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can bay instead of whinny.”

They laughed together then until the woman’s features turned somber.

“Thank you for not lying about what you thought of my appearance. You might have a face to turn my hair white, but your honesty is handsome.”

She charmed and fascinated him, and Brishen wished he had the leisure to know her better. But there was no time. He married at dusk when both human and Kai eyes could see each other clearly and recoil at the sight.

Voices in the distance carried across the green lawn and into the oak’s shaded sanctuary. The woman rose and scraped her hands across the imaginary wrinkles in her skirts. “I have to go. I am missed.”

Brishen rose as well and captured her hand, surprised at its warmth when he had expected cold, flaccid flesh. She didn’t try to break free of his clasp as he lifted her fingers and brushed his lips over her knuckles. “I have enjoyed our chance meeting, madam.” He released her and bowed.

She returned a brief curtsey and a last smile. “As have I, sir. You have lessened my worries. We’ll meet again.” She turned and hurried toward the voices growing ever closer.

He might glimpse her at the wedding, but there would be no chance for a second conversation. Brishen called after her. “What is your name?”

Her voice drifted back on a hot breeze, raising his suspicions and his hope. “Ildiko. I am Ildiko.” She disappeared behind a hedgerow.

Brishen stared at the path she’d taken, her figure no longer visible.

Surely, his luck did not run this true. His Gauri bride was named Ildiko.


“You make a passable bride, Ildiko and will adequately fulfill your duty to the kingdom and our family.” Queen Fantine sniffed as she cast a critical eye over her niece’s appearance. “And don’t forget that duty extends to the bedchamber. It doesn’t matter that he’s practically a hobgoblin. You’re not to jeopardize this alliance by denying your new husband.”

Ildiko clenched her jaw so hard her temples throbbed. Her aunt had repeated this same admonishment so many times, Ildiko could recite it in her sleep. If she said it one more time, Fantine would find herself chewing on a mouthful of one of Ildiko’s beaded slippers.

A soft rap on the receiving room door drew the queen’s attention away from her. “Enter,” she called out.

The door cracked open, admitting a wide-eyed court page. To Ildiko, he looked as if he’d eaten a dozen lemons whole. He bowed to Fantine. “Your Majesty, His Royal Highness, Brishen Khaskhem of Bast-Haradis wishes to speak with the Lady Ildiko.” He paused. “Alone.”

Ildiko’s annoyance became trepidation. She laced her fingers together to hide their trembling and turned to f

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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