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Field Notes from a Catastrophe

“Each chapter is part of a larger narrative, a loose travelogue that includes the Alaskan interior, Iceland and the Greenland ice sheet, but, more important, these narrative elements, while drawing us in, always keep a larger purpose in sight—to offer the clearest view yet of the biggest catastrophe we have ever faced.” —Los Angeles Times

“Comprehensive and succinct.” —New York Times

“Elegant.” —Chicago Tribune

“Kolbert weighs in with a slim but very powerful book.” —Chicago Sun-Times

“Essential reading. [Kolbert] is an accomplished writer whose prose is deceptively simple and whose meaning is always clear. Climate change is complex stuff, but she deftly distills the brew to clarity.” —Minneapolis Star


“Gripping, well-written.” —Seattle Times

“Short, readable and scrupulously objective … Kolbert’s central achievement is to have examined the complex panoply of data surrounding the science of climatology and to have presented it in prose as elegant as the facts themselves are stark.” —Times Literary Supplement

“Very powerful … important.” —Hartford Courant

“Enlightening.” —Oregonian

“Field Notes is a wonderful read, a superbly crafted, diligently compressed vision of a world spiraling towards destruction. It should be a wake-up call to the world.” —Observer (London)

“Kolbert is like Matisse, painting an evocative picture with a few deft strokes

… I recommend [Field Notes] to anyone who has a concern for the fate of our planet.” —American Scientist

“Kolbert, a staff writer for The New Yorker, surveyed the world’s leading climate scientists, and discovered an alarming unanimity to their message: The world needs to wake up, and fast.” —Wired

“Let’s hope this powerful, clear and important book is not just lightly compared to Silent Spring. Let’s hope it is this era’s galvanizing text.” —

Scientific American

“An elegant ride through the confusing world of climate science. Kolbert takes a John McPhee–style ramble across the world: In Greenland, Iceland, and poor little Shishmaref, she sees the effects of warming firsthand. In Washington, D.C., the former New York Times political reporter puts her Beltway savvy to use, revealing that the most climate-change skepticism originates in the deep pockets of oil and coal companies.” —Outside

“Keenly observed and deeply memorable … the picture [Kolbert] draws is compelling—and very scary.” —Seed

“An extraordinary piece of reporting.” —

“Kolbert forces us to ponder a tragic disconnect: Politicians, the gr

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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