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eir places at the lower tables, their plates untouched as they waited for him to follow his own edict. He took several shallow breaths, followed Ildiko’s lead, butchered the larva-potato and took a hesitant bite.

Grainy, soft and tasteless, it sat on his tongue, swelling in his mouth until he thought he’d gag. Once more Ildiko leaned close.

“Brishen, there will be a riot if you spit it out.”

He clamped his lips tightly closed and swallowed. There wasn’t enough wine or ale in the world to kill the revolting smear coating his tongue, but he drained his goblet and Ildiko’s before signaling a servant for more.

The Kai continued to watch him, and he glared at every one of them until they picked up their own utensils and braved their potatoes.

Their reactions mirrored his. He’d have to sleep with one eye open and his hand wrapped around a dagger for the next fortnight or find one rammed between his shoulders in revenge. A tug on his sleeve made him turn his attention back to Ildiko.

“I’m sorry, Brishen. Is it that bad?” He heard the sympathy in her voice and patted her hand to reassure her. Bad was an understatement, but he shook his head and lied through his fangs. “No. I’ve dealt with worse.”

He’d eat those words as well over the next three torturous hours. The stew had been as vile as the potato, but neither compared to the following courses of perfectly good eels ruined as they curled in a gelatinous mold studded green with herbs, guinea fowl roasted and seasoned with some concoction that convinced him the royal cook wasn’t a cook but a necromancer who ground the bones of the dead and mixed them with the pepper. The cheese plate almost did him in, and he had to ask Ildiko twice if the ones speckled a greenish-blue weren’t actually bits and pieces of fermented corpse. Her explanation of how the cheese was made had him wishing they’d served fermented corpse instead.

He persevered and choked down some of everything, each bite followed by a generous swallow of wine. His kinsmen did as Anhuset promised and ate their servings, murder in their eyes as they glared at him over the rims of their goblets.

His fervent prayers to every god who might listen were answered when King Sangur declared the banquet finished and made a final toast. There was no dancing to follow. Any other time, and Brishen would have been disappointed. The Kai loved to dance. Every celebration had dancing, and it wasn’t at all unusual for the celebrants to dance until they collapsed from exhaustion.

Now he was just thankful he didn’t have to do more than rise and escort his new wife out of the room to the bridal chamber prepared for them. His stomach roiled, ha

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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