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For Peter


I eat my peas with honey

I’ve done it all my life

It makes the peas taste funny

But it keeps them on the knife!




Title Page




Chapter 1: Meet Me, Holly McNee Jensen

Chapter 2: Bee Calm

Chapter 3: Buzzing Along

Chapter 4: Now What?

Chapter 5: All the Buzz

Chapter 6: Bee Truthful

Chapter 7: Bermuda Triangle

Chapter 8: Bee Team

Chapter 9: Leslie Takes the Mike

Chapter 10: Holly Grabs the Mike Back

Chapter 11: The Boys

Chapter 12: Roofie

Chapter 13: Any Objections?

Chapter 14: The Vapors

Chapter 15: Bliss Week

Chapter 16: Bee Advised

Chapter 17: Bee Ware

Chapter 18: Expanding Horizons

Chapter 19: Leslie and Cher

Chapter 20: Wigged Out

Chapter 21: Splash!

Chapter 22: The Vapors (Part 2)

Chapter 23: Bee Have

Chapter 24: Leslie, the QB, and Vegas

Chapter 25: Gone Boys

Chapter 26: Char

Chapter 27: Ding-Dong

Chapter 28: Bee Cool

Chapter 29: Strut Yo Stuff, Sugah

Chapter 30: Bee at Peace

Chapter 31: Stop and Smell the Roses

Chapter 32: Good to Bee

Chapter 33: Bee Leave

Chapter 34: Bee Happy

Chapter 35: Forever Bee

Chapter 36: Bee Joyful



About the Author

Also by Dorothea Benton Frank


About the Publisher


Of all the stories I’ve ever told you, this is the one that you’re going to remember. This is the one. Hopefully large parts of this will entertain you, because sometimes life goes right off the rails somewhere between hilarity and the absurd and somehow it always happens in my orbit. But there is another story within these pages that might bother you. I know this because this story haunts me. It’s the one I can’t forget.

I told myself that I should’ve done something to intervene earlier. But it wasn’t my place. I tried polite conversation, I tried impolite conversation. No one would hear me. It bothers me that there was a part of me that didn’t want to see, didn’t want to get involved. Was there that part of me? Does that make me complicit? Heaven knows that people in general can rationalize the most egregious behavior in the name of religion, love, the alleged greater good of mankind, or just because whatever it is they’re lobbying for is good for them.

For all you know about me, even those I’ve met in passing, you know I’m not a troublemaker or someone who exaggerates the truth. Okay, maybe I’ll embellish a little. But generally, you don’t have to make things bigger or more fantastic than they are. Reality has so many surprises and unbelievable situations, it’s okay to just lay down the bones.

Maybe I want to tell you t

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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