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ming back into their life. For me, that person was Matt.

Who knows, maybe he was a small part of what drew me back to Martha's Vineyard. Probably not, but who can tell about these things?

Nevertheless, I was nearly an hour late for our date on Saturday night. I had to get a patient admitted, run home and feed Gustavus, get pretty, and find my beeper all before I left. Plus--I must confess--I can be a bit disorganized at times. My grandfather used to say, “Suzie, you have a lot inyour mind.”

When I entered Lola's, which is a neat spot on the beach between Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, Matt was waiting with a bottle of pinot noir. He looked relaxed, and I liked that. Also handsome. I liked that just fine, too.

“Matt, I'm so, so sorry,” I said. “This is one of the negatives about dating a doctor.”

He laughed. “After twenty years . . . what's twenty minutes? Or fifty? And besides, you look beautiful, Suzanne. You're worth the wait.”

I was flattered, and a little embarrassed. It had been a while since someone had paid me a compliment, even as a joke. But I liked it. And I eased smoothly into the evening like someone slipping into satin sheets.

“So, you're back on the Vineyard for good?” Matt asked after I told him some, but not all, of the events that had led up to my decision. I didn't tell him about the heart attack. I would, but not yet.

“I love it here. Always have. I feel like I've come home,” I said. “Yes, I'm back here for good.”

“How are your grandparents?” he asked. “I remember them both.”

“My grandfather's still alive, and he's doing great. Grandmother died six years ago. Her heart.”

Matt and I talked and talked--about work, summers on the Vineyard, college, our twenties, thirties, successes, disappointments. He had spent his twenties living all over the world: Positano, Madrid, London, New York. He'd gotten into New York University Law School when he was twenty-eight, moved back to the Vineyard two years ago. Loved it. It felt so good to talk to him again; it was such a nice trip down memory lane.

After dinner Matt followed me home in his Jag. He was just being thoughtful. We both got out in the driveway and talked some more under a beautiful full moon. I was really enjoying myself.

He started to laugh. “Remember our first date?”

Actually, I did. There had been a wicked thunderstorm and it knocked out the electricity in my house. I had to get dressed in the dark. By mistake, I picked up a can of Lysol instead of hair spray. I smelled of disinfectant all night.

Matt grimaced and asked, “Do you remember the first time I got my nerve up to kiss you? Probably not. I was scared.”

That surprised me a little. “I couldn't tell. As I remember it, you were always pretty confident.”

“My lips were shaking, my teeth hitting together. I had the biggest crush on you. I wasn't the only one.”


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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