Nightshade | Chapter 9 of 37

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Thank you so much to my brilliant editor, Cindy Hwang, and my fabulous agent, Jim McCarthy, for giving me the chance to show my undying love for vampires in this book.
Thank you to my bodacious betareaders:
Eve Silver, my writing buddy through both the highs and lows, who entices me to have stress-relieving powdered mini donuts far too often.
Bonnie Staring, my amazing friend, cat lover, cheer-leader, rock star. Well, not really a rock star, but she’s done some reality TV. And she literally has pom-poms to cheer various events. Which totally helps.
And thank you to my awesome readers who enjoyed my funny vampires in the past ... I hope you like the scary ones, too!

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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