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There was a sluggishness to the magic in this room. It was a thick feeling, like stale air in a room that had been shuttered for years. Khadgar tried to pull the energies together, but they seemed to resist, to follow his desires with only the greatest reluctance.

Khadgar’s face grew stern as he tried to pull more of the power of the room, the energies, into himself.

This was a simple spell. If anything, it should be easier in this spellroom, where such castings would be commonplace. Suddenly the young mage was swamped with the thick, fetid feel of the magic. It fell upon him in a thick blanket, crushing the spell and driving him physically to his knees. Despite himself, he cried out.

Medivh was at his side at once, helping the young mage to his feet. “There, there,” he said. “I Page 1

didn’t expect you to succeed even that well. Good try.”

“What is it?” managed Khadgar, suddenly able to breathe again. “It was like nothing I’ve felt before.”

“That’s good news for you, then,” said Medivh. “The magic has been twisted here, a result of what happened earlier.”

“You mean like a haunting?” said Khadgar. “Even in Karazhan, I never…”

“No, not like that,” said Medivh. “Something much worse. The two dead mages here were summoning

demons. It’s that taint that you feel. A demon was here.”

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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