On Love | Chapter 6 of 9

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the day I kicked a bankroll out the window

I taste the ashes of your death

love is a piece of paper torn to bits

to the whore who took my poems


a real thing, a good woman

one night stand

the mischief of expiration

love is a form of selfishness

for Jane: with all the love I had, which was not enough

for Jane


my real love in Athens

sleeping woman

a party here—machineguns, tanks, an army fighting against men on rooftops

for the 18 months of Marina Louise

poem for my daughter

answer to a note found in the mailbox

all the love of me goes out to her (for A.M.)

an answer to a critic of sorts

the shower

2 carnations

have you ever kissed a panther?

the best love poem I can write at the moment



smiling, shining, singing

visit to Venice

love poem to Marina

I can hear the sound of human lives being ripped to pieces

for those 3

blue moon, oh bleweeww mooooon how I adore you!

the first love


raw with love (for N.W.)

a love poem for all the women I have known


one for the shoeshine man

who in the hell is Tom Jones?

sitting in a sandwich joint just off the freeway

a definition

an acceptance slip

the end of a short affair

one for old snaggle-tooth

prayer for a whore in bad weather

I made a mistake

the 6 foot goddess (for S.D.)

quiet clean girls in gingham dresses


pacific telephone




2nd. street, near Hollister, in Santa Monica

the trashing of the dildo

a place to relax

snap snap

for the little one

hello, Barbara

Carson McCullers

Jane and Droll

we get along

it was all right

my walls of love

eulogy to a hell of a dame



40 years ago in that hotel room

a magician, gone

no luck for that

love poem to a stripper

love crushed like a dead fly


pulled down shade

Trollius and trellises


oh, I was a ladies’ man!

love poem

a dog

the strong man

the bluebird

the dressmaker



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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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