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Thanks to the usual crew for their efforts: my wife, Mary; my editor, David Hartwell; Steven Spruill; Elizabeth Monteleone; Blake Dollens; Alex Cameron; and my agent, Albert Zuckerman. And as always, special thanks to Becky Maines.


Nightworld ends the Secret History.

The novel picks up a couple of months after the horrors of The Dark at the End. I hope you’ve read the rest of the Adversary Cycle by now. The two story tracks—Jack’s tale and the Cycle—have merged and this is the grand finale. (See “The Secret History of the World” at the end of this book for how everything fits together.)

I have extensively revised Nightworld since its initial publication in the early ’90s. Jack’s role has been expanded—he is now a major player—but he remains one of many. Characters who didn’t exist when I wrote the original must be dealt with. Nightworld is an ensemble novel with characters drawn from across the Secret History. It ends both narrative tracks, as well as the Secret History itself. More stories remain to be told, but the timeline stops there. I will set no stories after Nightworld.

However …

In response to pleas (and occasional threats) from readers (you know who you are), I’ve agreed to write three more Repairman Jack novels from the period between his arrival in NYC and The Tomb, just to fill in those gaps.

They’ll trace how he comes to know Abe and Julio, and how he becomes the guy you meet in The Tomb. After those books, it is over. You will then know all I know about Jack and I’ll have nothing left to say. I need to move on.

—F. Paul Wilson

the Jersey Shore


Title Page


Author’s Note

Rasalom went …

Part I: Sunset






Part II: Twilight





Part III: Night

End Play

Part IV: Dawn


The Secret History of the World

Also by F. Paul Wilson


Rasalom went to the mountain.

Rasalom is not his birth name, not the one his mother bestowed on him.

He discarded that back in the First Age when the Otherness held more sway in this sphere. When he tapped into that mother lode of power and strangeness he took on a new name, a True Name he had protected like a wolverine guarding her young. But the time for secrecy is past. He can now shout his True Name anywhere on the planet and it will not matter.

From here atop Minya Konka, through a break in the clouds, much of what is now called China spreads out four and a half miles below him in t

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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