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need to do the right thing by Matt and make sure his little sister gets settled in safely. God has some answers for her, coming half way across the world to bury her poor brother.” Father Michael shook his head. “I want you to promise me, that you and your family will stop by the house often, you

hear me?” he said with a sad look on his face.

Todd’s gaze swept back to the Father’s. He knew the humorous look that the older man had on his face. That’s the look he and a friend had gotten for sneaking in the cemetery with the Blake girls to try to scare them on Halloween night, years ago. The father had tried to scold them, the entire time he was laughing at them.

“Yes, Father.” He murmured. Father Michael nodded his head then turned away to greet another group of people.

Todd looked back over at Megan and saw that she was even paler than before.

Reaching over he grabbed his sister’s arm as she was walking past him and nodded in Megan’s direction.

“Someone needs to go save her.” He said under his breath.

“Just what do you suggest I do?” Lacey said with a stern look, placing both hands on her small hips.

“I don’t know. You’re the one that’s good at breaking things…up.” He added after his sisters eyes heated. Then he grabbed her shoulders and pointed her in Megan’s direction.

He saw Lacey’s shoulders slump a little after taking in the sight of Megan, being swamped by the whole of Pride.

“Humph.” Lacey grunted and started marching towards the growing crowd.

His sister was small, but she packed the biggest punch in town.

“I didn’t know Matt all that well, but he was a nice young man. He always had nice things to say about my bar, never once starting a brawl. Broke a couple up though.” The bar owner said with a crooked grin. Megan hadn’t quite caught his name when he’d barged to the front of the line and grabbed her hand in a death grip. “Always such a nice m-m-m.” He started to stutter.

Concerned, she quickly looked up from the man’s hand which was tightly gripping her own. Standing right beside the bar owner was a pixie. Megan didn’t believe in fairy tales, but there was no other way to describe the woman. She had a strong urge to walk around the petite creature, and see if wings were tucked under her dark purple raincoat. She was perfect, from the tip of her pixie cut black hair to the toes of her green galoshes. Galoshes, Megan noted, which didn’t have one speck of dirt on them. She was shorter than Megan and was slight of build with rounder curves. Her skin was fair and her eyes were a crystal gray blue. She

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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