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Glossary of Names


It is a frequent, though not universal, practice to Latinize Greek names, then Anglicize the Latin forms, at least in pronunciation. I have generally avoided this practice, but have followed it on some occasions. Names ending in ees have been made to end in es; some names end (falsely) in an, as Danaän, Boiotian. Some endings in e have been changed to a, as Ida (not Ide), Hera (not Here). Other Anglo-Latin forms are: Apollo, Argives, Athens, Centaurs, Egypt, Hades, Helen, Hermes, Jason, Myrmidons, Priam, Rhodes, Thrace and Thracian, Titans, Trojans, Troy.

This glossary is not meant to be a complete index, but gives at least one reference for each name in question (frequently there is only one) except in the case of major characters, for whom only a complete index would be useful. References are to book and line.

Aban'tes: The people of Euboia, 2.536.

Abar'bare: A nymph, 6.22.

A'bas: Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.148.

A'bioi: Barbarians of the north, 13.6.

Able'ros: Trojan killed by Antilochos, 6.33.

Aby'dos: A city on the Hellespont, 2.836.

Achai'a: Greece.

Achai'ans: Greeks.

Acheloi'os: (1) A river in west-central Greece, 21.194. (2) A river in Phrygia, 24.616.

Achill'eus: Son of Peleus and Thetis, (Pelei'on, Pele'ides) leader of the Myrmidons, 1.7, etc.

A'damas: Trojan killed by Meriones, 13.560 sqq.

Adme'tos: King in Thessaly, husband of Alkestis, father of Eumelos, 2.713.

Adrestei'a: City near Troy, 2.828.

Adres'tos: (1) King of Sikyon, 2.572. (2) Warrior from Adresteia, 2.830; killed by Diomedes, 11.328 sqq. (3) Trojan killed by Agamemnon and Menelaos, 6.37 sqq. (4) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.693.

Ag'akles: Father of Epeigeus, 16.571.

Agame'de: Wife of Moulios, 11.740.

Agamem'non: Son of Atreus (therefore sometimes called Atreides), brother of Menelaos, king of Mykenai and chief leader of the Achaians, 1.24, etc.

Agape'nor: Leader of the Arkadians, 2.609.

Agas'thenes: Of Elis, father of Polyxeinos, 2.624.

Agas'trophos: Trojan killed by Diomedes, 11.338.

Agathon: Son of Priam, 24.249.

Agau'e: A Nereïd, 18.42.

Agela'os: (1) Trojan killed by Diomedes, 8.257. (2) Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.302.

Age'nor: Son of Antenor, one of the great captains and fighters of Troy. Fights Achilleus, 21.544 sqq.

Aglai'a: Mother of Nireus, 2.672.

A'grios: A prince of Kalydon, 14.116.

Aia'kides: Meaning “descendent of Aiakos,” used of Achilleus.

Ai'akos: Son of Zeus, father of Peleus, 21.189.

Aian'tes: The two called Aias when spoken of together.

Ai'as: (1) Son of Telamon, “Telamonian” Aias, of Salamis, 2.557, etc. (2) Son of Oïleus, of Lokris, 2.527-30, etc.

Aïdo'neus: Another name for Hades.

Ai'gai: City in Achaia, 8.203.

Aigai'os: God of the sea, father of Briareos, 1.404.

Ai'geus: Father of Theseus, 1.265.

Aigialei'a: Wife of Diomedes, 5.412.

Aigi'alos: City in Paphlagonia, 2.855.

Ai'gilips: City or locality in the domain of Odysseus, 2.633.

Aigi'na: Island in the domain of Argos, 2.562.

Ai'gion: City in Achaia, 2.574.

Ainei'as: Son of Anchises and Aphrodite, leader of the Dardanians, 2.820, etc.

Ai'nios: Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.210.

Ai'nos: City in Thrace, 4.520.

Ai'olos: Father of Sisyphos, 6.154.

Aipei'a: Town in Pylos, 9.152.

Ai'py: City near Pylos, 2.592.

Ai'pytos: Hero of Arkadia, 2.604.

Aise'pos: (1) River near Zeleia, 2.825. (2) Trojan killed by Euryalos, 6.21.

Aisye'tes: (1) Hero buried in the Trojan plain, 2.793. (2) Father of Alkathoös, 13.427.

Aisy'me: City in Thrace, 8.304.

Aisym'nos: Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.303.

Ai'the: Mare belonging to Agamemnon, 23.295.

Aithi'kes: A people of Thessaly, 2.744.

Ai'thon: One of Hektor’s horses, 8.185.

Ai'thre: One of Helen’s handmaidens, 3.144.

Aito'lians: People of Aitolia in western Greece, led by Thoas, 2.638-44, etc.

A'kamas: (1) Son of Antenor and companion of Aineias, killed by Meriones, 16.342. (2) Thracian killed by Aias, 6.8.

Akessa'menos: A Thracian chief, 21.143.

Akri'sios: Father of Danaë, 14.319.

Aktai'e: A Nereïd, 18.41.

Ak'tor: (1) Father of Astyoche, 2.513. (2) Apparently, an ancestor of Kteatos and Eurytos, 2.621. (3) Father of Menoitios, so grandfather of Patroklos, 11.785. (4) Father of Echekles, 16.189.

Alas'tor: (1) Follower of Nestor, 4.295. (2) Lykian, killed by Odysseus, 5.677. (3) Father of Tros (2), 20.463.

Alege'nor: Father of Promachos, 14.504.

Alei'os: A plain in Asia, 6.201.

Alexan'dros: Another, and in the Iliad more usual, name for Paris, q.v.

Alkan'dros: Lykian killed by Odysseus, 5.678.

Alkath'oös: Brother-in-law of Aineias, killed by Idomeneus, 13.427-44.

Alkes'tis: Wife of Admetos, mother of Eumelos, 2.715.

Alkim'edon: A Myrmidon chief, 16.197.

Al'kimos: Follower of Achilleus, 19.392.

Alkma'on: Achaian killed by Sarpedon, 12.394.

Alkme'ne: Mother of Herakles, 14.323.

Alky'one: “Sea-bird,” a byname for Marpessa, 9.562.

Alo'eus: Father of Ephialtes and Otos, 5.386.

Al'ope: Town in the domain of Achilleus, 2.682.

Al'os: Town in the domain of Achilleus, 2.682.

Alphei'os: A river in the western Peloponnese, 2.592, etc.

Al'tes: King of the Leleges, whose daughter, Laothoë, was one of Priam’s wives, 21.85.

Althai'a: Mother of Meleagros, 9.555.

Al'ybē: The city of the Halizones, on the south shore of the Black Sea, 2.857.

Amaryng'keus: An Elean hero, father of Diores, 2.622.

Amathei'a: A Nereïd, 18.48.

A'mazons: A race of warrior women who invaded Asia Minor, 3.189, 6.186.

Amiso'daros: A lord of Lykia, father of Atymnios and Maris, 16.328.

Amopa'on: Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.276.

Amphi'damas: (1) A hero of Kythera, 10.268. (2) A hero of Opous, 23.87.

Amphigenei'a: City near Pylos, 2.593.

Amphi'klos: Trojan killed by Meges, 16.313.

Amphi'machos: (1) A leader of the Epeians, killed by Hektor, 13.185. (2) A leader of the Karians, 2.870.

Amphi'nomē: A Nereïd, 18.44.

Amphi'on: A leader of the Epeians, 13.692.

Amphi'os: (1) Trojan ally from Adresteia, son of Merops, 2.830; killed by Diomedes, 11.328. (2) Trojan ally, son of Selagos, killed by Aias, 5.612.

Amphi'thoë: A Nereïd, 18.42.

Amphi'tryon: Putative father of Herakles, 5.392.

Ampho'teros: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.415.

A'mydon: City of the Paionians, 2.849.

Amy'klai: City near Sparta, 2.584.

Amyn'tor: Father of Phoinix, 9.448.

Anchi'alos: Achaian killed by Hektor, 5.609.

Anchi'ses: Second cousin of Priam, lover of Aphrodite, father of Aineias, 5.268-73, 20.230-40.

Andrai'mon: Father of Thoas, 2.638.

Andro'machē: Daughter of Eëtion, wife of Hektor, 6.371.

Anemorei'a: City in Phokis, 2.521.

Angkai'os: (1) Father of Agapenor, 2.609. (2) Of Pleuron, a wrestler beaten by Nestor, 23.635.

Antei'a: Wife of Proitos, who tempted Bellerophontes, 6.160.

Ante'nor: An important counselor of Priam and the Trojans, father of numerous sons who figure in the Iliad, 3.148, 7.347, etc.

Anthe'don: Town in Boiotia, 2.508.

Anthei'a: Town near Pylos, 11.151.

Anthe'mion: Father of Simoeisios, 4.473.

Anti'lochos: Son of Nestor, close friend of Achilleus, a prominent warrior, 4.457, etc.

Anti'machos: Father of Peisandros (1) and Hippolochos (2), and of Hippomachos, 11.123, 12.188.

Anti'phates: Trojan killed by Leonteus, 12.192.

Anti'phonos: Son of Priam, 24.250.

An'tiphos: (1) A leader of the men from Kos and adjacent islands, 2.678. (2) A leader of the Maionians, 2.864. (3) Son of Priam, killed by Agamemnon, 11.101.

An'tron: City in Thessaly, in the domain of Protesilaos, 2.697.

Apai'sos: City in the Troad, 2.828.

A'phareus: Achaian killed by Aineias, 13.541.

Aphrodi'te: Daughter of Zeus and Dione, mother of Aineias, protectress of Helen, called also the Lady of Kypros, 3.374, etc.

Apisa'on: (1) Trojan killed by Eurypylos, 11.578. (2) Trojan killed by Lykomedes, 17.348.

Apollo: Son of Zeus and Leto, chief protector of the Trojans, 1.9, etc.

