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Chapter Four

Ice was tense even though he forced his body to remain lax. He made soft noises to

fool Megan into believing he slept deeply. If she wanted to harm him, he’d set up the

perfect situation for her to attempt it. He lay naked on a small bed with her, skin to skin,

and he’d purposely led her to believe he shut down so he wouldn’t be aware of his


Megan moved slightly, adjusting on the mattress, and Ice turned on the camera in

his quarters, using his remote uplink. The feed ran live in his mind so he could see her

in the dark with his eyes closed after he’d turned on the night vision feature on the

hidden device above his bed. Her eyes glowed, showing him they were open, staring at

the wall she faced as she cautiously moved again.

“Do you believe she will strike now?” Onyx’s voice streamed directly into the

implant inside Ice’s ear. “I’m monitoring from my quarters. If she gets the drop on you I

can be there in seconds.”

“I believe I can handle her,” Ice replied, using his thoughts, which the com would

translate into words. “You don’t need to watch this. Why did you hack into the camera


“You aren’t acting rationally about the human and she is obviously distracting you

since you didn’t even detect me here. I could have been anyone aboard ship. You were

so focused on the female you permitted the hack. You should have confronted her the

second you realized she decoyed a sex bot but instead you’ve allowed it to continue. It

would have been more effective if you’d interrogated her instead of pretending to not

know of her deception.”

“I said I would handle this.” Ice wondered if his irritation got across to his friend

and fellow cyborg. He monitored his breathing to keep it slow and steady while he

continued to make soft snoring sounds. “Disconnect the feed you’ve established.”

“I won’t risk your life even if you’re willing to. I am aware that you’ve gone far too

long on your wake cycle so I will monitor while you rest. So far she isn’t attacking.”

Ice considered the offer, wary of pushing back his exhaustion. He’d had two work

cycles back to back and then gone straight to Folion when they’d docked as his last shift

ended. He detested his perceived weakness at the moment but his physical limitations

were showing after all those hours awake. He hadn’t realized he’d been hacked, which

was proof he wasn’t at a hundred-percent efficiency.

“I have your back.” Onyx chuckled. “I sure don’t want your front since you believe

sex with you is torture.”


Touching Ice

“Your humor is not appreciated right at this moment.” Ice smiled though, knowing

the other cyborg would see it on the camera feed. “Fine. You may monitor but don’t

ever hack into my living space again without permission.”

“Perhaps I’m curious to see what you and the human do. I could give you pointers

on how you are having sex incorrectly.”

“When we are training, I’m going to hit you a little harder than normal for that


Onyx laughed again. “I don’t know. You’re being irrational and showing weakness

at the moment. Perhaps it will extend into your fighting skills.”

“I wouldn’t place a bet on that, friend.”

“Rest. I will watch the human to make certain that she doesn’t kill you in your

sleep. Leave the link active so I can warn you if she―”

“Is moving,” Ice broke in. “I’m on alert.”

* * * * *

Megan thought Ice was finally asleep. She carefully rolled over to face him. He was

really warm and obviously out of it. She hoped he hadn’t been understating how

deeply he slept, but when she rolled, his snoring didn’t change. She hesitated and then

slid her palm on his bare stomach. She loved the feel of his smooth skin and the muscles

that lurked just beneath.

“Computer, lights on dimmest setting,” she whispered.

She didn’t really expect the computer to do it since Ice had probably locked even

those simple controls from her. It surprised her as a dim light came on above so she

could barely make out Ice’s features.

He was damn handsome and in sleep he appeared younger, softer somehow, and

even sexier. Moving carefully she used her elbow to prop her head up as her hand

caressed his stomach. She could touch him all she wanted when he wasn’t aware of her

intense interest. Her gaze lingered on the faint tattoos on his upper left arm, near his

shoulder, just inches from her face. They appeared to be symbols, maybe a strange

foreign language that she couldn’t identify. She wished she could ask him if they had

meaning or if he just liked the sexy pattern they made across his skin but a bot wouldn’t

be curious about that.

“Ice?” She kept her voice low, just above a whisper.

He didn’t move, his breathing didn’t change, nor did his soft snores. She smiled,

studying his mouth. He had full, pouty lips when they were relaxed, ones she longed to

suck on and play with. Her hand slid up his abdomen, over his bellybutton, and then

higher to his rib cage. She hesitated there before she inched her hand higher, placing it

over his heart.

