The Delirium Brief | Chapter 28 of 28

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  1. Her being a fellow employee is arguably my fault, but as there were tentacle monsters and terrorists involved she chose not to hold it against me.

  2. Now a hole in the ground, soon to be a shiny new investment opportunity for offshore property speculators.

  3. The Operational Phenomenology Agency, a secretive US government agency known to their friends as the Black Chamber and to everybody else as the Nazgûl.

  4. Where correspondence addressed to “James Bond” will be responded to with a polite note that Mr. Bond is a fictional character and in any case would have retired long before his employers moved to these premises.

  5. The alfär Host run on a hierarchical tree of geases—compulsions to obey—leashed to the All-Highest’s will. The artillery park outside the camp was there because if the All-Highest dies, the web of power collapses onto the head of the next highest in the hierarchy. We demanded that she bind Alex as her Second, and he’s one of ours, but if he dies as well … let’s just say alfär social hierarchy isn’t great at managing single points of failure.

  6. As a result of prerogatives and exemptions written into laws dating back to 1377 and subsequently grandfathered into newer legislation, the Duke of Cornwall—in the person of the Crown Prince—has accidentally acquired the right to use atomic weapons without facing prosecution under the Nuclear Explosions (Prohibition and Inspections) Act (1998). Thereby promising a different and alarmingly unsatisfactory outcome in event of another civil war between Crown and Parliament.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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