Apseu'des: A Nereïd, 18.46.

Araithyr'ea: City in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.571.

Arche'lochos: Son of Antenor, killed by Aias, 14.463.

Archepto'lemos: Charioteer of Hektor, killed by Teukros, 8.312.

Areï'lykos: (1) Father of Prothoënor, 14.451. (2) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.308.

Areï'thoös: (1) “The club-fighter,” father of Menesthios, killed by Lykourgos (2), 7.8, 7.137. (2) Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.487.

Are'ne: City near Pylos, 2.591.

A'res: Son of Zeus and Hera, fights on the side of the Trojans, 5.30, etc.

Areta'on: Trojan killed by Teukros, 6.31.

Are'tos: Trojan killed by Automedon, 17.517.

Ar'geas: Father of Polymelos, 16.417.

Argeïphon'tes: A name given to Hermes.

Argis'sa: City in Thessaly, in the domain of Polypoites, 2.738.

Ar'gives: The same as Achaians.

Ar'gos: (1) Place-name denoting sometimes a city (under the sway of Diomedes), sometimes a larger district in the northeast Peloponnese, and used also to mean simply “Greece.” (2) Pelasgian Argos, the domain of Achilleus.

Ariad'ne: Daughter of Minos, 18.592.

Ar'imoi: A people of Kilikia, 2.783.

Ari'on: A famous racehorse, 23.346.

Aris'bas: Father of Leiokritos, 17.345.

Aris'be: City in the Troad, 2.836.

Ar'ne: City in Boiotia, 2.507.

Arsi'noös: Father of Hekamede, 11.626.

Ar'temis: Sister of Apollo, 5.51, etc.

Asai'os: Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.301.

A'sinē: City near Argos, 2.560.

A'sios: (1) Son of Hyrtakos, a Trojan ally, killed by Idomeneus, 13.389. (2) Brother of Hekabē and uncle of Hektor, 16.717.

Aska'laphos: Son of Ares, a chief of Orchomenos, 2.511; killed by Deïphobos, 13.519.

Aska'nia: City in Phrygia, 2.863.

Aska'nios: Leader from Askania, 13.792.

Askle'pios: The great healer, father of Machaon and Podaleirios, 2.731.

Aso'pos: River in Boiotia, 4.383.

Asple'don: City of the Minyai, near Orchomenos, 2.511.

Assar'akos: Son of Tros, brother of Ilos, great-grandfather of Aineias, 20.232.

Aster'ion: City in Thessaly, in the domain of Eurypylos, 2.735.

Asteropai'os: Leader of the Paionians, one of the greatest of the Trojan allies, 12.102; killed by Achilleus, 21.140-83.

Asty'alos: Trojan killed by Polypoites, 6.29.

Asty'anax: Hektor’s infant son, 6.403.

Asty'noös: (1) Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.144. (2) A Trojan charioteer, 15.455.

Asty'ochē: Mother, by Ares, of Askalaphos and Ialmenos, 2.513.

Astyochei'a: Mother of Tlepolemos, 2.658.

Asty'pylos: Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.209.

Athe'ne: or Pallas Athene, also called Tritogeneia, daughter of Zeus, protectress of the Achaians, particularly Achilleus, Diomedes, and Odysseus, 1.194, etc.

Ath'ens: The city of Erechtheus, in east-central Greece, 2.546.

Ath'os: Mountain and promontory in the northern Aegean, 14.229.

Atrei'des: “Son of Atreus,” used of Agamemnon, less often of Menelaos.

At'reus: Father of Agamemnon and Menelaos, 2.105.

Atryto'ne: Epithet of Athene, 1.157.

Atym'nios: (1) Father of Mydon, 5.581. (2) Trojan, brother of Maris, killed by Antilochos, 16.317.

Augei'ai: (1) City in Lokris, 2.532. (2) City in Lakedaimon, 2.583.

Augei'as: Lord of Elis, 11.701.

Au'lis: A city at the narrows between Euboia and the mainland, where the ships of the Achaians assembled for the expedition to Troy, 2.303.

Auto'lykos: Maternal grandfather of Odysseus, 10.266.

Auto'medon: Follower and charioteer of Achilleus and Patroklos, a considerable warrior in his own right, 16.145, 17.429.

Auto'noös: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.301. (2) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.694.

Auto'phonos: Father of Polyphontes, 4.395.

Ax'ios: A river, and river-god, in Paionia, 2.849.

Ax'ylos: Trojan ally from Arisbe, killed by Diomedes, 6.12.

A'zeus: Father, or ancestor, of Aktor (1), 2.513.

Bal'ios: One of the immortal horses of Achilleus, 16.149.

Bath'ykles: Myrmidon killed by Glaukos, 16.594.

Bellerophon'tes: Hero from Korinth, killer of the Chimaira, grandfather of Sarpedon and Glaukos (now usually called Bellerophon), 6.155-202.

Bes'sa: City in Lokris, 2.532.

Bias: (1) Leader under Nestor, 4.296. (2) Athenian, leader under Menestheus, 13.691. (3) Father of Dardanos (2) and Laogonos (2), 20.461.

Bie'nor: Trojan killed by Agamemnon, 11.92.

Boag'rios: River in Lokris, 2.533.

Boi'be: Thessalian city in the domain of Eumelos, 2.712.

Boibe'is: The lake by which Boibe was situated, 2.711.

Boio'tians: The people of Boiotia, in central Greece northwest of Attica, 2.494.

Bor'eas: The north (more accurately northeast) wind, 9.4.

Bo'ros: (1) Father of Phaistos, 5.44. (2) Husband of Polydore, 16.177.

Boudei'on: Town in the territory of the Myrmidons, 16.572.

Boukol'ion: Son of Laomedon, father of Aisepos (2) and Pedasos (1), 6.22.

Bou'kolos: Father of Sphelos, grandfather of Iasos, 15.338.

Boupra'sion: City in Elis, 2.615.

Briar'eos: A hundred-handed giant, 1.403.

Brise'is: The captive mistress of Achilleus, 1.184; her life story, 19.282-300.

Bri'seus: Father of Briseis, 1.392.

Brysei'ai: City in Lakedaimon, 2.583.

Cen'taurs: Creatures, part human and part beast, at home around Mount Pelion, 11.832.

Chal'kis: (1) City in Euboia, 2.537. (2) City in Aitolia, 2.640. (3) Name of a bird, 14.291.

Chalko'don: Father, or ancestor, of Elephenor, 2.541.

Charis: Goddess, wife of Hephaistos, 18.382-93.

Char'opos: Father of Nireus, 2.672.

Charops: Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.427.

Chei'ron: “Most righteous of the Centaurs,” friend and teacher of Asklepios, 4.219; of Achilleus, 11.832; of Peleus, 16.143.

Chersi'damas: Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.423.

Chimai'ra: Lykian monster killed by Bellerophontes, 6.179.

Chro'mios: (1) Follower (in the Odyssey, 11.286, brother) of Nestor, 4.295. (2) Son of Priam killed by Diomedes, 5.160. (3) Lykian killed by Odysseus, 5.677. (4) Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.275. (5) A Trojan captain, 17.218.

Chromis: Leader of the Mysians, killed by Achilleus, 2.858.

Chry'se: Town near Troy, the home of Chryses, 1.37.

Chryse'is: Daughter of Chryses, captive mistress of Agamemnon, released by him to her father (later Criseyde, Cressida), 1.111, etc.

Chryses: Priest of Apollo, father of Chryseis, 1.11.

Chryso'themis: Daughter of Agamemnon, 9.145.

Dai'dalos: Builder in Krete, 18.592.

Dai'tor: Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.275.

Dam'asos: Trojan killed by Polypoites, 12.183.

Damas'tor: Father of Tlepolemos (2), 16.416.

Dan'aäns: Achaians, Argives.

Dan'aë: Mother, by Zeus, of Perseus, 14.319.

Dardan'ia: The domain of Dardanos, 20.216.

Dardanian, Dardanians: Of Dardania, or descended from, or pertaining to, Dardanos. Used of the group of Trojans whose lord was Aineias, 2.819.

Dar'danos: (1) Son of Zeus, father of Erichthonios, ancestor of the Trojan kings, 20.215. (2) Son of Bias, killed by Achilleus, 20.460.

Dar'es: Priest of Hephaistos in Troy, father of Phegeus and Idaios (2), 5.9.

Dau'lis: City near Pytho, 2.520.

Deï'koön: Companion of Aineias, killed by Agamemnon, 5.534.

Deï'ochos: Achaian killed by Paris, 15.341.

Deïopi'tes: Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.420.

Deï'phobos: Son of Priam, one of the more powerful Trojan fighters, 13.156, 13.402; impersonated by Athene in order to swindle Hektor, 22.227-95.

Deï'pylos: Companion of Sthenelos, 5.325.

Deï'pyros: Achaian killed by Helenos, 13.576.

Deise'nor: Trojan captain, 17.217.

Deme'ter: Sister of Zeus, goddess of the earth as giver of food, 5.500, etc.

Demo'koön: Bastard son of Priam, killed by Odysseus, 4.499.

Demo'leon: Son of Antenor, killed by Achilleus, 20.395.

Demou'chos: Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.457.

Deuka'lion: (1) Hero of Krete, father of Idomeneus, 12.117, 13.451. (2) Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.477.

Dexa'menē: A Nereïd, 18.44.

Dex'ios: Father of Iphinoös, 7.15.

Dio'kles: Father of Orsilochos (1) and Krethon, 5.542.

Diome'de: Captive mistress of Achilleus, 9.665.

Diome'des: Son of Tydeus, lord, with Sthenelos and Euryalos, of Argos proper, one of the greatest of the Achaian fighters, prominent in battle until wounded by Paris, 11.368-400.

Di'on: City in Euboia, 2.538.

Dio'ne: Mother of Aphrodite, 5.370-417.

