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Your brother was very well liked around town.”

By the time they pulled into the driveway the sky was dark; the sun hadn’t come back out before setting. She’d rested her head against the window with the soft hum of the engine and the gentle beat of the wipers.

“Here we are now,” Lacey parked the car so the head lights hit the house full force. “Matt spent most of the first year remodeling. I think you’ll like what he’s done with it.”

Looking through the wet car window, she saw that the place was a large white two-story house. Long green shutters sat on either side of large picture windows that lined the whole front of the house. The front door was bright red with a large brass knocker. There were stain glass windows which sat on either side of the door. They seemed to glow brightly in the night.

Following Lacey’s lead she opened her door and together they raced for the front porch through the light rain. Standing on the brightly lit large covered porch, she watched Lacey open the front door with a key from her own key chain.

Just as they crossed the threshold, Megan’s rental car pulled up in the driveway and parked next to Lacey’s sedan.

Watching from the doorway, she saw Iian step out of the car, along with the silver-blue eyed man she had seen in the cemetery. Both men looked up to the front door and nodded to her, then stepped behind the rental car and started pulling out her overnight bags from the trunk.

“They’ll get those. Come on inside out of the cold.” Lacey said. Then she walked towards the back of the house leaving Megan standing alone in her brother’s doorway.

Even though her brother had lived here for several years, she’d never visited Oregon before today.

There had been many reasons not to visit her brother. Looking down at the large cast on her arm, she realized that this was the reason she’d put off this last visit. The broken arm had just been one more thing she had hidden from her brother and she wished now that she hadn’t postponed this last trip.

Quickly turning into the house she tried to avoid thinking about her brother and her regrets.

Lacey was coming back down the hallway from the back, rubbing her hands together for warmth.

Just then both men walked onto the front porch and shook their heads like dogs to get the rain from their hair. They wiped their feet before crossing into the entryway.

Megan noted that their faces were identical, yet she could see subtle differences. Their height and weight for one. Iian was slightly taller, with a broader build than his brother’s slim frame. And although the brothers shared the same gor

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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