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it away long years before the civil rights movement; it is a product of its era, and I believe that it stands the test of time.

“We’ll Just Act Natural” is the result of my being raised in my grandmother’s house, part time, by a black maid named Susan. She was a wonderful lady and I looked forward to her arrival once a week all during my childhood.

When my family went west in 1934, I lost contact with most of my Waukegan friends, including Susan. She wrote me a letter along the way asking if she could come out and be a maid for our family. Sadly, it was the middle of the Depression and my father was out of work and my brother joined the Civilian Conservation Corps in order not to be a burden to our family. We were dirt poor and hardly able to keep our own heads above water.

I had to write to Susan and thank her for her kindness and wish her well in the future. This caused me to think about traveling back someday to visit my friends in Waukegan, and see Susan once again. It never happened, but the story is a result of my imagining the future and being not quite the human being I would like to be. I heard from Susan many years later; she had survived well during the later part of the Depression.

“The Completist” is another kind of story. Years ago, my wife, Maggie, and I encountered an incredible book collector and library founder on a voyage across the Atlantic. We spent hours with him and became intrigued with the stories he told of his fabulous life.

At the end of this encounter we were both shocked by something that occurred, and which you will find in the story.

I remembered that voyage and that gentleman for twenty years and did nothing with the metaphor that he offered.

During the last six weeks a strange and surprising thing has happened. My wife became ill in early November, wound up in the hospital, and passed away just before Thanksgiving. During her illness and in the time since, for the first time in seventy years my demon has lain quiet within me. My muse, my Maggie, was gone, and my demon did not know what to do.

As the days passed, and then the weeks, I began to wonder if I would ever write again; I was unaccustomed to waking in the morning and not having my private theater acting out its ideas inside my head.

But one morning a few days ago I woke and found “The Completist”

gentleman sitting at the edge of my bed, waiting for me and saying, At long last, write my story.

Eagerly, for the first time in more than a month, I called my daughter Alexandra and dictated this story to her.

I hope you will make the comparison between “Chrysalis” and “The Completist” and find that though time has passed,

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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