Diony'sos: Son of Zeus and Semele, driven into the sea by Lykourgos, 6.132-37.

Dio'res: (1) A leader of the Epeians, 2.622; killed by Peiros, 4.517. (2) Father of Automedon, 17.429.

Di'os: Son of Priam, 24.251.

Dodo'na: Place in Epeiros in extreme northwest Greece, site of an oracle of Zeus, 2.750, 16.233.

Do'lon: Trojan scout, killed by Diomedes and Odysseus, 10.313-464.

Dol'opes: People “in remotest Phthia” ruled over by Phoinix, 9.484.

Dolopi'on: Priest of Skamandros in Troy, father of Hypsenor (1), 5.77.

Dol'ops: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.302. (2) Trojan killed by Menelaos, 15.525-43.

Doris: A Nereïd, 18.45.

Dory'klos: Son of Priam, killed by Aias, 11.489.

Doto: A Nereïd, 18.43.

Douli'chion: Island in the domain of Meges, 2.625.

Dra'kios: A leader of the Epeians, 13.692.

Dry'as: (1) Hero of the generation of Nestor, 1.263. (2) Father of Lykourgos (1), 6.130.

Dry'ops: Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.455.

Dy'mas: Father of Hekabē and of Asios (2), 16.718.

Dyna'menē: A Nereïd, 18.43.

Eche'kles: Myrmidon, son of Aktor (4), husband of Polymele, 16.189.

Eche'klos: (1) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.694. (2) Trojan, son of Agenor, killed by Achilleus, 20.474.

Echem'mon: Son of Priam, killed by Diomedes, 5.160.

Echepo'los: (1) Trojan killed by Antilochos, 4.458. (2) Son of Anchises, 23.296.

Echi'nai: Islands in the domain of Meges, 2.625.

E'chios: (1) Father of Mekisteus, 8.332. (2) Achaian killed by Polites, 15.339. (3) Lykian killed by Patroklos, 16.416.

Eëriboi'a: Stepmother of Ephialtes and Otos, 5.389.

Eë'tion: (1) King of Thebe, father of Andromache, killed by Achilleus, 6.414-20. (2) Father of Podes, 17.575 (perhaps identical with the aforementioned). (3) A lord of Imbros, 21.43.

Eileithy'ia: Goddess of childbirth, 16.187.

Eile'sion: City in Boiotia, 2.499.

Eï'ones: City near Argos, 2.561.

Eï'oneus: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 7.11. (2) Father of Rhesos, 10.435.

El'asos: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.696.

El'atos: Trojan ally killed by Agamemnon, 6.33.

Elei'ans: The people of Elis, 11.673.

El'eon: City in Boiotia, 2.500.

Elephe'nor: Leader of the Abantes, 2.540; killed by Agenor, 4.463-69.

Elis: City and district of the western Peloponnese, adjoining the domain of Nestor, 2.615, etc.

Elo'ne: City in Thessaly, in the domain of Polypoites, 2.739.

Ema'thia: District to the northwest of the Aegean, later part of Macedonia, 14.226.

En'etoi: A Paphlagonian tribe, 2.852.

Enie'nes: People from the extreme northwest of Thessaly, 2.749.

Eni'opeus: Charioteer of Hektor, killed by Diomedes, 8.120.

Enis'pe: Town in Arkadia, 2.606.

En'nomos: (1) Leader of the Mysians and augur, killed by Achilleus, 2.858-61. (2) Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.422.

En'opē: Town near Pylos, 9.150.

En'ops: (1) Father of Satnios, 14.444. (2) Father of Thestor, 16.402 (perhaps identical with the aforementioned). (3) Father of Klytomedes, 23.634.

Eny'eus: King of Skyros, 9.668.

Eny'o: War goddess, 5.333.

Epal'tes: Lykian killed by Patroklos, 16.415.

Epei'ans: People of Elis, 2.619.

Epei'geus: Myrmidon killed by Hektor, 16.570-80.

Epei'os: Achaian, a great boxer and winner of this event in the games for Patroklos, 23.664-99 (in the Odyssey, 8.493, builder of the Trojan Horse).

Ephial'tes: Giant who with his brother Otos imprisoned Ares, 5.385.

Eph'yra or Eph'yrē: (1) A place on the river Selleëis, exact location unknown, 2.659. (2) Homeric name for Korinth, 6.152.

Eph'yroi: A northern people visited by Ares, 13.301.

Epidau'ros: City in the domain of Diomedes, 2.561.

Epi'kles: Lykian killed by Aias, 12.379.

Epis'tor: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.695.

Epis'trophos: (1) Leader of the men of Phokis, 2.517. (2) Prince of Lyrnessos, killed by Achilleus, 2.692. (3) Leader of the Halizones, 2.856.

Ep'ytos: Father of Periphas, 17.324.

Erech'theus: Hero of Athens, 2.547.

Ereutha'lion: Arkadian hero killed by Nestor, 7.136.

Erichthon'ios: Son of Dardanos, ancestor of the kings of Troy, 20.219.

Erin'ys: Spirit of vengeance, 9.571.

Erio'pis: Wife of Oïleus (1) and stepmother of Medon (1), 13.697.

Eryla'os: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.411.

Er'ymas: (1) Trojan killed by Idomeneus, 16.345. (2) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.415.

Erythi'noi: Place in Paphlagonia, 2.855.

Ery'thrai: City in Boiotia, 2.499.

Eteo'kles: Son of Oidipous, defender of Thebes against the Argives, 4.386.

Eteo'nos: City in Boiotia, 2.497.

Euai'mon: Father of Eurypylos (1), 2.736.

Euboi'a: Island lying close off east-central Greece, 2.536.

Euche'nor: Achaian killed by Paris, 13.663-72.

Eudor'os: Son of Hermes and Polymele, a Myrmidon captain, 16.179.

Eue'nos: (1) Father of Epistrophos (2) and Mynes, 2.693. (2) Father of Marpessa, 9.557.

Euip'pos: Lykian killed by Patroklos, 16.417.

Eume'des: Herald in Troy, father of Dolon, 10.314.

Eume'los: Son of Admetos and Alkestis, lord of the Thessalians from Pherai, 2.713. Prominent in the chariot race in the games for Patroklos, 23.288-565.

Eune'os: Son of Jason and Hypsipyle, lord in Lemnos, 7.468.

Euphe'mos: Trojan ally, leader of the Kikonians, 2.846.

Euphe'tes: Lord of Ephyra (1), 15.532.

Euphor'bos: Dardanian, son of Panthoös, who struck down Patroklos, 16.806-15; killed by Menelaos, 17.43-60.

Euro'pa: Daughter of Phoinix, mother of Minos and Rhadamanthys, 14.321.

Eury'alos: Leader, with Diomedes and Sthenelos, of the men of Argos proper, 2.565.

Eury'bates: (1) Herald for Agamemnon, 1.320. (2) Herald for Odysseus, 2.184. (The two are probably the same person.)

Eury'damas: A dream-interpreter, father of Abas and Polyidos (1), 5.149.

Eury'medon: (1) Charioteer of Agamemnon, 4.228. (2) Charioteer of Nestor, 8.114.

Eury'nomē: Daughter of Ocean, 18.398.

Eury'pylos: (1) Son of Euaimon, lord of a district in Thessaly which has not been certainly located, 2.736; wounded and put out of action by Paris, 11.575-95, etc. (2) Hero of Kos, 2.677.

Eurys'theus: Taskmaster of Herakles, 8.363, 19.107-25.

Eu'rytos: (1) Hero of Oichalia, 2.596. (2) Father of Thalpios, brother of Kteatos, 2.621; he and his brother called Moliones, 11.709, 11.750.

Eusso'ros: Father of Akamas (2), 6.8.

Eutre'sis: City in Boiotia, 2.502.

Exa'dios: Hero of the generation of Nestor, 1.264.

Galatei'a: A Nereïd, 18.45.

Ganyme'des: Son of Tros (1), caught up among the gods and made immortal, 20.232-35.

Gar'garon or Gar'garos: The peak of Ida, 8.48.

Gere'nian: Epithet of Nestor, 2.336, etc.

Gla'phyrai: Thessalian city in the domain of Eumelos, 2.712.

Glau'ke: A Nereïd, 18.39.

Glau'kos: (1) Companion of Sarpedon, second in command of the Lykians, 2.876; wounded by Teukros, 12.387-89. (2) Father of Bellerophontes, great-grandfather of Glaukos (1), 6.154-55.

Glisas: City in Boiotia, 2.504.

Gonoës'sa: Achaian city in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.573.

Gor'gon: A staring monster, 5.741.

Gorgy'thion: Son of Priam and Kastianeira, killed by Teukros, 8.302-8.

Gor'tyna: City in Krete, 2.646.

Gou'neus: Lord of the peoples around Dodona, 2.748.

Grai'a: City in Boiotia, 2.498.

Greni'kos: River of the Troad, 12.21.

Gygai'an: Of a lake in Mysia, 2.865.

Gy'ge: The same lake, 20.391.

Gyr'tios: Father of Hyrtios, 14.512.

Gyrto'ne: Thessalian city in the domain of Polypoites, 2.738.

Ha'des: Properly Aï'des. Son of Kronos and Rhea, full brother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter, 15.187-92. Lord over the dead, loc. cit.; 1.3, etc. (n.b. A person, not a place.)

Hai'mon: (1) Companion of Nestor, 4.296. (2) Father of Maion, 4.394. (3) Father of Laërkes, 17.467.

Ha'lia: A Nereïd, 18.40.

Haliar'tos: City in Boiotia, 2.503.

Ha'lios: Lykian killed by Odysseus, 5.678.

Halizo'nes: A tribe from the Black Sea district, led by Odios (1) and Epistrophos (3), 2.856.

Harma: City in Boiotia, 2.499.

Harmon'ides: Smith in Troy, father of Phereklos, 5.60.

