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buildings in the shadows, so far back, that Megan hadn’t even known he was there.

As he stepped out, she noticed that his hair was longer than his sister’s. The man strolled over, appearing to be in no hurry. He looked like he rather enjoyed the nasty weather and his surroundings. To say that he was tall would be an understatement, he must have been six and half feet. It only took him a couple of strides to reach where they stood.

She had to crane her neck to look up into his face, and noticed that he had the same light eyes as his sister. His chin was strong with a tiny cleft, and his lips held a lazy smile that made him look rather harmless. Lacey handed him the keys to the rental car then waved her hands in a sequence of patterns in front of her.

Lacey turned back to her. “Megan, this is my brother Iian. He’s hearing impaired and uses sign language to communicate, but he can also read lips really well.” She said while continuing to sign. Then turning her face away from his she said, “He likes to eavesdrop, so be careful what you say while facing him.”

Smiling, she turned back to her brother in time to see the quick flash of humor in his eyes as he signed something to her in haste. She gestured something back to him and hit him on the shoulder in a sisterly way.

“Come on Megan, my brother will take care of your car.” They again started to walk towards the cars. At this point the rain was starting to come down harder.

Groups of people without umbrellas were quickly darting towards their vehicles. Others with umbrellas were slowly making their way.

When she sank into the passenger seat of Lacey’s sedan, chills ran up and down her spine. Lacey got behind the wheel and started the engine; the heater was on full blast starting to warm the inside of the car. She could have just fallen asleep right there in the warming car.

They started to pull away from the the small church and the now empty cemetery. The windshield wipers were clearing the rain from her view with a soft squeak, but she still felt like she wasn’t able to see much beyond the path that the head lights were cutting through the fog.

Just then, she realized she’d gotten into a strangers car. What did she know about this small woman? She sat up a little straighter and looked over at Lacey who had her eyes on the road.

“You don’t need to worry,” Lacey said. “I’m not going to kidnap you.” She turned her head and smiled. “We’ll just get you to your brother’s house before everyone else gets there. I hope you don’t mind, but we invited a few close friends over for pot luck. It’s what he would have wanted, somethin

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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