Heartstopper: Volume Four

Author: Alice Oseman | Add a Review


Lesbian girl
I love these books sooooooo much because I can read with out ever feeling like the book is a waist of time. Being gay myself, this is the biggest treat ever, I can just read and enjoy.... And I should be able to rate more then 5 stars. I give this book a quinquagintaquadringentilliard stars (that's an actual number) I hope that Alice Oseman keeps writing books. Also, Charlie's eating disorder got me aware that I had one too. before I read the book, I had no idea that it even existed. Now I am getting in control of it, all thanks to this book, and Alice Oseman. Heartstopper really is a jewel like no other.
I kin Charlie way too much lol
Dad, Charlie's my boyfriend. Surprise!
I loved this book so much!!!! @opie, book 5 comes out in 2023
ok great book but does it litarly just end with nick coming out to his dad?! i want a fith heartstopper book >:(

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