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I need you to understand something.

I am ghting a kind of loneliness I think we al feel. I think the entire world is desperately alone. I think we get scared when we feel alone and that makes us not trust each other.

I wrote this for you.

I write to the soul of al things in the hope that someone is listening, in the hope that sometimes, I might hear them respond.

I’m writing this to feel less alone.

I wrote this for you and only you.

e universe is desperately trying to move you into the only spot that truly belongs to you, in the whole entire thing, a space that only you can stand in. I believe it is up to you to decide every single day whether you are moving towards or away from that spot.

I am trying to draw a map.

Everyone else who reads it, doesn’t get it.

Some see gentleness as weakness and sincerity as foolishness.

ey may think they get it, but they don’t.

Bitterness is not the answer to life. If you think that being unhappy, untrusting and closed off from the world, if you think being cynical about the way the world is and the people in it is a viable strategy for being alive, then someone or something has hurt you and I’m sorry for the hurt that you feel. If they wil not apologise for what they’ve done to you, then I wil do it here on their behalf: I am sorry for what was done to you.

is is the sign you’ve been looking for.

Maybe you didn’t know you were looking but I think we’re al always looking for something, maybe this is it. And if it isn’t, I hope it points you in the right direction.

You were meant to read these words.

Al I’m asking is that you trust me for a little while.

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ank you for nding this.

e Start Of Al ings


Do not start at the beginning.

I am not there.

If you want to understand

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Ajyal Al Madina
Assalam o Alaikum sir I want to leave tomarrow because I have important work for sharjah I am going to Sharjah because I have a very important work there so kindly I hope you can manage
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Hikmatova Ra'no
Perfectly written. I do love this book and the style that he used in this book
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