Nothing but Trouble | Chapter 6 of 32

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A book never makes it to the light of day without encouragers and people who believe in the story cheering it on and being willing to invest their wisdom in the process. I need to thank so many for believing in this book and for their hard work in bringing it to life:

Steve Laube, my agent hero, for sweeping me up off the floor, dusting off my hope, and helping me get excited about writing again.

Karen Watson, who understands PJ so well, for every ounce of encouragement and vision you’ve given this project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stephanie Broene, for pressing on to help me find the right titles and cover. Your willingness to brainstorm and keep thinking outside the box is such a blessing.

Sarah Mason, who knew just how to polish PJ’s rough edges. I’m so blessed to work with you.

Ellen Tarver, my secret weapon, who puts up with my angst and knows how to counsel a crazy writer.

Christine Lynxwiler, Susan Downs, and Tracey Bateman, who believed with me and encouraged me that yes, eventually PJ would find a voice. Thank you for your dear friendship that makes me a better person as well as a writer!

Rachel Hauck, who never failed to pick up the phone, who listened to my woes and helped me unravel my story scene by scene. Your turn.

Paula and Steve Geertsen, forever friends who so long ago gave me the inspiration for PJ and who never fail in encouraging me and our family in our crazy pursuits. We’re so proud of you and love you dearly.

Julie and Jim Williams, who delight my heart with their sweet children, and who patiently answered every single crazy cop question and taught me how to shoot. You rock!

To all the crazy, messy, wonderful friends in my life —this book is for us.

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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