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Chapter Eight

Megan laughed, standing on the bed, and wiggled her ass at Ice. He frowned,

standing feet away, with his arms crossed over his chest.

“That is not funny.”

“Yes it is.” She laughed. “How does your uniform look on me?”

“You’re too damn small and it doesn’t fit properly.”

She turned on the bed, still grinning at him, and reached for the front of the baggy

shirt. “So I’ll take it off. How did your shift go?”

He shrugged, his arms dropping to his sides. “I spent some of my time thinking

about you and I’ve been uncomfortably hard with the thought of fucking you.”

“Good thing you’re not on shift anymore.” She tossed the shirt at him and he

caught it. She reached for the pants. “I was bored shitless. That’s why I tried on your

uniform. I don’t know how you wear so much leather. It’s so stiff and heavy.”

“So is my cock.” He threw the shirt to the table and moved forward. “Are you

attempting to provoke me into fucking you? Move your ass that way again and I will.”

She turned on the bed and wiggled her ass slowly at him as she pushed down the

pants to reveal her bared ass to him. She’d had to roll the legs at her ankles and knew to

get them off she’d have to bend over to tug at them. More bare skin was revealed as she

shoved them down her thighs. Hands gripped her hips and she gasped as Ice lifted her

and set her on the floor.

She tried to straighten up but Ice suddenly leaned over, trapping her in that

position, and she heard his pants pop open. She froze and then smiled as she turned her

head, staring into his handsome face inches from hers.

“You’re just going to take me right now, aren’t you?”


His hand slid between her thighs and he rubbed against her clit. She moaned,

already turned on, wet and ready for him. She’d had eight hours to think up all the

ways she wanted to seduce him while he’d been gone. This hadn’t been on her list but

she was good for just a straight all-out fuck. She bent over lower and attempted to

spread her legs wider apart but they were trapped in his pants, limiting her


His hand moved away and his boots planted loudly on the outside of where the

pants bunched the floor, stepping on part of them. She pushed her ass up higher, going

on tiptoe, and Ice groaned.

“You want me?”


Laurann Dohner

“Oh yeah.” She nodded. “Enter me slow so I adjust and then ride me hard.”

“Orders, Megan?” He growled the words. “I’m in control, remember? I will fuck

you the way I want to take you.”

Her heart raced and excitement soared. She loved it when he got that deep, harsh

tone, knowing how turned on he was. It made her wetter, wondering what he’d do

next. She had no fear of him. Not anymore.

He turned his face into her neck, inhaling her scent, and his arm wrapped around

her waist. He brushed his cock against her and then he entered her slowly, just as she’d

asked. They both moaned at the sensation of him filling her, stretching her, and how

wet and hot he’d made her for him.

“Megan,” he groaned. “The things you make me feel.”

“Yeah,” she clawed the bed. “Same to you, sexy. Oh God, if you rub my clit right off

I’m going to come in five strokes or less.”

He chuckled. “Five, huh?”

“You feel that damn good and it has been a long day. I had nothing to do so I

imagined all the things I wanted to try with you. I’ve been turned on the entire time.”

He slowly withdrew and then drove into her hard and fast. Megan cried out in

surprise and rapture. Ice wrapped his other arm around her, his fingers finding her clit,

and rubbing. He had great balance since they were bent over his bed but her hands

braced them as he started to pound into her from behind.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted and then screamed out as she came.

His hand left her clit and Ice straightened and grabbed her hips as he fucked her

harder and faster. Megan’s muscles went crazy from the climax and his driving cock as

she continued to come. Pleasure blurred into ecstasy for Megan and then Ice came hard

inside her. She could feel every blast of his hot release jet inside her as he stilled his hips

then slowly rocked against her ass.

“Thirty-two,” he chuckled.

“What?” She turned her head, looking up at a grinning Ice.

“It took thirty-two strokes for you to lose your control.” He paused. “I believe. I

may have lost count of a few of them. I was distracted by how damn good you feel.”

She laughed. “I couldn’t have counted to save our lives.”

He slowly withdrew from her body and then bent, helping her get free from his

leather pants. He shook his head, looking amused as she turned around. He grinned at


“Did you think you could really fit into my pants?”

“No, not with your long legs, but I was just trying to amuse myself.”

He straightened up and climbed to his feet, stripping out of his clothing and boots.

“I’m sorry that you have nothing to amuse you. I can’t activate any of the entertainment

features of this room without risking a communications breach.”


