Gabriels Inferno

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Dear Gabriel dude , Throughout the story you made me laugh , sometimes smile , and few times cry also …….you made me realise that it is nearly impossible to get a man like you for average looking females like me ………so let me give the females like me some respite by sharing few pointers…..look here chap it is totally ridiculous to accept that a guy with a libido like you would wait for eternity to get that gal which you have been eyeing since ages ………nevertheless throughout the story you made me google a hell lot of things like 1. Dante and Beatrice 2. Somewhere i have never travelled, by E. E. Cummings . 3. And a lot of Italy And lastly dude would you tell me that after the hell lot of cooking that you used to do for julianne ,who used to clean ?? , do the dishes and ofcourse who did the laundry ?? , since your housekeeper used to come only twice a week !!! And on a lighter note dude… you have been raving about Juliannes pale skin , translucent skin , flushing skin and god only knows what kind of skin and then she is constantly fainting in your arms and then she is hardly eating ….dont you think you need to show her to some doctor ……..God she is showing symptoms of iron deficiency and bulimia man !!!
Love the book
I'm a big fan, the book is so amazing

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