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soothing and sad. She leaned against the door frame and let the music fill her.

When the song ended another one began, the room and hallway filled up quickly. People made their way from other parts of the house. The chairs and coffee tables were quietly moved aside.

One of the elderly women, sat at the piano as another song began playing; there was more singing, dancing and hand clapping. People she didn’t know had come to celebrate her brother’s life. It brought a slight smile to her lips and tears to her eyes knowing that so many people could care. Before she knew it she was being pulled into a dance with Father Michael.

What seemed like hours later, she walked back into the kitchen. The only remaining people in the house were a few church women chatting as they cleaned the kitchen. Iian and Todd were still somewhere in the house as well, cleaning. Lacey had left about half hour earlier, heading off to work. Before she left, Megan had overheard her scold her brothers to help tidy up the place.

She had been sitting in the kitchen listening to the group of women talking.

But now, headed back to the living room; she wasn’t in the mood to continue with the conversation. Iian was there clearing off the coffee table, he looked up and gave her a smile.

“Come and sit down.” He said patting the couch. It looked so inviting that she was drawn to it. “I’ll just get the fire going again before I head off to work.”

He said signing along. She like to watch his hands move. She would have to pick up some basic words so she didn’t feel left out.

When he’d stoked the fire enough, he turned back to her. She signed to him,

“Thank you.” She’d seen Lacey using the motion earlier. His eyebrows shot up and he gave her an “I’m impressed” look.

It was easy to talk to him, for some reason he made her feel at ease. No other man had done that to her except for her brother. Oh, at first Derek had done that, but still she had never truly trusted him. She was starting to relax into an easy conversation, when the hair on the back of her neck started standing up, she straightened her spine.

Todd had listened to their conversation from the hall. As little brother’s go, Iian was pretty cool. He remembered the day that his Dad had brought him home, he had just turned ten and remembered thinking, I got a little brother for my birthday. But, there had been a price; they had lost his step-mother in the process.

Lacey and Iian’s mother had been like a mom to him, she’d been very young when she’d married his dad. His real mother had left shortly after his second birthday. Even now, he had only seen her once since then, at his father’s funeral, hanging aroun

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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