Touching Ice

She nodded. “I know. All of that is tied in firmly with the computers and since I’m a

programmer you’ve got to be worried I can hack into yours.”

His amusement vanished. “Could you?”

Staring into his eyes, she decided tell him the complete truth. “Yes. With enough

time I could find flaws in the system. I could get a signal out and fool it into thinking it

wasn’t sending one.”

His hand cupped her face. “I knew that but thank you for being honest.”

“You’re welcome.” She stepped into him, missing his touch, and wrapped her arms

around his waist. He didn’t pull away and she was grateful for that when he hugged

her back. “What about you? Are you going to be just as honest with me as I am with


“What do you want to know?” His body tensed.

“How is it going with me staying with you? Has this council of yours responded

yet in any way to you not following their exact orders?”

“They are either unaware of what I’ve done or they are contemplating how to

handle my defiance. They have not contacted us but I know they are awaiting a report

on your death that they have not been sent. I also have no idea if Blackie sent them a

report, what he would have stated to them, or if he also has not contacted them.”

“How bad do you think you’re going to get into trouble?”

He shrugged his broad shoulders. “I’m not certain. They may order the Bridden to

return to dock with us.”

“What happens if they do?”

He looked anywhere but at her. “I don’t wish to discuss this any longer.”

She held her breath and then blew it out. “They’ll come to kill me, won’t they?”

Ice finally met her gaze. “No. No one is going to harm you, Megan. I won’t allow


“So that’s the worst they can do?” Fear inched up her spine as terrifying images

flashed through her mind of all the horrible ways a person could die. “Be honest.”

He shook his head. “No. They could send the Star after us.”

“What’s that?”

He paused. “A large class-A starship. We have a few of them but the Star is within a

few days range. The others are farther away.”

“And if they send it after us?”

He swallowed, looking away from her. “It wouldn’t be good. I am friends with the

man who usually commands her. He would attempt to stall the council but he has a

family to think about. If he were to attempt to refuse orders they could go after his

female next. I will not ask him to put his future on the line.”


Laurann Dohner

A horrible thought struck her and she reached up, cupping his face, forcing him to

look down at her. When their gazes locked, she frowned at him. “Is your life in danger

because of me?”

“Not currently.”

“But it could be?”

He paused. “It’s a possibility if the council believes I have lost my ability to be


“If they think you’re nuts, you mean?”


She let her forehead fall to rest against his chest. She released his face and slid her

hands down his torso to wrap around his waist. She loved Ice, the emotion so strong it

nearly choked her as she tried to form words. He was admitting that he’d face danger

just to protect her. Cyborgs weren’t known for being warm and cuddly creatures.

Would they kill Ice? The answer that came to her was a big yes. He knew that yet he’d

still kept her. He didn’t say it but he risked his life for hers. The love for him swelled

inside her painfully. He wouldn’t do that unless she really mattered to him.

“Promise me that you’ll tell me if that happens.”

“So you can worry about my fate?”

“No.” She refused to look at him. “I don’t want to die but I don’t want you to die

for me. If they are that set on killing me then hand me over.”

Ice lifted her off her feet and forced her to look at him when he brought her face

level. He stared into her eyes, studying her. “You’d rather I hand you over for death

than risk my life for yours?”

She nodded. “What can I say? It’s been a great nine days we’ve spent together.” She

hoped her sad attempt at humor worked but then he spoke.

“You’re attached,” he gently accused. “Aren’t you?” His beautiful eyes searched

hers as they gazed at each other.

She shrugged. “I could lie but you’d just grab my neck and know it.”

He gently slid her down his body and released her, stepping away. He walked

toward the bed and stopped there, keeping his back to her.

Megan bit back a curse. She’d gone and upset him but the days and nights spent

with him had been great. Ice was an amazing person. He had a quick sense of humor,

passion that was fire hot, and she had fallen totally in love with the guy. She didn’t

want to lie to him ever again. They’d started out on deception and they were past that


“I know you can’t offer me that back. You were very clear about your aversion to

getting attached to me, Ice. I don’t even blame you. There’s no need to get upset with



Touching Ice

He looked over his shoulder at her and then slowly faced her completely. “You

tempt me in so many ways, Megan. Would it help at all if I confessed to you that you

are the only female I have ever considered being with long term?”

“I like hearing it.”

He suddenly grinned. “It is true.”

