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You deserved to be loved the way you want to be loved.

There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed.

The thing you’ve been looking for, has been Here, with you, all along.

I am sorry I ran away from you. I am sorry you’re afraid. I love you, honestly and sincerely, without end.”


Living is easy, you just look for the good in

the blades of grass

between your toes.

(Remember what I said: Listen for the poem.) You just try and find something in everything, a myriad of colors exploding outward from the center, and if you open up your heart, it looks like unstirred paint in there, it looks like someone loved you long ago and forgot to stop loving you, even though you expected them to.

It looks like a way to be,

when there’s no way left to be.

Because what else could you be,

but everything.

So go forward

into bright light,

if you love hard enough,

your feet leave the ground

and you just kind of hang in the air

and that feels good, so love, because love is good, because it feels like you’re floating.

Maybe, in the story of your life, someone

has written:

You cannot say why you loved them.

Only that you did.

Only that you don’t anymore.

But you cannot see the parts of you that shine when you’re not looking, because all you see when you look at yourself is the picture other people have painted for you.

And that’s not who you are.

You are the picture you paint, of you.

(You are still everything you could be.)

There, in the dream, you ask:



Break every vow that hurts you.

Take every opportunity.

Light all fires.

Turn all keys.


They’ll say,

“We can make miles if we hold our breaths and dive beneath the sheets together, we can make it all the way there and back if you trust me.

We can make it somewhere good.

Trust me when I say I love you like the light in autumn loves the leaves, like a wave loves the sand, like good loves bad, like everything we can still be

to each other.”


Pray for being aware that you’re not waiting for anything and everything you are, you are.

Pray for being awake to every good thing.

Pray to the best parts of you.


The world will always wear you down,

so let it wear you down until only

the good remains.

Hold on to the incredible parts of you

that survive.


You love again.

Recycle your heart.

Someone out there needs it.

—Remember this.


1. Have you told the people you love that you love them?

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Angella Horner
A must-have read. Iain Thomas has a real skill with generating empathy through honesty and beautiful words I love the book.
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