He had one—she could feel it beating strongly and steadily under her fingertips,

and wondered if it were possible that he could love someone. If a man could ever fall in


Laurann Dohner

love with her, she wished it could be Ice, with his amazing sexual skills. She held back a

snort at the irony of her situation. She had finally found a guy she wanted to get tightly

involved with, stick with for a long time, and to be with him she had to pretend to be a

sex bot.

She pushed back the covers to bare his chest to her view, a sight she realized she

would never get tired of seeing. He had a sensual body that she longed to explore every

inch of. Seeing it was great but touching was better. Her attention fixed on his nipple

nearest her face, wondering if would awake him if she played with it. She really wanted

to know if he was sensitive.

Knowing she didn’t dare in case he woke up, she shifted slightly and reached up to

touch his hair, spread over on his arm. She was careful to avoid brushing his skin. She

lifted up a soft, thick lock, and smiled when it curled slightly around her finger before

she released it.

“Ice?” She tried again, her voice rising slightly in volume.

He didn’t budge, his snores didn’t change, nor did his breathing. Megan felt secure

now so she moved again, lifting up slightly, and curled her arm between them, resting

her head on his bent, muscular arm instead to use him as a pillow. She placed her other

hand on top of his heart again and then shifted her leg, lifting it over his warm thigh,

going skin to skin with him under the blankets. Her leg slid between his muscular

thighs as she wiggled closer to press tighter against him.

“You’re so damn warm and big,” she said softly, inches from his ear. “You don’t

know how nice this is for me. I’ve been so lonely.”

She thought she saw a muscle twitch near his mouth but when she lifted her head

to study his handsome features, it appeared as though he hadn’t moved at all. She put

her head back down, relaxing, curling tighter against her cyborg.

“I want to tell you the truth, I really do, and I feel so bad about the lies. If I had a

choice I’d just come clean but I’m too afraid,” she admitted softly. “I just couldn’t resist

taking the opportunity to be with you when it came along. I’ve watched you for long

and wanted to be this close to you too much.”

She sighed and took a breath. “Computer, lights off.”

The room returned to total darkness and Megan closed her eyes, enjoying how

warm and wonderful it was to be cuddled up with her cyborg. She’d never dare curl

her body around his if he were aware of her actions. Bots, even with the highest

programming, wouldn’t ever crave the close contact with him that she did.

She moved her hand on his chest again, rubbing his rib cage, just touching him. She

wasn’t sure when she’d get the chance again, if ever. “I just wish things were different

and we weren’t enemies. That’s what we are, isn’t it?”

Of course he didn’t answer her, unless she took his snoring for an affirmative reply.

She rubbed her cheek on his arm, still surprised that his skin could be so baby soft when

his muscles were so hard. She stilled and exhaustion caught up with her.


Touching Ice

She mentally set an internal alarm, a trick she’d had to use often to not oversleep

since Clara had a tendency to refuse to give wake-up calls, and she was pretty sure the

damn computer would dock her pay or report her to the company if she was late on her

shifts. She silently promised herself that in a few hours she’d wake and roll away from

Ice before he caught her snuggled up to him.

* * * * *

“She is asleep,” Onyx said softly. “Her breathing pattern changed.”

“I’m aware.” Ice frowned into the darkness. “She didn’t attack me.”

“Perhaps she examined your body, hunting for weak spots to attack later.”

Amusement laced Onyx’s voice. “She did seem interested in examining your body. You

may have been incorrect when assessing that sex with you is considered torturous. She

appeared to enjoy running her hands over you.”

“Shut up. I’m disconnecting now.” Ice took control of the link, turning off the feed

to the camera, and blocked Onyx from hacking into his living quarters or his com link


He turned his head slightly, his jaw brushing Megan’s forehead and he froze there,

enjoying the womanly scent of her. She confused him. She’d been given the perfect

opportunity to harm him if that was her intention but instead she’d used her advantage

to caress him and whisper puzzling words to him. It had alarmed him when she’d

admitted to having watched him for a long time.

What did that mean? He didn’t know and it bothered him. It implied she had to be

a spy but for whom? Earth Government? Did she work for a bounty hunter hoping to

score a huge reward for finding large numbers of cyborgs? Her soft, womanly body

tempted him to touch her as she snuggled against his side and her breath fanned his

arm, making him aware of her even more.