Harpal'ion: Paphlagonian ally of Troy killed by Meriones, 13.643-59.

He'be: Or Youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera, ministrant to other Olympians, 4.2, 5.722, etc.

Hek'abē: Daughter of Dymas, Priam’s queen, 6.251, 22.79, etc.

Hekame'de: Captive mistress of Nestor, 11.624.

Hektor: Son of Priam, field commander of the Trojans and their greatest fighter, killer of Patroklos, 16.816-42; killed by Achilleus, 22.273-363.

Helen: Wife of Menelaos who ran away with Paris, the cause of the war, 3.121, etc.

Hel'enos: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 5.707. (2) Son of Priam, augur and fighter, 6.76, 6.576, etc.

Helika'on: Son of Antenor, husband of Laodike, 3.123.

Hel'ikē: Place in the domain of Agamemnon, on the Corinthian Gulf, 2.575.

Hellas: The domain, or part of the domain, of Peleus, 2.683, etc.

Hellenes: The people of Hellas, 2.684.

Hel'lespont: Strait between the Troad and Thrace, now Dardanelles, 2.845, etc.

Helos: (1) City in Lakedaimon, 2.584. (2) City near Pylos, 2.594.

Hephais'tos: Son of Hera, 1.571; artificer, 1.607, etc.; fire god, 21.330-81, etc.

Hepta'poros: River in the Troad, 12.20.

Hera: Daughter of Kronos and Rhea, full sister and wife of Zeus, protector of the Achaians, 1.55, etc.

Her'akles: Son of Alkmene and Zeus, 14.324; father of Tlepolemos (1), 2.658; of Thessalos, 2.679.

Her'mes: Son of Zeus, called guide and Argeïphontes, 2.104, etc.

Hermi'onē: City in the domain of Diomedes, 2.560.

Hermos: River in Phrygia, 20.392.

Hesper: The evening star, 22.318.

Hiketa'on: Son of Laomedon, 20.238; father of Melanippos (2), 15.546.

Hippo'damas: Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.401.

Hippodamei'a: (1) Wife of Peirithoös, mother of Polypoites, 2.472. (2) Daughter of Anchises, wife of Alkathoös, 13.429.

Hippo'damos: Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.335.

Hippo'koön: Cousin of Rhesos, 10.518.

Hippo'lochos: (1) Father of Glaukos (1), 6.119. (2) Trojan killed by Agamemnon, 11.122-47.

Hippo'machos: Trojan killed by Leonteus, 12.189.

Hippomol'goi: A northern tribe, “horse-milkers,” presumably nomads, 13.5.

Hippo'noös: Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.303.

Hippo'thoös: (1) Trojan ally, leader of the Pelasgians, 2.840; killed by Aias, 17.293. (2) Son of Priam, 24.251.

Hippo'tion: Chief from Askania, 13.793; killed by Meriones, 14.514.

Hi're: Town near Pylos, 9.150.

Histiai'a: City in Euboia, 2.537.

Hy'adēs: The stars still so called, 18.486.

Hyam'polis: City in Phokis, 2.521.

Hy'de: District around Mount Tmolos, 20.385.

Hy'le: City in Boiotia, 2.500.

Hyl'los: River in Mysia, 20.392.

Hypei'rochos: (1) Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.335. (2) Father of Itymoneus, 11.673.

Hypei'ron: Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.144.

Hyperei'a: A spring in the domain of Eurypylos, 2.734.

Hypere'nor: Son of Panthoös, killed by Menelaos, 14.516, 17.24.

Hypere'sia: Achaian city in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.573.

Hyper'ion: Epithet of Helios, the Sun, 8.480.

Hypse'nor: (1) Trojan killed by Eurypylos, 5.76-83. (2) Achaian killed by Deïphobos, 13.411.

Hypsi'pyle: Mother, by Jason, of Euneos, 7.469.

Hy'ria: City in Boiotia, 2.496.

Hyrmi'ne: City in Elis, 2.616.

Hyr'takos: Father of Asios (1), 2.837.

Hyr'tios: Mysian killed by Aias, 14.511.

Iai'ra: A Nereïd, 18.42.

Ial'menos: A leader of the Minyai from Orchomenos, 2.512.

Ialy'sos: City in Rhodes, 2.656.

Ia'menos: Trojan killed by Leonteus, 12.194.

Ianas'sa: A Nereïd, 18.47.

Ianei'ra: A Nereïd, 18.47.

Ia'petos: One of the Titans, 8.479.

Iar'danos: River apparently on the borders of Pylos and Arkadia, 7.135.

I'asos: Athenian killed by Aineias, 15.332-38.

Ida: Mountain and range in the Troad, 2.821, etc.

Idai'os: (1) Herald of Priam, 3.248, 7.381-97. (2) Trojan, son of Dares and brother of Phegeus, rescued from Diomedes by Hephaistos, 5.11-24.

Idas: Husband of Marpessa and father of Kleopatra, who contended against Apollo for the sake of Marpessa, 9.556-60.

Ido'meneus: Son of Deukalion, lord of Krete, one of the great princes and fighters of the Achaians, 2.645, etc.

Ika'ria: Island off the coast of Asia Minor, 2.145.

Ilion: Or Ilios; Troy, the city of Ilos.

Ili'oneus: Trojan killed by Peneleos, 14.489-99.

Ilos: Eldest son of Tros, father of Laomedon, grandfather of Priam, 20.232.

Im'brasos: Thracian, father of Peiros, 4.520.

Im'brios: Trojan ally from Pedaios, killed by Teukros, 13.170.

Im'bros: Island northwest of Troy, 13.33.

Iol'kos: Thessalian town in the domain of Eumelos, 2.712.

Io'nians: A people closely associated with, perhaps identified with, the Athenians, 13.685.

Iph'eus: Lykian killed by Patroklos, 16.417.

Iphianas'sa: Daughter of Agamemnon, 9.145.

Iphi'damas: Son of Antenor, killed by Agamemnon, 11.221-47.

Iphi'klos: Runner defeated by Nestor, 23.636.

Iphi'noös: Achaian killed by Glaukos, 7.14.

Iphis: Captive mistress of Patroklos, 9.667.

Iphi'tion: Lydian killed by Achilleus, 20.382.

Iph'itos: (1) Father of Schedios (1) and Epistrophos (1), 2.518. (2) Father of Archeptolemos, 8.128.

Iris: The messenger of the gods, 2.786, etc.

Isan'dros: Son of Bellerophontes, 6.197.

Isos: Son of Priam, killed by Agamemnon, 11.111-21.

Ithai'menes: Father of Sthenelaos, 16.586.

Ith'aka: Island off west-central Greece, the home of Odysseus, 2.632, etc.

Itho'me: Thessalian city in the domain of Podaleirios and Machaon, 2.729.

Iton: Thessalian city in the domain of Protesilaos, 2.696.

Ity'moneus: Eleian killed by Nestor in his youth, 11.672.

Ixi'on: Putative father of Peirithoös, 14.317.

Jason: The Argonaut, father of Euneos, 7.468.

Kabe'sos: City, location unknown, on the Trojan side, 13.363.

Kadmei'ans: Thebans, 4.388, etc.

Kai'neus: Hero of the generation of Nestor, 1.264.

Kal'chas: Augur for the Achaians, 1.68-100, 2.300-332. Impersonated by Poseidon, 13.45.

Kale'sios: Charioteer of Axylos, killed by Diomedes, 6.18.

Kale'tor: (1) Father of Aphareus, 13.541. (2) Trojan killed by Aias, 15.419.

Kallianas'sa: A Nereïd, 18.46.

Kallianei'ra: A Nereïd, 18.44.

Kalli'aros: City in Lokris, 2.531.

Kalyd'nai: Islands in the southeast Aegean, 2.677.

Kal'ydon: City of Aitolia, its men led by Thoas, 2.640. For a part of the Kalydonian Saga, see 9.529-99.

Kamei'ros: City of Rhodes, 2.656.

Kap'aneus: Father of Sthenelos, 2.564.

Kap'ys: Son of Assarakos, father of Anchises, so grandfather of Aineias, 20.239.

Karda'mylē: Town near Pylos, 9.150.

Kare'sos: River in the Troad, 12.20.

Kar'ians: People of Asia Minor who held the city of Miletos, 2.867.

Karys'tos: City of Euboia, 2.539.

Ka'sos: Island near Kos, 2.676.

Kassan'dra: Daughter of Priam, 13.366, 24.699.

Kastianei'ra: Mother, by Priam, of Gorgythion, 8.304.

Kastor: Brother of Helen, 3.327.

Kaukon'ians: People of Asia Minor allied to the Trojans, 10.429.

Kaÿst'rian: Of the river Kaÿstros in Asia Minor, 2.461.

Ke'as: Father of Troizenos, 2.847.

Kebri'ones: Brother of Hektor, 8.318; killed by Patroklos, 16.737-76.

Kel'adon: River apparently on the borders of Pylos and Arkadia, 7.134.

Kephalle'nia: Island off west-central Greece, in the domain of Odysseus, 2.631.

Kephisian mere: A lake, more commonly called Kopa'is, in Boiotia, 5.709.

Kephi'sos: River in Phokis (and Boiotia), 2.522.

Kerin'thos: City in Euboia, 2.538.

Kikonian: Of a Thracian people, also called Kiko'nes, 2.846.

Kili'kians: In Homer, only of the people in Asian Thebe, 6.397, 6.415.

Kil'la: Town in the Troad, 1.38.

Kin'yras: King of Cyprus who gave a corselet to Agamemnon, 11.20.

Kis'seus: Father of Theano, 11.223.

Klei'tos: Charioteer of Poulydamas, killed by Teukros, 15.445-53.

Kleobou'los: Trojan killed by Aias (2), 16.330-34.

Kleo'nai: City in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.570.

Kleopat'ra: Daughter of Idas and Marpessa, wife of Meleagros, 9.556.

