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For Rebecca and Jennifer,

my books- and musicals-loving kindred spirits.

Les adoro para siempre.


It began, predictably, with a dream.

Josie was walking down the busy hall in her old high school, and everyone was shouting, “Hi, Josie! Hey, Josie!” just the way they used to.

After all, she had been a big deal.

I’m such a cliché, she thought. Dreaming about high school. Just like people always do.

“Hi, Josie!”

Josie waved and wondered why, despite the glorious and sincere adoration of her classmates, she felt only dread.

Wait, was this going to be an anxiety dream? She looked down to see if she was naked, but nope: fully clothed. She entered a classroom, expecting to have to take a test she hadn’t studied for—but the teacher just greeted her with a smile.

The teacher did look like a purple, toothy octopus, but it was, after all, a dream. And judging by the fear knotting up in her gut, it was going to be a bad one.

“Something is about to happen,” she said to herself. “It’s going to be a big deal. And I won’t be prepared for it.”

She sat at a desk, facing the closed classroom door, and waited for whatever would come in.

“I’m already here,” said Justin, sitting to her left.

“Oh good,” said Josie. She reached out, and he took her hand.

“Me too,” said Nina, squeezing her other hand.

Josie smiled at Nina. What could possibly go wrong as long as she had her safety net, Justin and Nina?

“I’m here too!” said the octopus, wagging furry octopus eyebrows and waving gorgeous purple tentacles.

Josie gave the octopus a big thumbs-up. She didn’t want to offend and risk a bad grade. What class was this anyway? She meant to turn to ask Justin, but her focus kept pulling to the door. A bright light, as if from a single bulb, was shining behind the frosted glass window. The light got brighter, piercing through the edges of the door. And then, a shadow. A figure. Somebody.

Something. About to happen. Energy pulsed behind that thought, pushing forward, the way a speeding

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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