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“Connolly writes like a poet about terrible horrors. . . . His words sing.”

— Houston Chronicle

Praise for New York Times bestselling author John Connolly and

The Gates

“Connolly mixes science with the supernatural to produce a creepy/comical jaunt for young adults and fans alike.”

— Madison County Herald

“Delightfully fresh and imaginative.”

— Houston Press

“Depressingly brilliant. I loved every word. John has found a voice that compares favorably with Stephen King and Monty Python, which is not an easy trick. The Gates is delightfully horrific and hilarious and will create legions of fans among the living and undead, who will be bloodthirsty for more. Also I learned stuff, which was a bit sneaky.”

—Eoin Colfer, New York Times bestselling author of the Artemis Fowl series

The Book of Lost Things

“Stephen King meets the Brothers Grimm. . . . Connolly is in a class by himself.”

— Booklist

“An intense and satisfying book for the dark nights of winter.”

— Philadelphia Inquirer

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For Cameron and Alistair

Scientists are not after the truth; it is the truth that is after scientists.

—DR. KARL SCHLECTA (1904–1985)


Chapter I: In Which the Universe Forms, Which Seems Like a Very Good

Place to Start

Chapter II: In Which We Encounter a Small Boy, His Dog, and Some People

Who Are Up to No Good

Chapter III: In Which We Learn About Particle Accelerators, and the Playing

of “Battleships”

Chapter IV: In Which We Learn About the Inadvisability of Attempting to

Summon Up Demons, and of Generally Messing About with the Afterlife

Chapter V: In Which We Meet Nurd, Who Is Not Quite As Terrifying As He

Would Like to Be, but a Great Deal Unluckier

Chapter VI: In Which We Encounter Stephanie, Who Is Not a Demon but Is

Still Not Terribly Nice

Chapter VII: In Which the Scientists Wonder What the Bit Was, and Where

It Might Have Gone

Chapter VIII: In Which Samuel Learns That Someone Trying to Open the

Gates of Hell Is Not of Particular Concern to His Mum

Chapter IX: In Which We Learn a Little About the Gates of Hell, None of

Which Is Entirely Helpful

Chapter X: In Which We Learn of the Difficulties Involved in Being a Demon

Without a Clearly Defined Form

Chapter XI: In Which We Encounter the Scientists Again

Chapter XII: In Which We Meet, Once Again, the Unfortunate Nurd, Who Is

About to

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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