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nsistencies, sometimes there are marketing roles called “Product Manager.” But at companies like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, product managers are not in the marketing department. Instead, they’re usually in the engineering organization.

Marketing folks focus on getting users into the product, while product managers define what happens once the user is in the product.

For example, a marketing manager might come up with messaging and start a social media campaign, while a product manager comes up with new features and works with the engineers to launch them. While marketing people will talk to product managers about features that would help the messaging or branding, they don’t define the details of those features or work with the engineers to build them.

3. You can’t become a product manager right out of college.

The word “manager” in the title makes many people think that you need a lot of experience to become a product manager. Also, because product managers make so many decisions that affect the direction of important products, it seems like a senior role.

In fact, many tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Yahoo recruit product managers directly out of college. They’ve found that passion, intellect, a strong customer focus, and lots of energy can be a winning combination for great PMs. If you want to become a PM, don’t think that you have to take a different job first.

4. Product Managers just write specs.

The job of a PM is very different than that of an engineer or a designer.

Engineers are expected to deliver working code and designers are expected to deliver wireframes and mocks. For PMs, just delivering a spec isn’t enough.

PMs are responsible for seeing the entire project through to a successful completion. Writing a spec is a technique for communicating and moving the project along, but the spec doesn’t have intrinsic value. Many PMs communicate ideas without specs, through conversations and drawing ideas on whiteboards. And some PMs fail because they write a spec but don’t follow through to make sure the team understood and implemented the ideas.

5. Product managers just set up meetings.

Some people think that a PM’s job is just to get the key stakeholders in a room together to make decisions. Good product managers don’t just serve as passive conduits of other people’s opinions. Instead, PMs research the area and come up with their own point of view and frameworks for making decisions.

PMs do need to meet with the key stakeholders and understand their opinions and priorities, but then they synthesize those perspectives, lay out the tradeoffs, and come up with a recommendation that will satisfy all of

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