Klo'nios: A leader of the Boiotians, 2.495; killed by Agenor, 15.340.

Kly'menē: (1) One of Helen’s handmaidens, 3.144. (2) A Nereïd, 18.47.

Klytaimes'tra: Wife of Agamemnon, 1.113.

Kly'tios: (1) Son of Laomedon, brother of Priam, father of Kaletor, 3.147, 15.419, 20.238. (2) Father of Dolops (1), 11.302.

Klytome'des: Boxer defeated by Nestor in his youth, 23.634.

Kno'sos: City in Krete, 2.646.

Koi'ranos: (1) Lykian killed by Odysseus, 5.677. (2) Charioteer of Meriones, killed by Hektor, 17.610-19.

Ko'ön: Son of Antenor, killed by Agamemnon after wounding him, 11.248-63.

Ko'pai: City in Boiotia, 2.502.

Kop'reus: Herald of Eurystheus, father of Periphetes, 15.639.

Kor'inth: City in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.570.

Koronei'a: City in Boiotia, 2.503.

Koro'nos: Father of Leonteus, 2.746.

Kos: Island in the southeast Aegean, 2.677.

Koure'tes: A people at war with the Aitolians, 9.529-99.

Kran'aë: Island on the homeward route of Paris from Lakedaimon, 3.445.

Kra'pathos: Island in the southeast Aegean, 2.676.

Krei'on: Father of Lykomedes, 9.84.

Krete: Large island south of the Aegean, the domain of Idomeneus, 2.649.

Kre'thon: Achaian killed by Aineias, 5.541-60.

Krisa: City in Phokis, 2.519.

Krois'mos: Trojan killed by Meges, 15.523.

Krokylei'a: Place on or near Ithaka, 2.633.

Krom'na: City in Paphlagonia, 2.855.

Kronos: Father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, 1.498, etc.; overthrown and in Tartaros, 8.479-81.

Kte'atos: Brother of Eurytos (2), q.v.; father of Amphimachos (1), 2.620-21.

Kylle'ne: Mountain bounding Arkadia to the north, 2.603.

Kymin'dis: Name for a bird, 14.291.

Kymo'dokē: A Nereïd, 18.39.

Kymo'thoë: A Nereïd, 18.41.

Kynos: City in Lokris, 2.531.

Kyparisse'eis: City near Pylos, 2.593.

Kyparis'sos: City in Phokis, 2.519.

Ky'phos: City of Gouneus, 2.748.

Kythe'ra: Island off the southern tip of Lakedaimon, 15.431.

Kyto'ros: City in Paphlagonia, 2.853.

La'as: City in Lakedaimon, 2.585.

Laër'kes: Myrmidon, father of Alkimedon, 16.197.

Laër'tes: Father of Odysseus, 2.173.

Lakedai'mon: The city, with its surrounding country, of Menelaos, in southeastern Greece, 2.581, etc.

Lampos: (1) Son of Laomedon, father of Dolops (2), 15.525-27. (2) One of Hektor’s horses, 8.185.

Lao'damas: Trojan, son of Antenor, killed by Aias, 15.516.

Laodamei'a: Daughter of Bellerophontes, mother, by Zeus, of Sarpedon, 6.197-99.

Lao'dikē: (1) Daughter of Priam and wife of Helikaon, impersonated by Iris, 3.121-24. (2) Daughter of Agamemnon, 9.145.

Lao'dokos: (1) Son of Antenor, impersonated by Athene, 4.87. (2) Charioteer of Antilochos, 17.699.

Lao'gonos: (1) Trojan killed by Meriones, 16.603-7. (2) Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.460.

Lao'medon: King of Troy, son of Ilos and father of Priam, Tithonos, Lampos (1), Klytios (1) and Hiketaon, 20.236-38; who earned the hatred of Poseidon by his treatment of him and Apollo, 21.443-60.

Lao'thoë: Daughter of Altes, mother, by Priam, of Lykaon (2) and Polydoros (1), 21.84-91.

La'pithai: Thessalian people led by Polypoites and Leonteus, 12.128-30.

Laris'sa: City, location unknown, allied to Troy, 2.841.

Leio'kritos: Achaian killed by Aineias, 17.344.

Le'ïtos: Leader, with Peneleos, of the Boiotians, 2.494; wounded and put out of action by Hektor, 17.601-4.

Lektos: Or Lekton, promontory of the Troad, 14.284.

Le'leges: People of Asia Minor allied to the Trojans, 10.429.

Lemnos: Island in the Aegean, west of Troy, 1.593, 2.722, etc.

Leon'teus: Leader, with Polypoites, of the Lapithai from Argissa, etc., 2.745.

Lesbos: Island and city close to the coast of Asia Minor south of Troy, 9.129, etc.

Lethos: Lord of Larissa, 2.843.

Leto: Mother (by Zeus) of Apollo and Artemis, 1.9, 21.498-504, 24.607-9.

Leu'kos: Companion of Odysseus, killed by Antiphos (3), 4.489-93.

Likym'nios: Uncle of Herakles, killed by Tlepolemos (1) who was his great-nephew, 2.663.

Lilai'a: City in Phokis, 2.523.

Limnorei'a: A Nereïd, 18.41.

Lindos: City in Rhodes, 2.656.

Lok'rians: People of Lokris, 2.535.

Lokris: District in east-central Greece, the domain of Aias the son of Oïleus, 2.527.

Lyka'on: (1) Father of Pandaros, 2.826, etc. (2) Son of Priam and Laothoë, killed by Achilleus, 21.34-135.

Lykas'tos: City in Krete, 2.647.

Ly'kia: (1) District on the southern coast of Asia Minor, the domain of Sarpedon and Glaukos (1), 2.877, etc. (2) Apparently the country around Zeleia, close to Troy, home of Pandaros, 5.105, 5.173.

Lykome'des: Achaian, killer of Apisaon (2), 17.345-49.

Lykon: Trojan killed by Peneleos, 16.334-41.

Lykophon'tes: Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.275.

Ly'kophron: Achaian from Kythera, friend of Aias, killed by Hektor, 15.429-35.

Lykour'gos: (1) Son of Dryas, who assaulted Dionysos and was punished by the gods, 6.130-40. (2) Hero who killed Areïthoös (1), 7.142-49.

Lyktos: City in Krete, 2.647.

Lyrnes'sos: City in the Troad, the home of Briseis, 2.690, etc.

Lysan'dros: Trojan killed by Aias, 11.491.

Macha'on: Son of Asklepios, fighter and healer, with his brother Podaleirios leader of the Thessalians from Trikka and Oichalia, 2.729-33; ministers to the wounded Menelaos, 4.192-218; wounded and put out of action by Paris, 11.504-20.

Magne'sians: People of Thessaly led by Prothoös, 2.756.

Maian'dros: River of Asia Minor emptying near Miletos (2), 2.869.

Mai'malos: Father of Peisandros (3), 16.194.

Mai'on: Kadmeian who led an ambuscade against Tydeus, 4.393-98.

Maio'nians: People from around the lake of Gyge, 2.864.

Mai'ra: A Nereïd, 18.48.

Makar: Lord of Lesbos, 24.544.

Mantinei'a: City in Arkadia, 2.607.

Maris: Lykian killed by Thrasymedes, 16.319-29.

Marpes'sa: Daughter of Euenos, wife of Idas, 9.557.

Ma'ses: City in the domain of Diomedes, 2.562.

Mastor: Father of Lykophron, 15.430.

Med'eon: City in Boiotia, 2.501.

Medesikas'te: Daughter of Priam, wife of Imbrios, 13.173.

Medon: (1) Bastard son of Oïleus (1), 13.694-97; killed by Aineias, 15.332. (2) A captain on the Trojan side, 17.216.

Megas: Father of Perimos, 16.695.

Me'ges: Leader of the men from Doulichion, son of Phyleus, 2.627; leader of the Epeians, 13.692.

Mekis'teus: (1) Father of Euryalos, 2.566 (and one of the Seven against Thebes); a great boxer in his youth, 23.678-80. (2) Achaian killed by Poulydamas, 15.339.

Melanip'pos: (1) Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.276. (2) Trojan, son of Hiketaon, killed by Antilochos, 15.576. (3) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.695. (4) A younger Achaian chief, 19.240.

Melan'thios: Trojan killed by Eurypylos, 6.36.

Melas: Son of Portheus, brother of Oineus, 14.117.

Melea'gros: Son of Oineus and prince of Kalydon, 9.529-99.

Meliboi'a: Thessalian city in the domain of Philoktetes, 2.717.

Mel'itē: A Nereïd, 18.42.

Menela'os: Son of Atreus, brother of Agamemnon, first husband of Helen, lord of Lakedaimon, 2.581-90, etc.

Menes'thes: Achaian killed by Hektor, 5.609.

Menes'theus: Leader of the Athenians, 2.552-56.

Menes'thios: (1) Achaian from Arne killed by Paris, 7.9. (2) Myrmidon leader under Achilleus, 16.173-78.

Menoi'tios: Son of Aktor (3) and father of Patroklos, 1.307, etc.

Menon: Trojan killed by Leonteus, 12.193.

Men'tes: Leader of the Kikones impersonated by Apollo, 17.73.

Mentor: Father of Imbrios, 13.171.

Meri'ones: Companion in arms of Idomeneus, one of the most prominent of the younger Achaian warriors, charioteer and archer, 2.651, 13.244-329, etc.

Mer'meros: Trojan killed by Antilochos, 14.513.

Merops: Augur in Perkote, father of Adrestos (2) and Amphios (1), 2.831.

Mes'se: City in Lakedaimon, 2.582.

Messe'is: Wellspring in Greece, exact location unknown, 6.457.

Mesth'les: Leader of the Maionians, 2.864.

Mestor: Son of Priam, 24.257.

Metho'ne: Thessalian city in the domain of Philoktetes, 2.716.

