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—Chicago Sun-Times

“His new book is his boldest novel yet.… The reader is swept along by a torrent of vigorously dramatized incidents, jostled by a crowd of instantly vivid characters.… The language has an energy that keeps pace with the fecundity of invention.”

—The New York Times Book Review (front page)

“There’s a lot going on in Irving’s expertly dovetailed and foreshadowed story.… A Son of the Circus offers a satisfying mix of evil and goodness pursued in different ways.… It debunks both easy hope and easy cynicism. Unlike most popular novelists, Irving knows how much—and how little—to make of a serial killer.”

—Los Angeles Times Book Review

“John Irving is never content with giving us something as meager as a novel.… He wants us to know the whole story, everything, not just the thin slice of the world usually known as fiction.… A writer with the courage to follow this difficult journey while also exploring issues of poverty, racism and disease in a novel so full of humor is a writer to be treasured.”

—The Times (London)


—The Miami Herald

“The miracle of A Son of the Circus is that all the twists and elaborations make sense, that in the whirl of improbable characters and unlikely events Irving makes us believe these are real people trying to live decent lives.”

—The Seattle Times

“There is an old fashioned charm about John Irving. His style is clear, intelligent and undemanding, his narratives discursive and lively. With a wholesome relish for grotesquerie and eccentricity, he produces solid, ambitious fables you actually do read when you take them on holiday.”

—The Daily Telegraph (London)

“A heroic attempt at creating an imaginative order, with multiple plots, numerous characters and complex manipulations of time … large doses of suspense, intriguing detail … finely honed comic characterizations … and a prose style that never loses momentum.”

—The Toronto Star


“A mercurial writer, he produces a comic strip of effects: bleak, effervescent, sentimental, philosophical.… Irving handles this incarnadine combination of farce and horror with high-speed skill, creating a compulsively readable book.… He can seduce or repel.”

—The Guardian (London)

“In this marvelously entertaining novel, Irving has given us a version [of India] that is simple only in the timeless literary pleasures it offers. And in the process, he has invented a world that all his readers can both comprehend and love.… [A] glorious book … A Son of the Circus gives us a breadth of vision, variety of characters and range of concerns that evoke his immortal The World According to Garp.”

—Shashi Tharoor

San Jose Me

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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