Her breast pressed to his rib cage taunted him and his hand itched to cup that soft

mound that rested there. He admitted that what he really wanted to do was roll over,

pin her under him, and fuck her again. He couldn’t get enough of the little human and

no other female had ever affected him that strongly.

He had avoided growing attached to any female. He’d seen his friends join family

units, the females controlling every aspect of their lives. The women scheduled when

her males got to see her, right down to when she would have sex with them, and

controlled their careers to help keep her males from being near her at the same time. As

a male in a family unit contract he wouldn’t be permitted to touch other females. Even

bots would be off limits to him, the females stating that it wasted precious sperm and

lowered their count for breeding purposes.

Ice enjoyed his freedom. He needed to be in control of his career, deciding when he

would have sex, and scheduling visits to Folion whenever possible between missions

they were assigned. Attachments to females were mistakes other males made, in his

estimation, and now he felt things for a human. She’d said they were enemies and that


Laurann Dohner

statement was correct. He couldn’t trust her, didn’t even know her real reason for being

with him or why she had come aboard the Rally, yet he refused to do the logical thing.

That would have been to return her to the cargo hold, place her under arrest, and allow

Gene to interrogate her until she gave up every secret she kept.

Megan moved and he focused solely on her as her hand slid lower to his hipbone,

her small fingers curving around it, and her thigh slid upward to rest against his balls.

The soft glide of her skin against his sensitive sac had his cock twitching to life, blood

rushing there, and the urge to roll her grew stronger.

Disbelief welled inside him. So did frustration when he ordered his body to ignore

his physical reactions to Megan, attempting to shut down the part of his brain that

controlled his sexual desire, and it refused to be denied. His cock hardened instead of

softening and lifted higher, pressing against the bedding, throbbing. He tried again,

mentally ordering his body to shut down in that regard but his sex taunted him by

continuing to ache for Megan’s body. It made it worse when her hand shifted a little

lower, lightly pressing against the shaft.

He locked his teeth together and lay there for a long time, too aware of her

breathing, the way every breath pressed her breast against his chest and then eased. She

tortured him with her pinky pressed to the side of his cock, only she wasn’t even aware

of what she did to him. He wondered what type of flaw plagued him to make him act

the way he had recently. Perhaps Onyx was correct in stating that he had become

irrational. His control had slipped and so had his common sense. He had a weakness

suddenly and her name was Megan.

Ice discovered that when his sexual need eased, he found enjoyment in having a

woman sleeping in his bed. He’d never had one share a sleeping cycle with him before.

Sexual encounters with cyborg females were arranged, timed, and once the intercourse

completed, they separated. That had always been the case since Ice had never joined a

family unit. A yawn threatened that he stifled and he allowed his brain to totally shut

down so he could sleep.

* * * * *

Megan woke up to darkness, confused for a moment, and then smiled as she

remembered where that wonderful source of warmth came from. She slowly lifted her

leg, cradled snug between Ice’s thighs, realizing that he’d stopped snoring, and

regretted it when she turned over to face away from him. She hesitated and then

wiggled so her ass and backside were still pressed firmly against his warm body.

Ice suddenly rolled, faced her back, and his arm wrapped around her waist. She

was stunned as he spooned her and became outright astonished when she realized Ice’s

hard cock pressed against her. A grin curved her lips at the proof that cyborgs men got

hard-ons when they slept, just the way human ones did.

A large, hot hand moved and gripped her breast. Megan’s eyes flew open as Ice

shifted his big body, grinding his cock against her ass. Desire flared inside her, even


Touching Ice

though she was still half asleep, and she lifted her thigh to make room for him. His cock

ended up pressed against her pussy. She wiggled her ass again and the body behind

hers suddenly tensed as the hand holding her breast squeezed.

“Lights on,” Ice rumbled, his voice gruff.

Harsh, strong lighting blinded Megan as the room brightened to full capacity.

Before she could get her bearings, Ice released her, and rolled away. She thought she

heard him utter a soft curse. She blinked rapidly, trying to adjust her vision to the

bright lighting as she turned her head. She watched the naked backside of one sexy

cyborg walk quickly across the room to the foam cleansing unit. It stunned her when he

stepped inside without even glancing at her and hit the button. The wall rose, enclosing


She sat up and yawned, having no idea how long she’d slept but knowing it had

been a few hours at least. Her body was rested and obviously not exhausted still since

she’d physically responded to a turned-on cyborg. She could hear the unit working as

Ice foamed up to start his day.

