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Chapter Fifteen

Charlie tried to get hold of George but couldn’t locate him. George, taking advantage of his night of freedom, was sitting in a strip club admiring the scenery.

Charlie was very stoned, and completely carried away with the idea of running off to Las Vegas with Dindi.

She was sceptical. Could this nut really be serious about getting married? But if it came off, what a break!

Charlie thought: Screw you, Lorna. Screw you, Michelle. Screw you, Natalie. I’m going to show the lot of you. They would all see how much he cared when they read their papers tomorrow.

He told Dindi they wouldn’t bother picking up any of her things, she would have everything new in Las Vegas. Then, throwing a few clothes in an overnight bag, they headed for the Maserati and took off.

It was an easy ride, freeway all the way, and Charlie really put his foot down, revelling in the sound of the powerful engine. He played his new stereo tape equipment and they shared another joint.

Dindi hoped to hell they wouldn’t get stopped for speeding or anything. If they got booked for smoking pot it would ruin a beautiful scene.

She contemplated giving him a little going over while he was driving, but at the speed they were travelling it was probably unwise. Anyway, she didn’t want to appear too forward – yet. Maybe it was her supposed innocence that he went for. She lay back in her seat and listened to the music.

It was around four a.m. when Vegas loomed ahead. It was a mass of blazing neon signs as they drove through the downtown section. In spite of the hour the streets and gambling halls were crowded. It was a waste of time to go to bed in Vegas – unless of course that was the business you were in. Charlie had never been there before, but he had had the desk clerk at the Beverly Hills phone through to the Forum hotel to alert them of his arrival. It was the latest hotel to be built on the main strip.

Dindi had fallen asleep. Charlie woke her. ‘Which way to the Strip?’ he asked.

She had already told him she had been there before, although not in what circumstances. She had been dating a small-time hood at the time who had dumped her there without a cent, after three glorious days together. She had hung around and worked as a cocktail waitress and made it with a few fantastic swimming coaches, and had then got a ride back to L.A. with an up-and-coming actor – the only trouble was he was up and coming practically the whole trip! That was before Rome.

‘Just keep on this street and take a right at the top.’ She thought a minute, then added, ‘Hey, there’s a fabulous new hotel – the Forum. I’d love to go there, it’s supposed to be wild, TV in the john and fruit machines in the elevators.’ She had decided it was better to go somewhere she might not be known. It wouldn’t be cool to have half the croupiers greeting her by name.

‘That’s just where we’re going.’

The Forum was approached through a driveway of marble Roman soldiers – very impressive. Several bleached-blond boys in short togas surrounded the Maserati as it arrived at the entrance. They opened the doors, took the one bag, and escorted Charlie and Dindi inside.

Charlie asked for the manager, who appeared almost immediately – a dead ringer for a young George Raft. He appraised Dindi with a flick of his eyes, greeted Charlie profusely, and organized the biggest suite in the hotel. He was no slouch at recognizing celebrities, and was used to dealing with all their peculiar requests. However, it did shake him a bit when Charlie said they wanted to get married right then and there. ‘Give me an hour,’ he said.

Charlie nodded. It seemed quite reasonable in his present state of mind that a marriage could be arranged at four a.m. in Las Vegas.

Dindi was starting to feel shaky. The sonofabitch was actually serious.

Charlie indicated the arcade of shops around the lobby. ‘Miss Sydne would like to buy a dress, and I’d like to get in the jewellers.’

‘Certainly.’ By this time the manager was unflappable. Charlie had slipped him a large tip, and as far as he was concerned he could have what he liked. ‘I’ll send a selection of dresses to your suite: size ten, Miss Sydne?’

She nodded. The manager was just the type of good-looking, smooth bastard she could fall for.

‘OK, Mr Brick, as soon as I’ve located the jeweller I’ll put him in touch with you. Meanwhile, leave everything to me. Will there be any guests?’

Charlie shook his head.

‘Do you have any objection to publicity?’

‘None at all.’ The whole point as far as Charlie was concerned was to have large photos of himself and gorgeous blond Dindi spread all over the newspapers for everyone to see.

*    *    *

The preacher was a southern cracker. Hurriedly dressed in a shiny blue suit, he peered at the couple before him and drawled out his version of the wedding ceremony.

Dindi noticed that his fly was undone and tried to stifle a giggle. She was wearing a pink frilled dress, and her blonde hair fell loosely around her shoulders. She looked like a lovely innocent doll. On her finger she wore a huge cluster diamond ring, a present from Charlie.

He had also noticed the preacher’s undone fly, and couldn’t keep his eyes from straying there. The funny old chap had probably been fast asleep. What an accent! He listened intently. This would be a great voice to use in some future film.

The manager had arranged the wedding in the penthouse, with the hotel photographer, press man and two representatives of the local newspaper, with their photographer, present. The manager and his girlfriend were the two witnesses.

*    *    *

The preacher pronounced them man and wife, belched unobtrusively, and shook Charlie’s hand. Then there was champagne, photographs, and congratulations all round.

The preacher sidled up to Charlie – ‘Here’s my card if you need me again.’

Charming – Charlie thought – only just married and he’s asking me if I need him again!

It was seven a.m. by the time they got back to their suite. Charlie was beginning to feel the strain. His eyes hurt behind his glasses, and the beautiful high he had achieved was beginning to wear off. For the first time he thought about the sanity of what he had just done. He had married a girl he didn’t even know. It was the most ridiculous insane thing. She was very pretty, but he didn’t even know her.

It was all Lorna’s fault. He had done it to spite her. What would Serafina say?

Dindi was dazed, but for different reasons. So suddenly and unexpectedly she was someone. She had married a movie star!

She took off her dress and caught Charlie staring at her with a puzzled expression.

She giggled. ‘Hey, lover, now we can do it legal!’

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