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t let me tell you—

this is a million dollar job,” Aunt Bev said, stabbing the air with two chubby manicured fingers that supported several sparkly rings. “I’m not going to let it go without a fight. She’s been encroaching on my territory for a year now. We have to finish our bid and get it in before she does. The owner, Nancy Yates, has to see how I could turn that house from the ugly pile of shit that it is to something really spectacular.” Aunt Bev punctuated that by braking so hard that Mia almost went flying through the windshield.

“What the hell?” Mia cried.

Just as quickly, Aunt Bev accelerated onto Juneberry Road.

For the three miles up to the Ross house, Aunt Bev laid out what Mia should do today. “Finish measuring the rooms. Snap some pictures—you know, fixtures, outlets, windows. I need to see each room as if I’m there to finish this up. I have an appointment on the other end of the lake or I’d come with you, but maybe it’s better that I don’t, because I would really like to punch Tess in the kisser,” she said, and made a swinging motion with her fist.

“Yep. Maybe it’s better if you don’t,” Mia agreed.

They reached a narrow gate in a stone fence. There was a small plaque on the fence around the property that read simply, Ross House. Aunt Bev slowed considerably as she pulled into the property. “For Chrissakes,” she said as they rounded a curve and saw the drive was filled with trucks. “Okay, get to work, Mia. Wallace will be here to pick you up at three.”

Mia picked up her bag with her sketchbook and camera and opened the door. “See you later.” She’d hardly stepped out of the van before Aunt Bev was off again.

She waved away the dust the van left in its wake as it disappeared around the corner, then remembered her latte, still in the van. “Damn it,” she muttered under her breath. She adjusted her bag onto her shoulder and paused a moment to take in the gloriously warm and bright morning. The sun cast a golden light on the house, making it look much more cheerful than it had under the leaden skies of the last two days. Even the windows on the second floor had been cranked open to allow in the fresh air.

“Hi, Mia.”

She looked around and smiled at Drago Kemper. He was the security here, and wore a uniformed shirt that seemed a size too small for him. His arms were massive, his chest even broader. Drago spent a lot of time at the gym.

Mia knew Drago from way back. They were the same age, had been in the same class through middle school and high school. They were a lot alike back then, both of them on the fringe of the popular circles. Mia, because she was different than the other girls and preferred to make her clothes and color her hair and paint stran

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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