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CRIPPEN. Copyright © 2004 by John Boyne.

All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America.

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Boyne, John.

Crippen : a novel of murder / John Boyne.

p. cm.

ISBN 0-312-34358-2

EAN 978-0-312-34358-3

1. Crippen, Hawley Harvey, 1862–1910—Fiction. 2. Murderers—Great Britain—Fiction. 3. Great Britain—History—Edward VII, 1901–1910—Fiction. 4. Mystery fiction. gsafd PR6102.O96 C75 2004



First published in Great Britain by Penguin Books

First U.S. Edition: March 2006

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For Lily and Tessie Canavan



1. The Montrose

2. Youth

3. Mrs Louise Smythson’s First Visit to Scotland Yard

4. The First Mistake

5. The Passengers of the Montrose

6. The Second Mistake

7. The Smythsons and the Nashes

8. The Dentist

9. Mrs Louise Smythson’s Second Visit to Scotland Yard

10. On Board the Montrose

11. Losing Patience

12. Beginning the Chase

13. The Dinner Party

14. Inspector Dew Visits 39 Hilldrop Crescent—Several Times

15. The Chase

16. The Killer

17. Ships That Pass in the Morning

18. Life After Cora

19. The Capture


Author’s Note


Special thanks to my friends in the Wexford Bookshop for a wonderful year in their company while writing this book; especially Angie Murphy, Conor Dunne, Joanne O’Leary, John Harper, Linda Cullen, Lindsay Tierney, Luke Kelly, Maggie Niotis and Paula Dempsey.

Thanks also to Ann Geraghty, Anne Griffin, Bob Johnston, James Lowry, Shane Duggan and Tim Hendy for all the visits and their loyal friendship, and Paul O’Rourke for getting me there and back again.


The Montrose

Antwerp: Wednesday, 20 July 1910

She was over 575 feet in length, with a beam almost an eighth of that size.

She weighed approximately 16,500 tons and had a capacity of over eighteen hundred passengers, although today she was only three-quarters full. Stately and impressive, her hull and paintwork gleaming in the July sun, she seemed almost impatient to depart, her chimneys piping steam cautiously as the Scheldt river crashed noisily

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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