“That means a lot to me.” It did. It is the thought that counts, right? She didn’t want to

ponder that thought too closely. She wondered how long they could last—how long it

would be before their relationship ended. “When is your next planned trip to your


“We have no plans to return to Garden as of now. We are currently far from the

planet in case you were being tracked. We didn’t want to lead them back to our home

world to our women and children.”

“I’m really not a spy or a bounty hunter.”

He closed the distance between them. “I know that.”

“Ice?” A male voice suddenly barked from a speaker near the door. “Get to control

now. We have a ship approaching and we had a signal sent from our ship to it. Secure

that damn female. She is communicating with them.”

Shock tore through Megan as she stared into Ice’s eyes. “I didn’t.”

He frowned. “I’m aware.” He moved, nearly knocking Megan over to get to his

discarded clothing. He started to dress quickly. “What about the bots?”

“The bots? You dropped them off on the Hixton.”

He jerked up his pants. “We did not. We were too worried it was a trap.”


“What?” Ice grabbed her arm.

“They are the source of your signal. Why didn’t you tell me you kept them? Damn

it, Ice. They are machines regardless of how they look and I assumed you dropped them

off. You never told me that plan changed.”

“They can send and receive signals?”

“If their theft alarms are triggered you bet they can. They will start sending out

location signals so that they can be retrieved.”

“Can you silence them?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I can try.”

“Get dressed.”

“Ice,” the male voice on the speaker barked. “Respond, damn it. They are coming at

us fast and have locked onto us. I’ve never seen any shuttle move so fast. Stop your

human from responding. The signals are bouncing back and forth and we can’t shut it

down or block it. We’re trying.”


Laurann Dohner

Ice moved to the door, not bothering with his shirt, and touched the pad on the

wall. “It’s not the human. It’s the bots. Have Onyx meet me in the cargo hold and make

sure all of them are there when I arrive in two minutes.” He released the pad and spun.

Megan had put his shirt on and a pair of his underwear. She didn’t bother to try to

find pants, knowing none of his would fit. “Let’s go.”

Ice gripped her arm and stared down at her, searching her eyes. “Can I trust you,

Megan? Are you really going to help us lose that shuttle or are you going to send a

signal to them?”

Pain lanced through her though she knew he probably had to ask. She noticed he’d

placed his thumb over her wrist so he could touch her pulse, feeling it for a lie.

“I’m happy with you, Ice. I don’t want to be found and I don’t want any of your

people hurt.”

He nodded, released her, turned, and the door opened. He moved quickly and

Megan had to run to stay behind him.

The cargo hold they entered was the same one she’d first seen and she did a head

count on the bots. All twelve units were in the room. They were hooked to cords and

Megan frowned, staring at where they were attached to the walls.

“They needed recharged,” Ice explained. “Should we unhook them?”

Megan nodded. “It won’t stop them from transmitting but unplug them anyway.

Your ship is probably being used to amplify their signals.”

Ice moved quickly, unhooking each bot. Megan walked to the center of the group

and inhaled deeply, trying to catch her breath.

“Authorization four-nine-red dwarf,” she said loudly.

All twelve units responded, their heads tilting back. Megan stopped in front of the

closest one. “Status?”

“Theft mode initiated by remote transmission.” All twelve bots spoke in unison.

“Cancel theft mode and block incoming signals. It is a hacking attempt.”

Their heads lowered and twelve pairs of eyes fixed on Megan. “Incoming codes

confirmed,” they said in unison. “Theft mode initiated. In contact with retrieval team.”

“Cancel,” Megan ordered. “Authorization four-nine-red dwarf. I am the

programmer of Folion. Confirm my identity.”

“Megan Bellus, identity confirmed via retina scan,” the bot closest to her stated.

“Cancel theft mode. It is a hacking attempt. Shut down all outgoing signals and

block incoming signals now. Do not respond to hacker. They are attempting to lock

onto you to steal you.”

“Conflicting orders,” they all stated.

The door to the cargo bay opened and Onyx came storming in. “What’s going on?”

“The bots are the ones responding. Megan is attempting to have them shut down

but they don’t know what orders to follow.” Ice’s voice softened.


Touching Ice

“They are still sending signals,” Onyx whispered. “I’ve managed to decode their

transmissions and lock onto the frequency but I’m unable to block it. They are sending

out our location to the other ship.”

“Stop initiation signals,” Megan ordered them.

