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The Washington Post gave us a leave of absence, twice extended, to write

this book. Our special thanks to Katharine Graham, Ben Bradlee, Howard

Simons, Harry Rosenfeld and Len Downie.

Several friends took time to read and criticize the manuscript at various

stages. Our gratitude to Nora Ephron, Richard Cohen and Robert Kaiser.

We would also like to thank David Obst and Arthur Klein for their help and

counsel. And Laura Quirk, for keeping everything straight.

Richard Snyder and the staff of Simon and Schuster have been a source

of constant encouragement; their dedication to the project has been

extraordinary. We are especially grateful to Gypsy da Silva, Joni Evans,

Dan Green, Frank Metz, Harriet Ripinsky, Sophie Sorkin and Ed Schneider.

Vera Schneider’s work in copyreading the manuscript was of enormous


Finally, with affection and esteem, we thank Alice Mayhew, our editor,

for the hundreds of hours she spent with us and with this manuscript.

B. W.

C. B.


The Final Days is the work of four people. Scott Armstrong, a former

Senate Watergate Committee investigator, and Al Kamen, a free-lance

writer/researcher, assisted us full time in the reporting, research and some of

the writing. Their contributions were immeasurable. We are the

beneficiaries of their intelligence, imagination, sense of organization and

diligence. We will never be able to thank them enough.


As reporters for the Washington Post, we began covering the Watergate

story a few hours after five men were arrested at the Democratic National

headquarters on June 17, 1972. Our work for the Post on that story lasted

more than two years—until Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency on

August 9, 1974.

After the resignation, some of our most reliable sources said that the real

story of those final days of the Nixon presidency had not been adequately

told; to report that story and sort through the contradictions would require a

concentrated effort of perhaps a year or more. Our editors at the Post

agreed. We took a leave of absence from the paper and set up an office on

the sixth floor of the Post building. Scott Armstrong, a former Senate

Watergate Committee investigator, and Al Kamen, a free-lance writer-

researcher, were hired to assist us.

We divided the project into twenty-two areas of inquiry:

President Nixon

the Nixon family

key White House aides

the White Hou

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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