Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Author: J.K. Rowling | Add a Review


Not to be named
I FINALLY finish this book and I LOVE It. Another book down for my silver award at school and now I will be reading the next book :)))))).
john cloud
my only regrett is that i didn't discover or find enough interest in this series to read it earlier in life
Hauser Rack
I am a 60 year old man, and I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this series of books!! I have taken a lot of crap from my wife, but when I'm through with the last book I'll start paying attention to her again. Just kidding! I love you too, baby.
Harry potter one is better because!!!!
Avantika N S
My favorite book in the Harry Potter series. Love it!
Movies are worst due to its wrong dialogues and scenes
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU LOVE THE MOVIES BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!?!??????????????
This book is so good l love it!!!
This book is so good l love it the movie is better thoe but chapter three is pretty funny. My class is reading it and the person who was reading read it very nicely? But i personly think the movies are BETTER!
Annie joy
this book is so great i couldent put it down.it was like nothing what i just said this book was good but the movies are better LOL LMAO
Lil Tjay
that id prettey gooud
Daniel Radcliff
Amazing, I love this book more that Emma Watson does and as well as I loved playing Harry Potter
it is very good
진짜 넘모모모모모모모모 재밌따
ur mom
very good
barack obama
meh its ok i guess
Emma Watson
I love this book more than my movie as well as I loved playing as Hermione Granger.
I love this book
best book in the world
any more books llike this please list them
harry potter fan
best book ever
harry potter fan
best book ever
Akrithi Devkumar
I am a very big fan of harry potter movie but it is a fun of another level when I read the book it is faboulas to read the book thx for uploading just 1 prb the size of book's picture is too big i have to scroll and scroll so i will give 4 rate to this book
greatest book of all time
Love it but a very hard read. I had to search and search.
Mary Potter sister of Harry Potter
Read the cursed Child also It's also nice book
Harry potter rocks my world! Thx for uploading!
Thanks for the book. The movie does not have as much detail and I absolutely love the series.
James William
I watch Harry Potter as movie but I can understand better about Harry Potter by reading Harry Potter series.
Kim sung zoo
This story is amazing it the best story I'd ever read from Harry Potter series.
Chamudi MapalagamaRupage
I love this book so much and I have read all of the Harry Potter books at least twice. When I was 10 I first started reading the Harry Potter books and that's what got me into reading.
I absolutely love Harry Potter. and I have at least read all the books twise. When I was ten years old I started reading Harry Potter and that's what got me into reading.

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