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Larry McMurtry

Praise for Larry McMurtry’s Texasville

“As Texasville unfolds, sentences practically tumble over one another in a race for laughs. … McMurtry is hot after a seriocomic study of a man trying to find mental balance in a Texas of which he observes, ‘Seems to me it’s so glorious it’s just about driven us all crazy.’ … There are plenty of eye-catching roadside sights to enjoy along the route.”

—New York Post

“Mr. McMurtry’s town, Thalia, is glutted with bed hoppers, maniacs, juvenile delinquents, stupid pets, suicidal bankers, and war mongering OPEC bashers—all brought to peaks of comic energy. … Madness reigns and it is quite amusing.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“Texasville is just as funny as can be. … Such a kick to read that I predict its popularity may well outstrip Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winner, Lonesome Dove.”

—Liz Smith, New York Daily News

“Texasville is simply great.”

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“With Texasville, McMurtry has written an ideal sequel. The characters from The Last Picture Show have grown deeper, wiser, and more interesting, just as McMurtry’s writing has done.”

—United Press International

“Texasville is a big ol’ mess of a book: long, haphazardly plotted, exuberant, populous, good-spirited … the sexual activity is vigorous and varied and described with considerable relish … the novels intelligence and its compassion are what really matter, and in this, Texasville is of a piece with all of McMurtry’s best work.”

—The Washington Post

“Unrestrained humor … McMurtry doesn’t ask us to feel sorry for his characters, but to laugh at their crude one-liners and to be appalled at, and yet admiring of, their raw, material decadence. … The individual scenes are sharp, spare, full of longhorn humor and color. … Texasville is filled with local idioms, tall stories, and unabashed one-liners.”

—Louise Erdrich, The New York Times Book Review

“Texasville is just slightly off center and loony … but look beyond the gags and you’ll find a penetrating work. …McMurtry is the rare male writer who knows his women. With Texasville, he shows he knows his men, too.”

—Houston Post

“He is precise and lyrical, ironic and sad. … There aren’t many writers around who are as much fun to read as Larry McMurtry.”

—The Boston Globe

“Uproarious goings-on … when sliding from humor into pathos, McMurtry lets us down easy, with our laughter making bubbles as we sink. …Though Thalia is a small north Texas town, Texasville is really about contemporary America. … Texasville is funny and sad, ludicrous and penetrating, farcical and po

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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