Free Days With George: Learning Lifes Little Lessons from One Very Big Dog | Chapter 33 of 34

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The following people have played a large part in inspiring me and helping bring this book to life. I would like to acknowledge and thank all of them:

To Sandra Nicholson and all of the tremendous volunteers at Newf Friends for all the great work they do in helping Newfoundland dogs in need, and for giving me the opportunity and privilege to adopt George.

To everyone who has had the courage to “save a life” and adopt and love a shelter dog of any breed—these dogs give back every bit of love they get. There is a bit of George in all of these beautiful animals.

Thank you to all the friends I have spent time with at dog parks and beaches over the years—so many great people, dogs and memories. And a big thank you to all my “non-dog” friends for your support and encouragement—in particular, Mike and Cluny Nichols, Matt Kenny, Steve McAllister, Gino Reda, Charlie Horsey, Adam Larry and everyone at MKTG and the NHLPA.

To Catherine and John, Todd and Warren—for your friendship and support in the early years. I miss you very much.

To Cassie and Carole Anne Strong, my “California family,” for all the love and support you both gave to George and me, even when I was lost. It helped and means more to me than you will ever know. Thank you.

To my brother, David—thanks for all of your love, support and encouragement, not just with the book, but with everything we have shared over the years—so proud to have you as my brother.

Thanks to the extraordinary author Lisa Gabriele for planting the seed in my head that I could write this book and for introducing me to Nita (and to Charlie the cat).

Thanks to Evan Rosser for your help in the early days of writing.

Thank you to everyone at Penguin Random House for their hard work and assistance. Thanks to Jennifer Lum for the fabulous book and jacket design. Thanks especially to my amazing editor, Nita Pronovost. Nita, thank you for your friendship, encouragement, mentorship and patience—and for your clear love for George. This would not have happened without you—thank you with all of my heart.

And finally, to George, 140 pounds of fur and love. Your love will always live inside my heart; your fur all over the floor and on my clothes. Both will remain with me forever. You give me so many free days by simply being you—the sweetest, gentlest dog ever.


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Great book, nicely written and thank you BooksVooks for uploading

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