Midei'a: City in Boiotia, 2.507.

Mile'tos: (1) City in Krete, 2.647. (2) City of the Karians, 2.868.

Minos: Son of Zeus and Europa, father of Deukalion, king of Krete, 13.450-54, 14.321-22.

Min'yai: People of Orchomenos (1) led by Askalaphos and Ialmenos, 2.511.

Minyei'os: River on the border of Nestor’s domain, 11.722.

Mnesos: Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.210.

Moli'on: Follower of Thymbraios, killed by Odysseus, 11.322.

Moli'ones: Eurytos (2) and Kteatos (qq.v.), 11.709.

Molos: Father of Meriones, 10.270.

Morys: Trojan killed by Meriones, 14.513.

Mou'lios: (1) Epeian hero killed by Nestor in his youth, 11.739. (2) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.696. (3) Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.472.

Mydon: (1) Charioteer of Pylaimenes, killed by Antilochos, 5.580. (2) Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.209.

Mygdon: King of Phrygia, 3.186.

My'kalē: Promontory across the bay from Miletos (2), 2.869.

Mykales'sos: City in Boiotia, 2.498.

Myke'nai: Agamemnon’s capital, a few miles north of the city of Argos, 2.569, etc.

My'nes: King of Lyrnessos, 19.296.

Myri'ne: Heroine after whom a hill before Troy was named, 2.814.

Myr'midons: The people of Phthia, subjects of Peleus and led by Achilleus, 2.684, etc.

Myr'sinos: City in Elis, 2.616.

My'sians: A people living to the east of Troy and allied to the Trojans, 2.858.

Nai'ad: A well-nymph, 6.21.

Nas'tes: Leader of the Karians, killed by Achilleus, 2.867-75.

Nau'bolos: Phokian hero, father of Iphitos, 2.518.

Ne'leus: King of Pylos, father of Nestor, 11.692, etc.

Nemer'tes: A Nereïd, 18.46.

Neopto'lemos: Son of Achilleus, 19.327.

Ne'reïds: The daughters of Nereus, nymphs of the sea, 18.36-49.

Ne'reus: Aged god of the sea, father of Thetis, 1.556; and of the other Nereïds, 18.36.

Ne'ritos or Ne'riton: Mountain on Ithaka, 2.632.

Nesai'e: A Nereïd, 18.40.

Nestor: Leader of the Pylians, once a great warrior and still active as a commander and counselor, 1.247-84, etc.; father of Antilochos, 5.565; of Thrasymedes, 9.81.

Ni'obē: Heroine of Asia, whose six daughters and six sons were killed by Apollo and Artemis, 24.602-17.

Ni'reus: Leader from Syme, handsomest (next to Achilleus) of the Achaians, 2.671.

Ni'sa: City in Boiotia, 2.508.

Nisy'ros: Island near Kos, 2.676.

Noë'mon: (1) Lykian killed by Odysseus, 5.678. (2) Henchman of Antilochos, 23.612.

Nomi'on: Father of Amphimachos (2) and Nastes, 2.871.

Nysei'an: Of a mountain sacred to Dionysos, 6.133.

Ocean or Oke'anos: The waters surrounding the world and the god of those waters, 1.423, 14.201, etc.

Oche'sios: Father of Periphas, 5.843.

Odys'seus: Son of Laërtes, lord of Ithaka and the neighboring islands, great fighter and counselor, close friend of Agamemnon, 2.631, etc.

Oicha'lia: Thessalian city of Eurytos (1) in the domain of Podaleirios and Machaon, 2.730.

Oid'ipous: Hero of Thebes (1), 23.679. (In Homer, strictly, Oidipodes.)

Oï'leus: (1) Lokrian hero, father of Aias (2), 2.527. (2) Trojan killed by Agamemnon, 11.93.

Oi'neus: Hero of Kalydon, son of Portheus, 14.117; father of Tydeus, 5.813; of Meleagros, 5.981.

Oino'maos: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 5.706. (2) Trojan killed by Idomeneus, 13.506.

Oi'nops: Father of Helenos (1), 5.707.

Oi'tylos: City in Lakedaimon, 2.585.

Okal'ea: City in Boiotia, 2.501.

Olen'ian Rock: Landmark on the borders of Elis, 2.617.

O'lenos: City in Aitolia, 2.639.

Oli'zon: Thessalian city in the domain of Philoktetes, 2.717.

Oloös'son: Thessalian city in the domain of Polypoites, 2.739.

Olym'pos: Mountain north of Thessaly, the home of the gods, 1.499, etc.

Onches'tos: City of Boiotia, 2.506.

One'tor: Father of Laogonos (1), 16.604.

Opheles'tes: (1) Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.274. (2) Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.210.

Ophel'tios: (1) Trojan killed by Euryalos, 6.20. (2) Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.302.

Opi'tes: Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.301.

Op'oeis or O'pous: City in Lokris, 2.531.

Orcho'menos: (1) City of the Minyai, adjoining the territory of the Boiotians, 2.511. (2) City in Arkadia, 2.605.

Oreithy'ia: A Nereïd, 18.48.

Ores'bios: Boiotian killed by Hektor, 5.707-10.

Ores'tes: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 5.705. (2) Son of Agamemnon, 9.142. (3) Trojan killed by Leonteus, 12.193.

Ori'on: The constellation, 18.486.

Orme'nion: Thessalian city in the domain of Eurypylos, 2.734.

Or'menos: (1) Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.274. (2) Father of Amyntor, 9.448. (3) Trojan killed by Polypoites, 12.187.

Orne'ai: City in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.571.

Oros: Achaian killed by Hektor, 11.303.

Orsi'lochos: (1) Achaian killed by Aineias, 5.542-60. (2) Trojan killed by Teukros, 8.274.

Orthai'os: A Trojan captain, 13.791.

Or'the: Thessalian city in the domain of Polypoites, 2.739.

Orti'lochos: Father of Diokles, 5.546.

Othry'oneus: Suitor of Kassandra, killed by Idomeneus, 13.363-82.

Otos: (1) Giant who with his brother Ephialtes imprisoned Ares, 5.385. (2) Achaian from Kyllene, killed by Poulydamas, 15.518.

Ot'reus: Lord of Phrygia, 3.186.

Otryn'teus: Father of Iphition, 20.382-84.

Ouka'legon: An elder in Troy, 3.148.

Paië'on: The healing god, 5.899.

Paio'nia: A district, its people allied to the Trojans, in what was later Macedonia, 17.350.

Pai'sos: Apparently the same as Apaisos (q.v.), 5.612.

Pallas: Epithet of Athene, 1.200, etc.

Pal'mys: A Trojan captain, 13.792.

Pammon: Son of Priam, 24.250.

Pan'daros: Son of Lykaon (1), leader of the Trojans from Zeleia, 2.824-27; but spoken of as being from Lykia, 5.173; breaks the truce by treacherously wounding Menelaos, 4.85-140; wounds Diomedes, 5.95-105; killed by him, 5.280-96.

Pandi'on: Henchman of Teukros, 12.372.

Pan'dokos: Trojan killed by Aias, 11.490.

Pan'opē: A Nereïd, 18.45.

Pan'opeus: (1) City in Phokis, 2.520. (2) Father of Epeios, 23.665.

Pan'thoös: An elder of Troy, 3.147; father of Poulydamas, 13.756; of Euphorbos, 16.808; of Hyperenor, 17.19-35.

Paphla'gonēs: People of Paphlagonia on the southern shore of the Black Sea, allied to the Trojans, 2.851.

Paris: Son of Priam and Hekabē, who carried Helen from Lakedaimon, 3.15, etc. (in the Iliad more frequently called by his other name, Alexandros).

Parrha'sia: City in Arkadia, 2.608.

Parthe'nios: River in Paphlagonia, 2.854.

Pasi'thea: One of the Graces, 14.269.

Patro'klos: Son of Menoitios, henchman and close friend of Achilleus, killed by Hektor, 1.307, etc.

Pedai'on or Pedai'os: City in the Troad, 13.172.

Pedai'os: Trojan, son of Antenor, killed by Meges, 5.69-75.

Pe'dasos: (1) Trojan killed by Euryalos, 6.21. (2) City on the river Satnioeis, 6.35. (3) Town near Pylos, 9.152. (4) One of the horses of Achilleus, 16.152.

Peirai'os: Father of Ptolemaios, 4.228.

Pei'res: Father of Rhigmos, 20.484.

Peiri'thoös: Son of Zeus, father of Polypoites, 2.741.

Pei'ros: Thracian killed by Thoas, 4.517-38.

Peisan'dros: (1) Trojan killed by Agamemnon, 11.122-44. (2) Trojan killed by Menelaos, 13.601-19. (3) One of the leaders of the Myrmidons, 16.193.

Peise'nor: Father of Kleitos, 15.445.

Pel'agon: (1) Follower of Nestor, 4.295. (2) Follower of Sarpedon, 5.694.

Pelas'gian: A term of disputed and apparently variable significance. Applied to Argos (2), the home of Achilleus, 2.681; but the Pelasgians of Larissa are allied with the Trojans, 2.840-43.

Pel'egon: Father of Asteropaios, 21.141.

Pel'eus: Son of Aiakos, 21.189; father of Achilleus, 1.1, etc.; husband of Thetis, 18.85, etc.

Pel'ian: Of the spear of Achilleus, cut from Mount Pelion, 16.143.

Pel'ias: Father of Alkestis, 2.715.

Pelle'ne: Achaian city in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.574.

Pelops: Lord of Argos, father of Atreus, 2.104.

Penei'os: The chief river of Thessaly, 2.752.

Pene'leos: Leader, with Leïtos, of the Boiotians, 2.494.

Perei'a: Place where Apollo had bred the mares of Eumelos, 2.766.

Per'gamos or Per'gamon: The citadel of Troy, 4.508, etc.

