Sinners | Chapter 70 of 76

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Chapter Sixty-Two

A week later Charlie and Sunday sat on the big jet, side by side. They held hands, his protectively over hers.

They were the most publicized couple in the world. Beyond the endless headlines, speculation and rumours, people wondered what had really happened that night.

All of Hollywood had its own theory: ‘They both belonged to this weird black-magic cult, and it got out of hand.’ ‘She was always at orgies.’ ‘He’s a well-known pervert.’

Marge Lincoln Jefferson was found dead of a massive dose of poison.

Herbert Lincoln Jefferson was arrested, and charged first with attempted kidnapping and rape, and then, after the discovery of Marge, with murder.

Louella Crisp was tracked down with her mild little husband in Arizona and brought back for questioning. Later she was charged with being an accessory.

Carey and Marshall flew back to Los Angeles when they heard the news.

Sunday was under sedation in hospital. She was perfectly all right, but still suffering from shock.

Charlie had taken over. He dealt with the police and the press. ‘She is not to be bothered with anything,’ he informed Carey.

‘Of course,’ Carey agreed. ‘But I sure have got a lot of questions to ask you . . .’

Claude Hussan arrived from Palm Springs to collect his son from the beach house. He came to see Carey at her office.

‘I’m sorry, I’m cancelling Sunday’s contract. We are recasting.’

‘You’re kidding?’ Carey exclaimed. ‘You must have read what happened to her, she’s on every front page in the world.’

Claude shrugged. ‘It’s unlucky. She left the film. Anyhow, you may give her my regards and this message – just tell her the extra footage is useless and we won’t be using it.’

Carey glared at him. ‘If you’re not using her, why would you use extra footage anyway?’

‘Just give her the message.’ His eyes lingered and again she felt their physical pull. ‘Goodbye,’ he said abruptly.

Carey was not sorry about his film, but she wondered how Sunday would feel. Why had she returned to Los Angeles?

*    *    *

After two days Sunday came out of hospital. Besieged by photographers and reporters, she fled to the comparative safety of Carey and Marshall’s house. They protected her as best they could.

She had made many decisions in the past week. She told Carey she never intended to appear in another movie. In a way she felt responsible for the whole mess. Carey couldn’t believe it. ‘What will you do?’ she asked.

‘Whatever I do, it will be something private.’

*    *    *

It had been announced that Dindi Sydne was to replace Sunday in Claude Hussan’s film.

Carey was surprised at the way Sunday took the news. She just smiled and said, ‘I think he’s got the right girl now.’

Something had happened between Claude and Sunday, but Carey did not feel it was the right time to pry.

Charlie visited Sunday every day, and sat and talked with her in the garden. He made her laugh; he made her happy. And when he asked her to come to London with him she accepted. She felt low, depressed, and only Charlie made her feel good. He said, ‘No hang-ups, we’ll see what happens . . .’

*    *    *

‘I’m going to take you to Manchester,’ Charlie said. ‘It’s a funny place, but I was born there. Serafina nipped in the hospital and had me between shows.’

Sunday squeezed his hand. ‘I wish I could have met her, she sounds like such a grand old lady.’

‘Yes, she would have liked you. Isn’t it funny, love? Here we are, side by side, like we’ve known each other all our lives. What a lot of time we wasted.’

‘Nothing’s ever wasted in life, Charlie. You always learn something.’

‘Yes,’ he looked at her intently. ‘I suppose you do.’

*    *    *

The jet was swooping in to land.

‘Stay behind me like a Japanese housewife and leave the press to me,’ Charlie said. ‘I’ll answer a few questions and tell them you’re my secretary.’

She smiled softly. ‘Now that would be a good job for me. I can type, you know.’

‘Yes? Good God – hidden talents!’

They both laughed.

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