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Praise for Sin Killer

“Irresistible . . . full of blood, blunder and myth.”

—The New York Times

“An adventure-filled, lighthearted farce . . . ”


“McMurtry has set off this time with a huge cast—56 characters are listed by name—and a great promise to amuse and inform, and to slip in a few sly, telling insights about the roles of environment, justice, equality and compromise in nation-building. It is an excellent adventure, for sure, and a lot more.”

—Daily News (New York)

“Sin Killer offers a zany, episodic ride. With gusto and style and nonstop ingenuity, McMurtry moves his cast of characters and caricatures steadily upstream, past Nebraska and deep into a Dakota winter. It is a journey made of pratfalls, floggings, stabbings, bawdy seductions, gruesome deaths and daring rescues.”

—The Washington Post

“McMurtry’s prose is plain and exact, exhibiting the kind of clarity that appears simple yet is anything but. The country he portrays is magnificent and violent, with shocking extremes of storm and tranquility. And McMurtry’s exquisite descriptions are written for a single breath, bringing their objects to life with a few well-chosen words . . . irresistible storytelling, rich and satisfying.”

—The New York Times

“For readers familiar with McMurtry’s work, there is much to celebrate in terms of familiar style and whimsical technique in this novel. . . . This is McMurtry at his best.”

—Houston Chronicle

“If Sin Killer is the standard, the other three can’t get here fast enough

. . . Lewis & Clark meet[s] Monty Python . . . few authors match McMurtry’s voice of unsentimental authority when it comes to describing the random brutality and natural hazards that greeted those hardy pioneers who ventured west of, say, St. Louis, in the 1800s. He writes as though he were one of them. . . . [Tasmin is] the best female character in McMurtry’s ever-growing oeuvre since Jacy in The Last Picture Show.”

—Chicago Tribune

“The setting, atmosphere and characters are well drawn, and the historical research is amazing. The first of four books in a planned series, it leaves you hungry for more.”

—Rocky Mountain News

“With this bright, boisterous parade of a novel, Larry McMurtry again ventures briskly into the Old West, a period that he loves and understands deeply . . . energetic and big-hearted.”

—The Seattle Times

“McMurtry has fashioned at bottom a love story, and a solid enough one to make a reader eager for the next installment in this epic. . . .

This quirky, unromantic view of the West will get a grip on your imagination, even as it sh

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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