Per'gasos: Father of Deïkoön, 5.535.

Periboi'a: Mother, by the river Axios, of Pelegon, 21.142.

Perie'res: Father of Boros, 16.177.

Perime'des: Father of Schedios (2), 15.515.

Per'imos: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.695.

Per'iphas: (1) Aitolian killed by Ares, 5.842. (2) Herald of Anchises, 17.324.

Periphe'tes: (1) Trojan killed by Teukros, 14.515. (2) Achaian from Mykenai, killed by Hektor, 15.638-52.

Perko'te: City in the Troad, 2.835.

Perrhai'bians: People from the region of Dodona, led by Gouneus, 2.749.

Perse'phonē: Wife of Hades and queen of the dead, 9.457.

Per'seus: Son of Zeus and Danaë, 14.320; grandfather of Eurystheus, 19.116.

Pe'teon: City in Boiotia, 2.500.

Pe'teos: Father of Menestheus, 2.552.

Phai'nops: (1) Father of Xanthos (2) and Thoön (1), 5.152. (2) Father of Phorkys, 17.312.

Phais'tos: (1) City in Krete, 2.648. (2) Maionian killed by Idomeneus, 5.43.

Phal'kes: Trojan killed by Antilochos, 14.513.

Pharis: City in Lakedaimon, 2.582.

Phau'sias: Father of Apisaon (1), 11.578.

Phe'geus: Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.9-19.

Phe'ia: City on the borders of Pylos and Arkadia, 7.135.

Phei'das: Captain under Menestheus, 13.691.

Pheidip'pos: A leader of the men from Kos and the adjacent islands, 2.678.

Phe'neos: City in Arkadia, 2.605.

Phe'rai: (1) Thessalian city of Eumelos, 2.711. (2) City near Pylos, 5.543, 9.151.

Phere'klos: Builder in Troy, who made ships for Paris, killed by Meriones, 5.59-68.

Phe'res: Father of Admetos, grandfather of Eumelos, 2.763.

Pherou'sa: A Nereïd, 18.43.

Phile'tor: Father of Demouchos, 20.458.

Philokte'tes: Leader of the Thessalians from Methone and thereabouts, archer, during the action of the Iliad ill of an infection in Lemnos, 2.716-25.

Phleg'yes: A northern people visited by Ares, 13.302.

Phoenicians: A nation, well known as seafarers, living on the Syrian coast, 23.744.

Phoi'bos: Epithet of Apollo, 1.43, etc.

Phoi'nix: (1) Son of Amyntor, a refugee befriended by Peleus, companion and tutor of Achilleus; his story, 9.430-95. (2) Father of Europa, 14.321.

Phokis: District in central Greece, adjoining Boiotia, 2.517.

Phor'bas: (1) Man of Lesbos, father of Diomede, 9.665. (2) Father of Ilioneus, 14.490.

Phor'kys: Phrygian killed by Aias, 17.312.

Phrad'mon: Father of Agelaos (1), 8.257.

Phron'tis: Wife of Panthoös, 17.40.

Phry'gia: District east of the Troad, allied with Troy, 2.862, etc.

Phthi'a: The home of Achilleus, in southern Thessaly, 2.683, etc.

Phthi'ron: Mountain near Miletos (2), 2.868.

Phyl'akē: Thessalian city in the domain of Protesilaos, 2.695.

Phy'las: Father of Polymele, 16.181.

Phy'leus: Father of Meges, 2.628, etc.; defeated in spear-throwing by Nestor, 23.637.

Phylomedou'sa: Wife of Areïthoös (1), 7.10.

Pidy'tes: Trojan ally from Perkote, killed by Odysseus, 6.30.

Piē'ria: The region around Olympos, 14.226.

Pit'theus: Father of Aithre, 3.144.

Pityei'a: City on the Hellespont, 2.829.

Plak'os: Mountain dominating Thebe (2), 6.396.

Platai'a: City in Boiotia, 2.504.

Plei'ades: The constellation, 18.486.

Pleu'ron: City in Aitolia, 2.639.

Podalei'rios: Son of Asklepios, fighter and healer, with his brother Machaon leader of the men from Oichalia and thereabouts, 2.732.

Podar'ge: Harpy, mother by the West Wind of the horses of Achilleus, 16.150.

Podar'gos: (1) One of the horses of Hektor, 8.185. (2) One of the horses of Menelaos, 23.295.

Podar'kes: Brother of Protesilaos, succeeding him as leader of the men from Phylake, etc., 2.703-8.

Po'des: Son of Eëtion, friend (possibly brother-in-law) of Hektor, killed by Menelaos, 17.575-81.

Poli'tes: Son of Priam, 2.791, etc.

Polyai'mon: Father of Amopaon, 8.276.

Pol'ybos: Son of Antenor, 11.59.

Polydeu'kes: Brother of Helen, 3.237.

Polydo're: Daughter of Peleus, mother, by the river Spercheios, of Menesthios, 16.173-78.

Polydo'ros: (1) Youngest son of Priam, killed by Achilleus, 20.407-18. (2) Spear-thrower defeated by Nestor, 23.637.

Polyi'dos: (1) Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.148-51. (2) Augur in Korinth, father of Euchenor, 13.663.

Polyk'tor: Named as his father by Hermes to Priam, 24.398.

Polyme'le: Mother, by Hermes, of Eudoros, 16.179-90.

Polyme'los: Lykian killed by Patroklos, 16.417.

Polynei'kes: Son of Oidipous, leader of the Seven against Thebes, 4.377.

Polyphe'mos: Hero of the generation of Nestor, 1.264.

Polyphe'tes: A Trojan captain, 13.791.

Polyphon'tes: Kadmeian killed by Tydeus, 4.395.

Polypoi'tes: Son of Peirithoös, leader of the Lapithai from Argissa, etc., 2.740, etc.

Polyxei'nos: A leader of the Epeians, 2.623.

Por'theus: Aitolian hero, father of Agrios, Melas, and Oineus, 14.115.

Posei'don: Son of Kronos and Rheia, so younger brother of Zeus, lord of the sea, 15.185-92; protector of the Achaians, 13.10-124, etc.

Pouly'damas: Son of Panthoös, fighter and careful counselor, frequently opposed to the reckless strategy of Hektor, 12.210-29, 18.249-83, etc.

Prak'tios: River in the Troad, 2.835.

Pramnei'an wine: A wine used medicinally, origin unknown, 11.639.

Priam: Son of Laomedon, king of Troy, father of Hektor, Paris, and many other children (fifty sons, 24.495), 3.161, etc.

Proi'tos: King of Ephyra, who designed against the life of Bellerophontes, 6.156-70.

Pro'machos: Boiotian killed by Akamas (1), 14.476.

Pro'noös: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.399.

Protesila'os: Leader of the men from Phylake, etc., first of the Achaians to land at Troy and first to be killed, 2.695-709.

Prothoë'nor: A Boiotian leader, 2.495; killed by Poulydamas, 14.450.

Pro'thoön: Trojan killed by Teukros, 14.515.

Pro'thoös: Leader of the Magnesians from Pelion, 2.756.

Protia'on: Father of Astynoös (2), 15.455.

Proto: A Nereïd, 18.43.

Pry'tanis: Lykian killed by Odysseus, 5.678.

Ptel'eos: (1) City in the domain of Nestor, 2.594. (2) City in the domain of Protesilaos, 2.697.

Ptolemai'os: Father of Eurymedon (1), 4.228.

Pygmai'ans: That small infantry warred on by cranes, 3.6.

Pylai'menes: Lord of the Paphlagonians, killed by Menelaos, 5.576-79.

Pylai'os: Leader, with his brother Hippothoös, of the Pelasgians from Larissa, 2.842.

Pylar'tes: (1) Trojan killed by Aias, 11.491. (2) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.696.

Pyle'ne: City in Aitolia, 2.639.

Py'lon: Trojan killed by Polypoites, 12.187.

Py'los: The city of Nestor, with the district surrounding it, on the western coast of the Peloponnese (south Greece: exact location disputed), 1.252, 2.591, etc.

Pyraich'mes: Paionian chief killed by Patroklos, 16.287.

Pyr'asos: (1) City in the domain of Protesilaos, 2.695. (2) Trojan killed by Aias, 11.491.

Py'ris: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.416.

Py'tho: Place in Phokis sacred to Apollo, later called Delphoi, 2.519, 9.404-5.

Rhadaman'thys: Son of Zeus and Europa, brother of Minos, 14.321-22.

Rhe'a, or Rhei'a: Mother, by Kronos, of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, and Demeter, 15.187-88.

Rhe'ne: Mother, by Oïleus (1), of Medon (1), 2.728.

Rhe'sos: (1) King of the Thracians, killed by Diomedes, 10.432-502. (2) River of the Troad, 12.20.

Rhig'mos: Thracian killed by Achilleus, 20.484-89.

Rhi'pe: City in Arkadia, 2.606.

Rhodes: Island just southeast of the Aegean, its men led by Tlepolemos (1), 2.654.

Rho'dios: River of the Troad, 12.20.

Rhy'tion: City in Krete, 2.648.

Sal'amis: Island off the shore by Athens, home of Aias (1), 2.557.

Sa'mos: (1) Large island, later called Kephallenia, near Ithaka and part of the domain of Odysseus, 2.634. (2) Island, later called Samothrace, in the northern Aegean or Thracian Sea, 13.13, 24.78.

Sangar'ios: River in Phrygia, 3.187.

Sarpe'don: Son of Zeus and Laodameia, lord of the Lykians, 2.876, 6.198-99; one of the strongest fighters on the Trojan side, kills Tlepolemos, 5.629-62; killed by Patroklos, 16.462-507.

Satni'oeis: River of the Troad, 6.34, etc.

Sat'nios: Trojan killed by Aias (2), 14.443.

