Wildwood Creek | Chapter 33 of 37

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Discussion Questions

  1. Both Bonnie and Allie are young women who find themselves in challenging circumstances in pursuit of a dream. Have you ever been forced to face what seems like insurmountable odds to achieve a dream? How did you react?
  2. Allie finds herself caught between family expectations and an artistic passion that doesn’t fit the family structure. How do families unconsciously limit and/or nurture dreams, especially big dreams that may seem impractical? Is there a “black sheep” in your family who struggles to fit the mold?
  3. When faced with the reality of confronting her worst fears by moving to the frontier again, Bonnie confesses, “Fear changes nothing. A circumstance is still a circumstance.” How does fear affect our decision-making? Should it? Have you ever made a decision out of fear and then regretted it?
  4. Allie works diligently at her job with Razor Point Productions, but like many young hopefuls, finds herself unappreciated and often talked down to. In part, she uses humor to overcome. Have you ever experienced a similar circumstance? How did you overcome it?
  5. Allie struggles to be happy for Kim when Kim decides she is in love. Why do you think she feels this way? Why do we sometimes struggle to be happy for the people we care about?
  6. Part of the history of Bonnie Rose is preserved in the “Ballad of Wildwood.” How does your family preserve history? Do you have a favorite family story? If a ballad were written about your family, what would the title be?
  7. After beginning life in Wildwood, Allie discovers that, while the days are physically hard, her mind is far less cluttered and busy. Do you think we’re too busy and distracted with all of our gadgets and demands these days? Is it possible to simplify our modern lives? What good examples could we take from the lives of our ancestors?
  8. Would you like to become a modern-day time traveler? If you could visit any era in history, which one would you visit? What modern convenience would you have the hardest time giving up?
  9. Because of what’s happened in the past, both Allie and Bonnie have trouble trusting the possibility of new love. How can previous pain limit our ability to be open to new people in the future? How can we overcome this?
  10. Bonnie fears that God might not be able to love or hear the prayers of a “soiled” woman such as herself. How do you see God’s love as different from human love? Why do we sometimes feel we’re not “good enough” to be loved by God?
  11. Kim lives by the seat of her pants, stepping out boldly into new situations, while Allie is the worrier and much more careful or doubtful. What are the problems of each approach? What are the advantages? Which character are you more in line with?
  12. When mentoring Wren, Allie realizes how much Grandma Rita did for her and notes that sometimes one person who speaks good things into you can change your self-image. Did you have that one person? Have you been that one person for someone?
  13. Allie realizes in the end that “All the debris we cling to doesn’t keep us afloat, it kills the life within us.” Have there been times when you’ve clung to debris for too long? When and why? What were the effects? What happened when you let go?
  14. In her narrative, Essie Jane observes, “My life been a’ adventure with pain, hard work, love, and blessin’s. . . . The blessin’ part is, I knowed that while it was happenin’. Didn’t go around wantin’ more. All that wantin’ more make you powerful unhappy.” How do our own expectations blind us to the gifts we’ve already been given? How can we become more aware of the golden moments in life as they’re happening?


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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