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Praise for Telegraph Days

“McMurtry balances his fast-moving romp of a story line with unexpected disturbing scenes … Nellie’s amorous high jinks may seem over the top, but McMurtry is just pulling readers’ legs a little. The light-hearted humor adds to the novel’s fun.”

— Chicago Tribune

“Telegraph Days is a picaresque and entertaining ride.”

— USA Today

“It’s a darn good read: an entertaining spoof about the Wild West that brings alive the romance of outlaws, gunfighters, and shootouts.”

— The Washington Post

“Nellie Courtright is brassy, sassy, classy, looking for love anywhere, anytime. She’s got a memory that won’t quit. And, with a money-back-guaranteed, knee-slapping, jaw-dropping, eye-popping tall tale on every page

… It’s hard to imagine anybody having more fun than McMurtry while he wrote this—unless it’s those who read it.”

— New York Daily News

“Readers won’t be able to help cracking a smile.”

— Publishers Weekly

“An easy, breezy read.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Nellie Courtright is just what readers have come to expect from the author: a spunky protagonist of the American West, making short work of the villains who come along and, it seems, opening her arms to the charming ones.”

— Rocky Mountain News

“Good news for the legions of McMurtry fans.”

— Library Journal

“Telegraph Days is filled with telling historical detail and atmospheric with choking dust and whiskey-breathed cowhands.”

— Texas Monthly

“Worthy to stand on the same shelf with True Grit and Little Big Man …

Telegraph Days is an entertaining read and perhaps the most endearing of his minor Western-myth-busting romps.”

— The Dallas Morning News


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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