Sche'dios: (1) Son of Iphitos (1) and a leader of the Phokians, 2.517; killed by Hektor, 17.304-11. (2) Son of Perimedes, also leader of the Phokians and killed by Hektor, 15.515. (It is quite possible that there is confusion in the tradition here, and that the same man is meant.)

Schoi'nos: City in Boiotia, 2.497.

Sel'agos: Father of Amphios (2), 5.612.

Sele'pios: Father of Euenos, 2.693.

Selle'eis: (1) River of unknown location associated with Ephyra (1), 2.659, 15.531. (2) River of the Troad, 2.839.

Sel'loi: Prophets of Zeus at Dodona, 16.235.

Sem'elē: Mother, by Zeus, of Dionysos, 14.323-25.

Se'samos: City of the Paphlagones, 2.853.

Ses'tos: City on the European side of the Hellespont, its people allies of Troy, 2.836.

Sidon: City of the Phoenicians, 6.291.

Sik'yon: City once ruled by Adrestos (1) in the domain of Agamemnon, 2.572.

Sim'oeis: River by Troy, tributary of Skamandros, 5.774, etc.

Simoei'sios: Trojan named after the river, killed by Aias, 4.473-89.

Sin'tians: People of Lemnos, 1.594.

Sip'ylos: Mountain in Lydia, 24.615.

Sis'yphos: Hero of Ephyre (2), grandfather of Bellerophontes, 6.153.

Skai'an: Of one of the gates of Troy, 3.145, etc.

Skaman'drios: (1) Trojan huntsman and fighting man killed by Menelaos, 5.49-58. (2) Another name for Astyanax, 6.402.

Skaman'dros: Chief river of the Trojan plain, 2.465, etc.; as a god, fights and discomfits Achilleus, 21.211-382; called also, by the gods, Xanthos, 20.74.

Skandei'a: City on Kythera, 10.268.

Skar'phe: City in Lokris, 2.532.

Skolos: City in Boiotia, 2.497.

Sky'ros: Island off Euboia, 9.668, 19.332.

Smin'theus: Epithet of Apollo, 1.39.

Sokos: Trojan killed by Odysseus, but only after wounding and nearly killing him, 11.427-55.

Sol'ymoi: Tribe in Asia Minor; Bellerophontes fought against them, 6.184-85.

Spar'ta: The same as Lakedaimon (q.v.) except that the name Sparta applies only to the city, Lakedaimon to the district as well, 2.582, etc.

Spei'o: A Nereïd, 18.40.

Sperchei'os: River running through the domain of Peleus and Achilleus, 16.174, etc.

Sphe'los: Father of Iasos, 15.338.

Sten'tor: Achaian with a big voice, impersonated by Hera, 5.785.

Sthenela'os: Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.586.

Sthen'elos: (1) Son of Kapaneus, leader, with Diomedes and Euryalos, of the men of Argos (1), 2.563-64; companion in arms and charioteer of Diomedes, 5.108, etc. (2) Father of Eurystheus, 19.116, 19.123.

Sti'chios: A leader of the Athenians, killed by Hektor, 15.329-31.

Stra'tia: City in Arkadia, 2.606.

Stro'phios: Father of Skamandrios (1), 5.50.

Stympha'los: City in Arkadia, 2.608.

Sty'ra: City of Euboia, 2.539.

Styx: The river (later, at least, a river of the dead, and see 8.369) by which the gods swear, 2.755, etc.

Sy'me: Island just north of Rhodes, its people led by Nireus, 2.671.

Talai'menes: Father of Mesthles and Antiphos (2), 2.865.

Tal'aos: Father of Mekisteus (1), 2.566.

Talthy'bios: Herald of Agamemnon, 1.320, etc.

Tar'ne: City of the Maionians, 5.44.

Tar'phe: City in Lokris, 2.533.

Tar'taros: The pit of perdition, 8.13-16, 8.478-81.

Te'gea: City in Arkadia, 2.607.

Tel'amon: Father of Aias (1) and Teukros, 2.528, 8.283, etc.

Tele'machos: Son of Odysseus, 2.260.

Ten'edos: Island off the coast of the Troad, 1.38.

Tenthre'don: Father of Prothoös, 2.756.

Terei'a: Hill near the Hellespont, 2.829.

Te'thys: Wife of Okeanos, 14.201.

Teukros: Bastard son of Telamon, so half brother of Aias (1), archer and spear-fighter, 8.266-334, etc.

Teu'tamos: Father of Lethos, 2.843.

Teu'thras: (1) Achaian killed by Hektor, 5.705. (2) Father of Axylos, 6.13.

Thalei'a: A Nereïd, 18.39.

Thal'pios: Son of Eurytos (2), leader of the Epeians, 2.620.

Thaly'sias: Father of Echepolos (1), 4.458.

Tha'myris: Thracian singer ruined by the Muses, 2.594-600.

Thauma'kia: City in the domain of Philoktetes, 2.716.

Thea'no: Wife of Antenor, 5.70, etc.; priestess of Athene, 6.298-311.

Thebai'os: Father of Eniopeus, 8.120.

The'be or Thebes: (1) City of Eëtion near Troy, sacked by Achilleus, 1.366, etc. (2) City of the Kadmeians in Boiotia, attacked by Polyneikes and his companions, 4.376-81; and taken by their sons, 4.404-9; only the lower city remaining at the time of the Trojan War, 2.505. (3) City of Egypt, 9.381-82.

The'mis: Olympian goddess of order and custom, 15.87, 20.5.

Thersi'lochos: Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.209.

Thersi'tes: Achaian of indefinite social and military status, ugly and scurrilous and eloquent, squelched by Odysseus, 2.211-77.

The'seus: Hero of Athens, 1.265.

Thespei'a: City in Boiotia, 2.498.

Thes'salos: Son of Herakles, father of Antiphos (1) and Pheidippos, 2.679.

Thes'tor: (1) Father of Kalchas, 1.69. (2) Father of Alkmaon, 12.394. (3) Trojan killed by Patroklos, 16.402.

The'tis: Nereïd, given by the gods in marriage to the mortal Peleus, and by him mother of Achilleus, 1.351-457, 18.35-147, etc.

This'be: City in Boiotia, 2.502.

Tho'as: (1) Son of Andraimon, leader of the Aitolians, 2.638; one of the more important younger chiefs, characterized, 15.281-84. (2) King in Lemnos, 14.230. (3) Trojan killed by Menelaos, 16.311.

Tho'ë: A Nereïd, 18.40.

Tho'ön: (1) Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.152. (2) Trojan killed by Odysseus, 11.422. (3) Trojan killed by Antilochos, 13.545.

Thoö'tes: Henchman or herald of Menestheus, 12.342.

Thrace: The seaboard and inlying territory north of the Aegean, the inhabitants called Thracians, 9.5, 10.434, etc.

Thra'sios: Paionian killed by Achilleus, 21.210.

Thrasyme'des: Son of Nestor, 9.81, etc.

Thrasyme'los: Henchman of Sarpedon, killed by Patroklos, 16.463.

Thro'nion: Lokrian city, 2.533.

Thryoes'sa: Town in Pylos by the Alpheios, 11.711.

Thry'on: City in the domain of Nestor, on the Alpheios, probably identical with the foregoing, 2.592.

Thyes'tes: Son of Pelops and brother of Atreus, 2.106.

Thymbrai'os: Trojan killed by Diomedes, 11.320.

Thym'bre: Town or village near Troy, 10.430.

Thymoi'tes: Elder of Troy, 3.146.

Tir'yns: Argive city in the domain of Diomedes, 2.559.

Ti'tanos: A place in the domain of Eurypylos (1), 2.735.

Ti'tans: The elder gods in Tartaros, 14.279.

Titares'sos: Thessalian river, tributary of the Peneios, 2.751.

Titho'nos: Son of Laomedon and brother of Priam, 20.237; husband of the Dawn, 11.1.

Tlepo'lemos: (1) Son of Herakles and leader of the men from Rhodes, 2.653-70; killed, after severely wounding him, by Sarpedon, 5.628-69. (2) Lykian killed by Patroklos, 16.416.

Tmo'los: Mountain in Maionia, 2.866.

Tra'chis: City near the Spercheios in the domain of Peleus and Achilleus, 2.682.

Tre'chos: Aitolian killed by Hektor, 5.706.

Trik'ke: Thessalian city in the domain of Machaon, 2.729.

Tritogenei'a: Epithet of Athene, 4.515.

Tro'ad: Term used for the whole country of the Trojans, of which Troy was the capital, 6.315, etc.

Tro'ilos: Son of Priam, killed at some time before Hektor, 24.257.

Troi'zen: City on the Argive coast in the domain of Diomedes, 2.561.

Troize'nos: Father of Euphemos, 2.847.

Tros: (1) Son of Erichthonios, father of Ilos, Assarakos, and Ganymedes, thus ancestor of the kings and princes of Troy, 20.230-40. (2) Trojan killed by Achilleus, 20.463-71.

Troy: Ilion, the city of Tros and of the Trojans, 1.128, etc.

Ty'chios: Leatherworker of Hyle, who made the great shield of Aias, 7.220-24.

Ty'deus: Son of Oineus and father of Diomedes; his genealogy and history, 14.113-25.

Typho'eus: Giant (later called Typhon) put underground in the land of the Arimoi, 2.783.

Xan'thos: (1) River of Lykia, 2.877, etc. (2) River of the Troad, also called Skamandros (q.v.), 6.4, etc. (3) Trojan killed by Diomedes, 5.152. (4) One of Hektor’s horses, 8.185. (5) One of the horses of Achilleus, 16.149, etc.

Zakyn'thos: Island off the western coast of Greece, part of the domain of Odysseus, 2.634.

Zelei'a: City of the Troad, its men led by Pandaros, 2.824-27.

Ze'phyros: The west wind, 9.5.

Zeus: Son of Kronos, brother and husband of Hera, most powerful of the gods, 1.5, etc.


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