClan can turn aside the paws of destiny, however much we might want to.”

The cat at the water’s edge nodded. “I understand. And I will try to have courage. Can you tell me when—”

Bluestar shook her head. “No. Even we cannot see the future so clearly. But when the time comes, you will know, and we will be waiting for you.”

A fourth warrior spirit rose from his place farther up the slope and padded down between the shimmering ranks of StarClan. He was a light-colored tabby with a twisted jaw.

“Whenever the Clans tell stories of the great journey, your name will be honored,” he promised.

“Thank you, Crookedstar,” the cat meowed.

W A R R I O R S : T H E N E W P R O P H E C Y : T W I L I G H T


All four of the shining warriors gathered around, four who had been Clan leaders when their paws walked the earth.

“Know that the strength of StarClan will be with you,”

Bluestar meowed. “We will not leave you to face this alone.”

The cat looked up to meet the intense blue gaze. “StarClan has always been with me.”

“You say that, even though your life has been so hard?”

Tallstar’s voice was surprised.

“Of course.” The cat’s eyes glimmered in the starlight. “I have made good friends in all the Clans. I’ve seen kits born and watched elders leave on their final journey to Silverpelt.

I’ve made the long journey to the Clans’ new home. Believe me, I wouldn’t change a single day.” The cat paused and looked down into the pool again. “I know it is not in your power to give me longer with my Clan. But I can’t help wanting more.”

Bluestar’s eyes narrowed. “It hurts us all when a young cat is called to join StarClan. I know you would continue serving your Clan loyally for many seasons more.” Her voice rasped with pain, and the cat looked up at her, stretching out one paw in a comforting gesture.

“Don’t grieve, Bluestar. I know my Clan will be well cared for after I am gone.”

A murmur of respect rose up from around the hollow.

Bluestar bent her head over the crouching cat, bathing the moon-bright fur with her scent. “We are with you always,”

she mewed.

In turn, each of the others bent over and added their

W A R R I O R S : T H E N E W P R O P H E C Y : T W I L I G H T


scent, filling the air with the tang of stars and ice and the night wind. More warriors followed—a graceful tortoiseshel

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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