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Saving Grace

Julie Garwood

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Barnslay Monastery, England, 1200

Holy Bishop Hallwick, will you explain to us the hierarchy in heaven and on earth? Who is the most esteemed in God's eyes?" the student asked.

"Don't the apostles stand first in God's good graces?" the second student inquired.

"Nay," replied the wise bishop. "The archangel Gabriel, protector of women and children, our champion of the innocents, stands first above all others."

"Who next then?" the first student asked.

"All the other angels, of course," the bishop answered. "Next stand the apostles, with Peter first among the twelve, and then follow the prophets and miracle workers and those good teachers of God's word on earth. Last in heaven stand all the other saints."

"But who is the most important here on earth, Bishop Hallwick? Who is most blessed in God's eyes here?"

"Man," came the immediate reply. "And the highest and most important among men is our holy pope."

The two students nodded acceptance of that dictate. Thomas, the elder of the two young men, leaned forward on his perch atop the stone wall outside the sanctuary. His brow was wrinkled with concentration. "Next in God's love stand the cardinals and then the other ordained men of God," he interjected.

"That is so," the bishop agreed, pleased with his student's guess.

"But who stands next in importance?" the second student asked.

"Why the rulers of kingdoms here on earth," the bishop explained. He sat down in the center of the wooden bench, spread his ornately decorated black robes, and then added, "Those leaders who fatten the church's treasury are more loved by God, of course, than those who hoard gold for their own pleasure."

Three more young men walked over to listen to their holy leader's lecture. They settled themselves in a half circle at the bishop's feet.

"Do married and then unmarried men stand next?" Thomas asked.

"Aye," the bishop replied. "And they are of the same position as the merchants and the sheriffs but just above the serfs chained to the land."

"Who next, Bishop?" the second student asked.

"The animals, starting with the most loyal, man's dog," the bishop answered, "and ending with the dull-witted oxen. There, I believe I have given you the full hierarchy to repeat to your students once you have taken your vows and are ordained men of God."

Thomas shook

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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