Do I get up and get dressed? Stay in bed the way a good bot would since he didn’t tell me to

move? Damn, she thought, staying put, deciding a bot wouldn’t assume anything, just

wait for orders.

Minutes later the cleansing unit door lowered and a very naked and still aroused

Ice stepped out. His blue gaze locked on Megan and her heart pounded in her chest

when she recognized that look he gave her. He slowly approached her.

“Get up,” he ordered.

Megan forced her body to move and she stood next to the bed totally naked, staring

up at Ice as he stopped just feet from her. Ice let his attention lower from her face down

to her breasts. His tongue slid out between his full, sexy lips, and he wet his lower lip.

“Turn around, face the bed, bend over, and grip the edge of the frame now to brace

for me while I fuck you.”

Her heart raced, knowing for sure what he would do to her. She was ready—she

could feel the wetness between her thighs still, proof that her touching him and

sleeping next to him had affected her the way it had him. His proof of passion pointed

straight up and out, impressively standing at attention just for her. Megan slowly

followed his orders, presenting him with her ass as she bent. Her fingers curled around

the edge of the bed just as he’d demanded, her palms on the mattress to hold her weight


“Spread your thighs wider apart.”

She widened her stance by two feet and she could see between her own legs as Ice

took a step closer, then surprised her when she saw him lower his body to crouch

behind her, his weight resting on his bent legs. His hands gripped her inner thighs high

and he gave her a little nudge so she spread her thighs wider by another foot.

“You’re wet,” he whispered softly.


Laurann Dohner

Megan wished she could see his face but with the way he had her positioned she’d

have to twist her waist to peer at him around her hip. She knew that was a no-no. She

pretended to be a bot and she’d been given orders. She had no guess what he’d do to

her but she really wanted to find out, certain it would involve pleasure. Every time Ice

touched her he made her come.

The large, warm hand curved around her thigh moved and his thumb brushed

through the cream of her desire, rubbing through her slit to her clit, coating her more

and teasing her. Her eyes closed and she licked her lips to wet them. Her breathing

increased as he slowly rubbed back and forth. His other hand left her thigh and then

curved around her ass cheek. He slowly rose and his thumb left her. Megan’s eyes flew

open as his feet moved to the outside of hers and the hand on her ass curved around

her hip. His cock brushed her as he used his free hand to adjust it and then he entered

her pussy with one long, slow drive of his hips.

“Yes,” he rasped. “If there’s sheer pleasure, feeling how damn tight and hot you

are, how ready you are for me, this is it.”

Megan couldn’t agree more as he seated his cock deep inside her body, her vaginal

walls stretching to accommodate his thick shaft. He paused there for a moment, his

hand on her hip tightening his hold, and then he started to move. He withdrew almost

completely and then slid back in, keeping his pace slow.

A moan rose that she fought to contain as she pressed her lips tightly together. She

couldn’t decide what felt better—Ice fucking her slowly or when he took her hard and

fast. Both brought her immense pleasure as he continued to pace his hips leisurely,

taking his time to enjoy the feel of them together. She knew with all certainty that she

preferred him without the use of a medicondom. The sensations were better, he wasn’t

constricted at all in one of them, and the texture of skin against skin was heaven.

“Put your hands on the mattress higher at your shoulders,” he ordered.

She released the edge and did what he said. Her palms flattened on the messed-up

bedding and her arms locked to hold herself still as he moved against her. Ice’s other

hand wrapped around her as he bent over her, pinning her. He balanced his body by

bending his knees slightly, and his hips moved faster, his hand bracing on her hip so

she kept them both from falling forward. His hand slid between her thighs, pressing

against her clit as he fucked her harder, faster, drawing the level of rapture higher.

The moans tore from Megan now, unable to hold them back as he pounded his hips

against her ass, his cock driving in and out of her, hitting every nerve ending inside her

pussy in a way that had her fighting to keep her legs locked. Her knees wanted to

buckle, the sensations that intense from the double stimulation of his cock inside her

and his thumb rubbing her clit.

The climax gripped her and Megan cried out loudly. Her elbows gave way and she

found herself pressed tightly over the bed. Ice shouted out behind her right as he pulled

his cock completely out of her to spill his release on her thighs then collapsing down on

her back, his weight nearly crushing her but she could gasp in air.


Touching Ice


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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