“Order denied,” the bots replied. “Theft mode initiated. Programmer has been

compromised and tortured into submission.”

“I have not.” Megan was taken aback. “That is not an accurate statement.”

The bots stared at her. “We are being told you are compromised.”

“Damn it!” Onyx moved closer. “I’m reading their communications. They are being

ordered to not listen to you and someone is attempting to block your access by trying to

reprogram them to not respond to you.”

Megan jerked her attention to Onyx. “How do you know?”

“I’m listening.” He frowned.

She stared at him, not seeing any kind of earpiece to the bridge of the ship. “How?”

“We have implants.” Ice moved closer. “Onyx is listening into their communication

signals. That’s his gift.”

Onyx drew his weapon, glancing at Megan. “How do I disable them?”

“It would take a long time to damage them all enough to stop them. They have

artificial skin but they have complex skeletal interiors. They have reinforced metals that

shield their computer brains and I don’t have the tools to open them up and remove

their core power sources. That is the only way to stop them from sending signals.”

Megan bit her lip. “Bot, cancel theft mode.”

“No,” they said in unison. “Megan Bellus is compromised.”

Megan cursed and turned away to stare at Ice. Her gaze darted around the cargo

bay seeing nothing stored inside it besides the bots. A plan formed.

“They want the bots so give them up.” She moved toward Ice. “Can you open up

the cargo doors to space from your bridge?”

He nodded. “Yes. Control can do that.”

She moved toward the doors they’d entered. “Then do it.” She turned. “Bots, move

to the exterior doors if you want to be retrieved. When they open, exit the ship you are

on. You will be picked up by a retrieval team.”

Long seconds went by. Onyx nodded. “They transmitted what you said to the

shuttle following us and they told them to do as you bid.”

The bots actually moved. Ice grabbed Megan’s hand. “You mean just dump them

out into open space? Won’t it destroy them?”

“Nope. It’s not real good for their skin but it will be minor repairs to fix any damage

that occurs. Leaving them out there for an extended time would be bad but you said

that shuttle hunting them is closing in fast so they’ll pick them up quickly. Just pop the


Laurann Dohner

seal with oxygen and they should be pulled right out of your hold when it


Onyx moved around them and opened the door. Ice jerked Megan into the hallway

and sealed the doors behind him. She stared up at him and realized he had mentally

linked to his ship when he spoke aloud without touching the pad and his voice

broadcast throughout the ship.

“Blow the cargo door open so the bots are sucked out. If that ship wants them they

can pick them up out there. Just do a count and make sure they all end up in space.”

After a slight hesitation, a voice spoke through the speaker in the hallway. “Brace.

I’ve never done this before and I don’t know how violent it is going to be.”

“Do it,” Ice ordered, yanking Megan into his arms.

Even from the hallway a loud groan could be heard and the floor vibrated slightly

when the cargo hold depressurized violently. Megan gripped Ice around his waist and

prayed that all the bots ended up outside the ship. Otherwise they’d have to pressurize

the hold, go in, and manually send each one out an airlock.

“All twelve bots are clear,” the male voice stated. “Now what?”

“Change course and get us the hell away from them,” Ice demanded. “Keep track of

that incoming shuttle and see if it follows us or if it heads for the bots.”

Megan looked up at Ice. “If you had told me you kept them, I would have warned

you that they could signal. I could have had you find me the right tools to open them

up and disarm their theft systems.”

“I didn’t think about it.” He looked grimly at Onyx. “Was it Earth Government

talking to them?”

“No.” Onyx looked at Megan and then back at Ice. “They worked for


“The company that owns Folion.” Megan sighed. “They would have sent a retrieval

team for those bots.” She frowned at Ice. “Do you have any idea what kind of money is

tied up in each unit? There’s no way they wouldn’t attempt to locate them. For future

reference, if you have their expensive merchandise on board, they are going to send

retrieval teams after them.”

He hugged her tighter. “I’m just glad it wasn’t you sending out signals.”

“I’d never do that.”

“Ice? The enemy shuttle adjusted course for the bots and is not following us,” the

male in control stated.

“Disaster averted.” Megan blew out her breath. “I bitched about being bored but I

could have totally done without that bit of excitement today.”

Ice chuckled. “I wasn’t bored once I reached my quarters.”

She grinned up at him. “Me neither.”


Touching Ice

“I’m returning to my room now.” Onyx sighed. “I was sleeping and I wish to finish

my rest cycle.”


Laurann Dohner


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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