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there was one among them bold enough to claim otherwise.

‘How goes the war?’ a man behind asked.

The sorceress’s even gaze turned to him. ‘With the blessings of the good spirits, it will end soon.’

‘May the spirits will that D’Hara is crushed,’ beseeched the man.

Without response, the sorceress appraised the faces watching her, waiting to see if anyone else would speak or ask a question. None did.

‘Please, come with me, then. The council meeting has ended, and a couple of the wizards will take the time to see you all.’

As the sorceress started toward the Keep, three men arrived. Their fine clothes made the simple garb of the people at the bridge, by comparison, seem almost thread-bare. As the procession shuffled toward the Keep, the three men strode up among the supplicants and put themselves at the head of the line, right in front of the old woman. The oldest of the three, dressed in rich robes of dark purple with contrasting red sewn inside the length of the slits up the sleeves, looked to be a noble with his two advisors, or perhaps guards.

The woman’s expression darkened. She snatched a velvet sleeve. ‘Who do you think you are,’ she snapped, ‘taking a place before me, when I’ve been here the whole of the day?’

He scowled down at the gnarled fingers clutching his sleeve. When his eyes turned up at her, they were filled with menace.

‘You don’t mind, do you?’

It didn’t sound at all to Abby like a question.

The old woman took her hand back and fell mute.

The man, the ends of his grey hair coiled on his shoulders, glanced at Abby. His hooded eyes gleamed with challenge. She swallowed and remained silent. She didn’t have any objection, either, at least none she was willing to voice. For all she knew, the noble was important enough to see to it that she was denied an audience. She couldn’t afford to take that chance now that she was this close.

Abby was distracted by a tingling sensation from the bracelet. Blindly, her ringers glided over the wrist of the hand holding the sack. The wire bracelet felt warm. It hadn’t done that since her mother had died. In the presence of so much magic as was at a place such as this, it didn’t really surprise her. Dust swirled around their feet as the ragged crowd followed behind the sorceress.

‘Mean, they are,’ the woman whispered over her shoulder. ‘Mean as a winter night, and just as cold.’

‘Those men?’ Abby whispered back.

‘No.’ The woman tilted her head. ‘Sorceresses. Wizards, too. That’s who.

All those born with the gift of magic. You better have something important in that sack, or the wizards might turn you to dust for no other reason than that they’d enjoy it.’

Abby pulled her sack tight in her arms. The meanest thing her mother had done in

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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