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If you are afraid, sad, tired, or lonely if you feel lost or strange if you crave stories and adventure, and the magic possibility of a forest path

—this book is for you


• Zareen Jaffery knew exactly how to make Finley’s story shine and trusted that I could make it happen.

• Diana Fox wisely pointed to this idea out of all my others and said,

“Write this one. This one feels right.”

• Krista Vossen, Hilary Zarycky, and Júlia Sardà

■ wildly talented artists with flawless taste (see: the look and feel of the book in your hands)

• The Simon & Schuster team, especially

■ Mekisha Telfer, lady knight

■ Katrina Groover, Karen Sherman, Bara McNeill—scholars three, patient and sharp-eyed

■ Justin Chanda, Anne Zafian, Katy Hershberger—mighty champions and heralds

• Tim Federle and Natalie Lloyd, whose endorsements mean the world to me. (endorsement: eleven-letter word for “thumbs-up, buttercup!”)

• Alison Cherry, Heidi Schulz, Corey Ann Haydu, Ally Watkins—

faithful friends and early readers.

• Kama Lawrence and Dennis Pitman lent me their lawyerly wisdom.

• Matt (my love) gave me the idea.

• Mom (my forever anchor) gave me the courage.

• And mighty, unsinkable Battleship Legrand—how could I have done this without you? (I couldn’t have.)

■ Drew and Kelsey and Kyle—let’s never forget those tree-topped days.

■ Grandma and Grandpa—your house was our kingdom, your love our sword and shield.

■ Dad and Anna, fearless captain and first mate of our motley crew!

Steer us steady and true. You always have, and you always will.

NCE THERE WAS A GREAT, sprawling forest called the Everwood.

Magic lived there, and it lit up every tree and flower with impossible beauty.

But even so, most people stayed far away from the Everwood, for it was said to hold many secrets, and not all of them kind.

According to rumor, the Everwood was home to astonishing creatures and peculiar, solitary people. Some were born in the Everwood, and some had wandered inside, whether they meant to or not.

No one in the Everwood got along, for they had no ruler to unite them, no neighborhoods or cities. They lived like wild things and kept to themselves, but they all loved the Everwood, and its strangeness, with their whole hearts. For it was their home, and it was all they knew.

Or so the rumors said.

Most people were afraid to enter the Everwood, but some brave souls made the journey anyway: adventurers, witches, explorers.

They never returned.

Perhaps the wild creatures who lived in the forest had trapped them there. Or maybe the Everwood’s secrets were so enchanting that those who made it inside did not care to leave.

Everyone who lived near

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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