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set those animals loose. She’d never be that irresponsible. It’s a miracle none of them got squashed by a bus.” Sweet natured and gullible, Betty never believed Kiki capable of anything objectionable. The rest of us knew better.

“Sometimes I wonder if we know the same person,” I told her. “But this time you’re right. Kiki didn’t have anything to do with the pet store. Have you guys seen the giant squirrels?”

“I saw one on the way here,” said DeeDee.

“What about them?” Luz shrugged.

“I’m pretty sure the same person who’s been painting the squirrels set the pet store animals free. I think I saw him last night. He left a squirrel not far from Kiki’s house.”

“So you went to Kiki’s house?” asked DeeDee. “What did Verushka say? Does she know where Kiki is?”

“Verushka’s missing, too. And she didn’t take her wheelchair.”

For a moment, the Irregulars sat in silence as the information thumped around in our brains like a bowling ball in a washing machine. Oona sighed and rolled her eyes.

“There goes my meeting,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry your latest get-rich-quick scheme has been temporarily put on hold.” The volume of DeeDee’s voice rose with each word. “Don’t you think this is a little more important?”

“It’s too early for shouting,” Oona mocked her. “Kiki disappears all the time. That’s what she does. I don’t know why everyone’s so worried. None of you would even notice if I didn’t show up for a meeting.”

“Your family isn’t trying to kill you,” Betty tried to explain.

“What would you know, baldy?” Oona said. “Maybe they are.”

“So where is the homicidal royal family of Pokrovia these days?” Luz asked, dragging the conversation back on track. “Still hiding out in Russia?”

“We don’t know,” I admitted. “Livia and Sidonia vanished two months ago. Verushka’s sources claimed they’d left St. Petersburg, but the other day I got wind of a rumor that made me wonder if the Princess and her mother might still be there.”

“Could they have made it back to New York by now?” Betty wondered. “Have you heard anything at the salon, Oona?”

For a moment, it seemed as if Oona’s lips wouldn’t budge. Her anger had vanished, and she’d started to sulk. “I haven’t been spending much time there lately,” she finally said. “But Livia and Sidonia are top-priority topics. Someone would have called me if there had been any news.”

“Should we check Kiki’s house?” asked DeeDee. “If you give us a couple of hours, Luz and I can disable the booby traps.”

“And destroy all that work?” moaned Luz. “Come on, guys. Oona’s got a point. This isn’t the first time Kiki’s disappeared. It isn’t even the fourth time. Shouldn’t we wait a day or two before we start ripping everything apart?”

“Maybe Luz is right,” said

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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