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Callie leaned up against the dusty wooden doors of the old stables, trying not to get dried horse manure on the heels of her brand-new Stella McCartney round-toed black patent leather shoes. The weathered red barn sat next to a three-acre horse paddock, separated from the rest of the Waverly campus by a patch of densely settled pines. A whistle blew in the distance, and Callie recognized the gruff voice of Coach Smail, the girls’ field hockey coach, yelling, “That won’t cut it on varsity, ladies!” The first full day at school consisted of grueling eight-hour tryouts for the fall teams, but Callie was exempt since she was already a varsity field hockey captain.

The sun was low in the late-afternoon sky and Easy was walking toward her. He was wearing one of the T-shirts he’d taken home from her house—a ratty green thing with a horseshoe, of course—under his beat-up maroon Waverly jacket. No tie. His dark brown hair stood up in disheveled peaks and there was a smudge of blue ink next to his left ear. A huge, sexy smile spread across his face when he saw her. She wanted him so badly. Maybe everything between them was okay after all.

“You could’ve at least changed your shirt,” she teased, taking the hem between her fingers.

“I suppose, because I feel way underdressed next to you,” he teased back.

“I’m not all that dressed up.”

“Are too. Look at those shoes.” He pointed. “I can imagine you standing in front of your closet, agonizing over your newest, sexiest pair. Right?” He smiled at her. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Wrong,” Callie shot back, although he was, of course, right. It pissed her off that Easy knew her so well. And that he was smarter than she was. Actually, when it came down to it, everything about him made her simultaneously seethe and shudder with pleasure.

Easy lit a cigarette and ducked so that he was out of sight of Marymount’s house, a grand Tudor mansion right on the edge of campus. Callie tossed her long strawberry-blond hair behind her shoulders. Why was he just standing there? Here they were, alone by the abandoned horse stables, while everyone else was finishing up sports tryouts. She could hardly wait to lie down in the tick-infested hay and tear his clothes off.

“Missed you at the party last night,” she whispered tenderly.

“Mmm. Yeah. I was really tired.”

Okay, this was infuriating. He was still just standing there.

“So, you want to come over here?” Callie finally asked, pulling at his jacket.

“Just a sec.” He jerked away slightly and took another drag.

“Never mind, then. Forget it.” Callie backed away, pulling out her own pack of Marlboro Lights. She stuck one in her mouth and tried to flick on her fluorescent green lighter but kept fumbling with the childproof lock.

“No, no, come on,” Easy pleaded in a low voice, turning to her and throwing his cigarette on the ground. “Don’t be like that. . . .”

“Well, I don’t know,” Callie started. “I mean, you—”

Easy put his hand on the nape of her neck. “I’m just a little out of it.” He kissed Callie’s jawbone lightly, then pressed her against the stable door and kissed her harder. His capable hands floated all over her body. Callie pulled a mess of tangled hair back from her face.

“Have I told you how good it is to see you?” Easy murmured between kisses.

Callie sighed. Things were suddenly right again. What had she been agonizing about? She and Easy were perfect together. Maybe she shouldn’t have felt so freaked about what had happened in Spain. Maybe she shouldn’t have paid any attention to that stupid IM she’d gotten from Heath saying they’d broken up.

“Maybe we could lie down?” she whispered.

Easy tugged her toward the paddock where the grass was green and soft, kissing her collarbone lightly. He pulled her to the ground and kissed her neck. This is the way it should be, she thought, looking toward the setting sun. The abandoned stables were beautiful and the sun was low and glowing pink in the sky. No, there wasn’t any John Mayer playing softly in the background like there had been that night in Spain, but this would definitely do.

“D’you remember what we were talking about in Spain?” Callie murmured, her heart shivering in her chest. The memory of that night came rushing back: they had been in her bed, under the sheets, almost naked. Callie had mustered up all her courage and said to her beautiful, messy, sexy, brilliant, bel-ligerent boyfriend, “I love you.” She’d planned on having sex with him then: they’d tell each other they loved one other and then make love for the first time. All of the rumors about Tinsley from last year would clear up, and Easy would be hers forever.

Instead, he’d kissed her silently back, and then eventually the kissing had slowed, and he’d settled into the pillow next to her and fallen asleep. She’d listened to his breathing turn to soft snoring and wondered if he’d heard her at all. Maybe she’d said it too quietly? Callie had spent the whole summer hoping that was why he hadn’t said it back.

Callie did love him, she really did. Didn’t he love her too? She noticed one of those fat great horned owls watching them from a tree branch. He looked like that stupid cartoon from those old Tootsie Roll commercials. She felt self-conscious, like the owl was judging her.

“Remember what I said in bed?” she asked tentatively.

Easy suddenly stopped kissing her collarbone and slumped against her side.

She touched his arm. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He breathed in deeply and looked out over the horse paddock. Shouts of the girls’ field hockey tryouts echoed from the practice fields. “This just seems . . . I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?” Callie’s voice came out in a high, embarrassing squeak. She shoved her Stella McCartney back on her right foot and sat up. A huge smear of gray dirt ran down her leg and she prayed it wasn’t horse manure.

A male figure appeared on the path leading down to the stables, pushing a wheelbarrow.

“Shit.” Callie grabbed Easy’s hands, pulling him up. “It’s Ben.”

Ben was the nasty old groundskeeper who always got kids in trouble. He even carried around a digital camera so he could have proof. Last year, he’d caught Heath Ferro smoking a joint by the natatorium, but Heath had bribed him to delete the photos by giving him his dad’s platinum heirloom Harry Winston cuff links.

They scrambled to the other side of the stable and pressed themselves against a wooden door. “I should probably go back to my room,” Easy whispered.

“Whatever.” Callie dug her heel into the dirt, even though she knew it was going to totally ruin her shoes. Shit. Why had she brought up Spain?

“Look.” He took her hands. “I’m sorry. Let’s try this again. Your dorm room. Tonight. After the welcome dinner.”

“Yeah, right,” Callie scoffed. “You’re already on Angelica’s watch list.”

“I’ll find a way.” Easy pulled her close and held her for a second. “I promise,” he whispered, then dashed away.


AlanStGirard: Where’s Heath?

BrandonBuchanan: Still in bed. Hasn’t showered. Smells awful.

AlanStGirard: Dude, it’s almost dinner!

BrandonBuchanan: I know. I think he’s still drunk tho.

AlanStGirard: He left with that new chick last night.

BrandonBuchanan: Who?

AlanStGirard: Dark curly hair? Big boobs? They say she was a stripper in NYC.

BrandonBuchanan: Nah. She never showed last night.

AlanStGirard: Sure she did. You were too busy staring at Callie to notice. Heath took her to the chapel. Think she gave him a lap dance?


AlisonQuentin: This chapel stinks. Why is Marymount’s Welcome to Waverly speech always so loooong?

BennyCunningham: No kidding. Where’s u-know-who?

AlisonQuentin: Dunno. But did you know Sage drew a little pony on the marker boards of all the girls in her dorm who’ve hooked up with him? So far there are six, including the new girl. That’s just one floor of Dumbarton.

BennyCunningham: How come I don’t have a pony on my board?

AlisonQuentin: You hooked up w/ him?

BennyCunningham: We kissed freshman year! A little sloppy, but good technique.

AlisonQuentin: B! I thought you were my innocent friend!

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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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